Chapter 4: Learning of Their Situation

'Please, wake up…' whispered a voice within Edna's dark mind.

"Ugh… what…?" muttered Edna as she started to come to her senses. She was lying in a completely unknown area; almost as if they were in an alleyway of some sort. It also looked like it was night time.

"What happened…?" questioned Edna as she placed her right hand on her forehead, as if she had a headache.

It was then that she noticed that there were others with her here in the alleyway, "Alice? Grace?" she questioned as she came over to them, only to notice something else, "Max? Greg? Donald?!"

It was with Edna's voice that the remaining five teens started to come to their senses, "Ugh, I feel like I've been hit in the head with a baseball bat…" Alice muttered.

The five teens then noticed their surroundings, "Where are we…?" questioned Greg as the five teens got up from where they were.

"I don't know. But I do not like this one bit!" Max stated as he made a bit of a mad face.

"Well, maybe that man did something to us?" Grace pondered as everyone turned to her, "Like maybe he took us outside the museum?"

"I highly doubt that, Grace," Edna started to say, "How would he have carried us all outside; and without being noticed by anyone else?"

"Good question," Donald replied with a mutter.

"It is because you are now here in my world…" whispered an unknown voice from all around the six teen's surroundings.

"Huh?!" questioned the six teens as they glanced around the alleyway they were in, "Who said that?!" both Alice and Max stated at the same time.

It was then that the six teens saw a sudden flash of light from the corners of their eyes as they then turned to that direction. They widened their eyes at what they saw.

It was a woman, who looked to be in her early twenties. She had long, bright blond hair that went to her waist. She wore a long, shimmering white dress that went to her ankles. She then glanced up towards them, revealing her bright, sky blue eyes.

The woman raised her right hand towards the six teens, "My name is Veritya. I am a lost goddess of the art; the Lost Muse, as others would say," she then puts her hand down towards her sides, "I suspect that a sinister force has brought you hear, am I correct?"

"W-We think so," Edna replied back to the goddess, "But why…?"

Veritya only smiled to the six, "This meeting is not just coincidence," she started to say, "This is a meeting of fate; of destiny."

"Of… destiny?" Grace muttered, "What kind of destiny?"

"You must now find the sinister man named Master Nixian and defeat him and his army of Thoughtless," Veritya stated as she made a bit of a sigh, "He is the one who brought you here into Starry Night."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold up there for a second!" Max stated with a bit of rudeness, "All of this is like gibberish to us; we don't know what the heck you're talking about!"

"Oh, my apologies then," the goddess replied back, "Like I said before, Master Nixian is the one who sent you to this world within the painting. His goal is to find and kill me; in order to take control of your world," she then made another sigh, "He can also control the demons of our imagination; the Thoughtless."

"The Thoughtless?" echoed the six teens, "What's that?" questioned Greg.

"They are creatures born from people's imaginations; but they are also the rejected ideas from our dreams and nightmares," Veritya explained, "They come to life within paintings, photographs and drawings; and even in other people's dreams and nightmares, thanks to Master Nixian… Master Nixian is planning to use the Thoughtless in order to find me; and to take control of the world of artist's; Earth," Veritya continued to say, "There are only a few people who can stop him now… you six."

"… What?!" yelped out the six teens, "Why us?!" questioned Edna.

"Because you were destined to be here," the goddess replied, "There is no other explanation needed."

The six teens were a bit silent before Veritya stated, "There is also something else you must know," the teens looked back towards the goddess to see what she had to say, "You have each gained elemental powers when you entered into this world; each of them are unique to each of you and suit you well."

"Wait, what do you mean by that; elemental powers?" questioned Donald with confusion.

"Elemental power is the power that sleeps within all of you," the goddess replied as she then turned to Edna, "You have the power of the wind and air," she then turned to Alice, "You have the power of the earth and ground," she turned to Grace, "You have the power of water and liquids," she then turned to Donald, "You have the power of fire and heat," she then turned to Max, "You have the power of lightning and the weather," she finally turned to Greg, "And you have the power of ice and snow."

Veritya then made a small sigh, "You must also find six points in this world where you must activate your elements; that is another way to defeat Master Nixian. He may try to stop you when he finds out what you are doing, but I am confident that you overcome his powers of darkness…"

Soon Veritya looked like she was about to fade as she clutched her chest; it was almost as if she were a hologram the whole time, "Please, you must come and find my real self; I am just an image of your minds at the moment," she then started to fade away, "Please, you must hurry. If you want to go back to your world, you must find me, and defeat Master Nixian…" she muttered as she then disappeared completely.

The six teens stood there in silent in the alleyway before Max stated, "… Okay, what the heck just happened?"

"T-This has all got to be a dream of some kind…" Grace muttered aloud.

"More like a nightmare to me Grace," Alice stated to her friend, "I mean, there's no way this is real…" she then turned to Edna, "Right Edna?"

"… I think it is," Edna replied as everyone looked at her with shock, "I mean, there's also no way that we can be dreaming the same thing at the same time…"

"… I agree," Donald stated as everyone turned to him, "What we're in right now can't be a dream; it feels too real."

"I guess you're right, Donald," replied Greg as he nodded his head, "I just tried pinching myself while that goddess talked to us; and it hurt when I did."

"Fine, fine; so all of this is real," Max stated with a bit of a huff as he crossed his arms across his chest, "But, now what are we suppose to do?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Alice replied to Max, "We're suppose to go to this Nixian guy and kill him, right?"

"Yeah, I think so," Grace stated back to Alice, "If we don't, we'll stay in this place forever…" she shook her head from side to side at the mere thought of it, "I-I don't want that…"

"Don't worry Grace, we'll find a way to this Nixian guy and get out of here," Edna stated as everyone turned to her.

"Geez Edna, you sure are confident about all of this, aren't you?" Donald stated.

"Well, yeah! Just call it a gut feeling I have," Edna replied.

'Oh great, she has a gut feeling again…' Alice and Grace both thought, 'Let's hope it doesn't get us into more trouble…' Alice continued to think.

"… Well, now that we know what we're suppose to do," Greg started to say as everyone turned to him, "Can we get out of this alleyway now? It's starting to creep me out a little…"

"Oh right," Donald muttered as the six teens then walked down the alleyway and went out into the streets, only to see something that surprised them…

"Why the heck does this place look so familiar…?" questioned Max aloud.

"… Uh, guys," Alice started to say as they turned to her, "Look up at the sky…!"

It was when the five other teens looked up that they had the same expression on Alice's face.

"The sky… It looked a lot like the painting, Starry Night!" Grace stated with a gasp.

Indeed it was true, the sky above them; everything about it was the same as the Van Gogh painting.

"Well, this certainly answers a few more things, doesn't it?" Edna stated.

"Sure does," Donald replied, "It seems that the world were in now is actually the painting!"

"Whoa…" muttered Greg with a bit of awe, "That's actually kind of cool, if you ask me."

"Yeah, whatever," Max stated with a bit of a grumble, "Let's just get this whole thing over with, okay?"

Everyone only nodded their heads at Max's statement as they then started to walk down the dark street they were on, trying to find a few clues as to how to get home…

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