A Prophetic folly

For generations the empire stood built in stone and built in slaughter. These people watched the stars learning all they could. With victims, beating hearts held aloft to the hungry gods and blood drenching their sacred man made mountain, these people knew the ways of the jungle building soaring towers. For many years, they stood unchallenged with a prophecy told for their god that will return they waited.

Greed drove him and gold changed him his vision never waivered he drove his men to shores unknown with guns and swords and determination they marched along trackless jungle all the while learning more. They learned about a massive city rising high and proud into the sky they marched on driven by greed.

The priests had told of this day when the mighty god would come back to his people to lead them forever in bliss, rumours rampant across the city the god had finally arrived, jubilation exploded smiles and hearts were gladden by the news. This was to be a tragic mistake.

He arrived in steel and on a horse with dirt and dust clinging close he looked over his savage host and seemed shocked and the splendour seen his greed knew no bounds he played on hopes and played on fears he was proclaimed the returning god and was treated as such.

The mighty king had heard the stories of these new returning gods of the death they delivered from afar he resolved to appease the gods least they turn on his people.

Eventually the greed was too great and the so-called gods turned to slaughter they saw opportunity and they saw lust blinded by both the gods destroyed.

The people of the once mighty Aztec empire saw the error of their folly too late for them and their ancestors now. Toil and slavery was their future

Never again did the temples rise and never again did they believe

Nevertheless, it was too late the gods did indeed return and with them death reigned.