"We have to feed, dear. Look at you, you're as pale as a ghost and I'm even worse. My hands are so thin I could see my veins." Hunter lifted his hands up to his partner just so he could prove it to her. However, Riley was trying her best not to pay any attention to the man beside her. She just kept her head forward, her dark eyes looking through the tall trees and the thin atmosphere.

"You can't ignore it forever. If we don't drink then we'll drift into eternal sleep. You don't want that now, do you?" Besides the fact that she didn't want to, Riley turned her head towards Hunter for a split second. "And what if I do? Killing isn't something that I enjoy doing. You should know that by now." Her white stone face shimmered with a serious expression and she had no intention on changing. Riley had decided that she was not going to let the men of her race take complete control, even though they were supposed to be the most powerful. By doing this, she knew she had to constantly hold her guard in any situation, including this one.

So with that thought in mind, the brunette kicked her black horse until it jumped into a run. "Riley stop!" Ignoring the voice behind her, she leaned forward and kicked the horse again. The wind blew her long hair behind her and she was happy that she was getting a temporary escape. She would be able to do a lot with the little time she had, before Hunter caught up with her.

The forest seemed to only grow denser and the leaves fell slowly off the trees, while she rode further into the night. She felt the growing hunger reach up inside her, which made her shake her head a little bit with disgust. Riley hated being a vampire. It hurt her emotionally and physically and every time she felt the need to drink blood, the pain only seemed to get worse. She wanted to tare her fangs out of her mouth and throw them at Hunter so he could be even more animalistic then he was now.

Unfortunately, she knew that she could never do such a thing or even have the ability to get rid of the horrid gift that she was blessed with. Surviving for eternity seemed to kill her even more inside. She had the secret desire to die just like all humans, just because she knew after a while life would be too much of a burden on her back. There was only so much she could hold and only so much she could take before she broke down.

Suddenly, Riley smelt the warm scent of blood in the air. It wasn't just any blood though; it was human. The sweet smell seemed to engulf her mind in a warm and heavy haze, and she had to fight to keep her instinct from completely overcoming her. The logical thing in this situation was to go over to where the person was and ask if they needed some help. A normal human wouldn't be in this part of the woods at night, especially when there were unknown creatures wondering about.

Riley swallowed and tried focusing on her new goal. She pulled on the reins of her horse and got off of the saddle. Her leather boots landed lightly on the forest floor and she began walking in the direction of the hot smell. The brunette turned around several trees and bushes, finally spotting the human. It was a girl, not much younger or older then herself. Yet, at the same time she looked like she was a small child huddled up underneath a weeping willow tree. She had long blonde curly hair, with light blue eyes that seemed to shine some of the reflecting moonlight.

Her appearance made Riley want to turn around. She was immediately attracted to the girl, which only made the whole situation worse. In the back of her mind, she knew that there was no way she could approach the blonde without actually biting into her pale flesh. Then there was the whole fact that she wanted to rip the thin pants from the girl's waist and press wet kisses up her hips and towards that melting hot entrance that she only craved sometimes in her sleep.

Even with these thoughts though, Riley stuck to her decision. She approached the girl slowly, knowing that with each step there was the possibility of losing herself. Finally, she found that she stood over the girl, with her dark piercing eyes connecting with the others bright blue ones. "Do you need any help?" Her voice was suddenly low and husky, which only meant that the horrible beast inside of her was slowly coming out. Riley knew that she could lose the control any second, so she stepped to the side of the human and pressed one of her hands against the cool base of the willow, as if that would support her somehow.

"Well…kind of," replied the girl quietly. It was not that Sadie was completely lost; it was more that she had taken a walk earlier and just hadn't returned back to her house. As she looked up at Riley, something inside of her seemed to snap. The girl was so beautiful that she wanted to stand up and grab the brunette's dark hair and kiss her hard on the lips. "I'm um…Sadie. What's your name?" Riley's face seemed to pale even more as the girl asked for her name. "Riley," she said, still in the husky voice. In a few moments she knew she was going to lose control. It really was only in a matter of time.

As Riley was about to say something else, she heard someone come up beside her. She knew it was Hunter and before she got a chance to turn around to stop him, he was already in front of her, gripping Sadie's small thin neck. "See, Riley? You can't just let your dinner escape right in front of your eyes. It's a tease. Now I have her, so drink. It's an order." With that, she watched as her partner bit into the side of the girl's throat and started drinking the blood from her.

The image in front of her was erotic, with Sadie backed up against the weeping willow, her throat covered in a sweet red liquid, and her bulging blue eyes forming complete shock. Then, there was the fact that Hunter was not just stopping at taking a good amount of blood from the blonde, but he was in fact kissing her everywhere. Besides her raging hunger that was boiling up to the brim inside of her, a new emotion was beginning to show in her always-serious expression. Without thinking completely about it, she went closer to the side of the girl and began kissing her as well. Sadie was hers and she was not going to let Hunter take over, even if it meant fighting with him about it.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to drink from you," she whispered warmly into the girl's ear. Sadie barely nodded her head and knew that she couldn't escape, even if she wanted to. The man was holding her against the hard bark and she found that even though her neck hurt like hell, she loved the warm and hot kisses she was receiving from both Riley and the guy. She found that her hands were moving through Hunter's long and sexy brown hair, while her lips found his. Everything seemed to come together around her, as the kiss got harder and as she opened her mouth for his tongue to enter and battle with her own.

