Dear Child

Dear Child,
I see your curiosity of the
and I see you smile
I'm glad that you'll
learn the truth

Dear Child,
I see your curiosity,
you see the train, and
you laugh.
The train is an amazing site to
see indeed.

Dear Child,
I see you watching the beams,
that support the train to go by,
and I wonder if you'll still want to learn how
that beam helps to support
a wonderful view indeed.

Dear Child,
I am glad you'll learn the
truth that you don't know yet
you'll learn it all
that knowledge and curiosity
goes far.

Dear Child,
I know something
you don't know yet,
-that you
hold the future
in your hands.

Dear Child,
I hope you'll be successful in life.
But I see it now, what you see,
and I am glad
that you'll learn and be happy
while learning.

Dear Child,
Teach me how
you see the world you see it as,
for I want
to really learn
from you.