What I Don't Understand about God

Why did he banish Adam and Eve, when all they did was eat an apple from the Tree of Knowledge? Isn't he the all-forgiving?

Why let them continue having children if he knew what life would be like now, if he is the all-knowing?

Why would there be so much bad in this world if we had someone that could lend a helping hand?

Why would you be sent to Hell to be punished for your sins if Satan hates God? Wouldn't Satan be praising you?

Why do you have to follow the Holy Bible and God's word?

Why was Jesus he's only son? If he did such good bad then, why not another? Because he would be looked at as crazy.

How can we be sure that the Virgin Mary was a virgin? By here say?

Why did Jesus turn water into wine when so many countries now need water?

Why is Earth the only planet with human life on it? Or any life?

Why do we so blindly believe in something when we don't know where 'he/she' came from?

What if Jesus didn't actually die on the cross?

Or what if it hadn't actually been Jesus but someone who looked like him?

What if the tablets that were written, were actually just a fictional tale? Like a big story?

Who is to tell us that they were telling the truth?

I just don't understand.

If God only created Adam and Eve, why is incest wrong? Who created the rest of the population?

Why is homosexuality wrong?

(Because it isn't natural.)

What is natural?

(A man and a woman)

Why is that natural?

(To create children.)


Why is homosexuality wrong?

(Because the Bible says so)

Because a book says so? So if I write, 'Having intercourse to create a child is wrong.' Doesn't that make it right?

I don't care what you believe in but I don't understand why people believe in it.

Comfort? Comfort to know that after death you are going to a nice place in the sky for all of your good deeds?


But I am comfortable knowing that after death I can have rest. No heaven. No hell. No nothing. Just resting for all of my hard work on earth in the earth.


Author's Note: Just a little bit that had me thinking. I couldn't go to sleep for a while and these thoughts were just racing through my head.

Please don't leave comments telling me to bring the Lord and Savior into my heart before it is to late. I just don't care.

Also, some facts may be off. I don't know anything about the Bible. I always though church was boring.