Meanwhile, Riley was kissing the side of her arm with a cool wetness she couldn't even describe if someone asked her to. She loved how the dark haired girl seemed to know exactly what she was doing. "Move aside Hunter," she heard Riley say. However, the man in front of her did not obey, and she found that her kiss with him got hotter then it was several seconds ago. Sadie found that if the kiss had any more strength and power to it, then she probably would just fall to the ground in a faint.

Yet at the same time, anger was now flashing in Riley's dark eyes. She paused from kissing the blonde's arm and pushed Hunter aside with all of her energy. Her partner finally released the girl from his hard and strenuous kiss and she moved over her in half a second until her chest was touching the girl's. "Look, she's mine. If you want her too, then you're going to have to get through me to take her." She said all of this without making eye contact with him and instead stared into Sadie's beautiful pale face.

Hunter smirked slightly and nodded his head. "Fine with me. Or how about we share?" And then without waiting to see what Riley would say next, Sadie was grabbed by her right hand away from the brunette, until she was right in the middle of both vampires. In seconds, her clothes were off, and it was then she realized that both Riley and the man, who she heard was named Hunter, had ripped her clothes to shreds. Her body was now completely bare, with her two small pale breasts hanging out and her pink nipples tightening at the end because of the chill in the air. Her first reaction was to cover her small frame, but Riley moved in too quickly.

She was engulfed in yet another kiss, except this time it was with the brunette who was now sticking her soft tongue into her mouth. Riley's kiss was different then Hunter's, it was softer and more easy going. Her desire was almost being fulfilled, but she found that she wanted something more now, even though she couldn't actually figure out what it was. Her neck was still aching and she felt as if she needed to say something. "I want-" she heard herself whisper and break off.

"Don't worry, I know what you want," Riley said through the wet kiss that she was giving the blonde. She motioned with her hand, for Hunter to come up behind the girl and at the same time she lowered herself slowly to the ground. She traveled her kisses down the girl's neck, quickly to avoid the blood that was still dripping down and onto Sadie's shoulder. Instead, she nibbled and teased one of the blonde's stiff nipples.

Sadie let out a small gasp of pleasure as Riley played with her nipples. Then once again at the same time she felt something hard and erect against her bare buttocks. It took her several moments to realize that it was Hunter's length. Her eyes widened at the thought of what they both were suddenly going to do her and all she could do was stand there once again and let them do it.

At Riley's signal, which was a bare nod of her head, Hunter entered inside of Sadie's two back cheeks. The blonde practically screamed in pain, but then she felt the brunette duck her head back down towards her two raging, sweaty breasts. The kisses were soothing her as the guy behind her pumped his length in and out of her. Tears, raced into her eyes, and even though she wanted to deny it a little bit, the pleasure was in fact increasing. Although she still wanted more.

As if the other girl could read her mind, Riley trailed her kisses from Sadie's breasts, down her pale thin stomach and towards the blonde's clit. She found that the girl was already soaked in cum and her body was already being rocked forward because of Hunter. Since she was still hungry and since she was still sticking to her promise even at this point, the brunette began licking the creamy and dripping pussy. It unfortunately didn't taste as good as the hot sticky blood that she was used to, but she figured it would do for now.

Sadie's eyes widened in ecstasy as she felt Riley's tongue moving around inside of her entrance and at the explosion she was feeling in the strain of Hunter's long and hard erection through her buttocks. She held onto the top of the brunette's head, her fingernails digging deeply into Riley's scalp because the pleasure was now driving her over the edge. Flames seemed to lick at her body as she rocked closer to the other girl's mouth and as Hunter picked up his pace. The friction increased, until he was pumping his length so fast in and out of her that the white pure liquid was forced to keep exploding in waves down her leg and into Riley's mouth.

Soon enough, the vampire behind her released his sperm within her body, until that too was dripping down her inner thigh. This caused Sadie to lean forward and into Riley even more, which forced the brunette to avoid Hunter's explosion. She didn't want to taste him she wanted to taste her even more. However it didn't seem that the blonde's entrance was dripping out anymore cum, so she took what was left of it in her mouth and stood up. Riley flickered her eyes behind her to see that her partner was still there, so she made a quick decision. The brunette picked Sadie's bare and wet body up in her arms, and without noticing Hunter's surprised look, she ran as fast as she could through the still dark forest. Finally, the girl was hers.

After a few minutes of running, Sadie wanted to just fall asleep in Riley's arms. Yet, at one point they eventually did stop in a small clearing, and the brunette ended up putting her down on the forest floor. "That was amazing," she whispered. Riley nodded her head and leaned down on her knees besides Sadie. She hadn't yet swallowed the cum completely from before so she quickly kissed the blonde on her red lips, letting the other girl taste herself. The kiss was deep and thick and soon enough, the vampire moved her lips away from Sadie's and allowed the girl to finally rest her blonde curly head on her shoulder.