Safety; was going to be a problem. Riley knew once more that it would only be another couple of hours before Hunter would be on their trail. So she looked up into the thickness of the trees, her senses totally alert.

Her main priority was to keep Sadie as her own and to do that meant that they would have to move in the next five minutes. Riley put her pale stone face in the girl's hair, smelling Sadie's shampoo that she recently used. Desire tightened in the brunette's chest once more, but she knew that she couldn't take the human again. One time was enough, plus, if she did end up making love again she knew her craving for the girl's blood would go beyond the boiling point. It was already way too hard to keep herself back and in control and she knew that she only had a certain amount of strength.

"Wake up," she whispered into Sadie's small ear. The blonde lifted her head slowly from Riley's shoulder and she looked at her surroundings in a daze. At first she didn't know where she was, but then she turned to look at the amazing creature sitting next to her. The vampire's dark hair traced the out line of her face in perfection, along with her red lips that made Sadie want to kiss the girl again. Heat rose up in her chest as the memories of what happened to her before came back, which then only caused her cheeks to begin to blush a deep shade of pink.

"We must go. There is no chance that I can take you home now, because of your own safety. I don't…" want him to get you again, she wanted to say. Riley's dark eyes adverted Sadie's light blue ones. She was falling in love with the girl, even though she knew that it was against the rules. There were so many reasons why she couldn't fall for the human, that it only made her want Sadie more.

"I understand," the blonde replied quietly. She put her small hand on Riley's pale cheek. The vampire closed her eyes, trying not to listen to the girl's pulse or to picture the beautiful blood that was running through her veins. After a few seconds, she forced her eyes to open once again and she took Sadie's hand within her own.

Riley then stood up and pulled the human closer to her, as if Hunter were to pounce on the girl at any moment. "Hold onto me," she said calmly, and with that the vampire jumped into the air and started to fly. Sadie's eyes widened in fear and excitement as she held onto to Riley's neck. They flew over the dark forest, against the twilight sky. The wind whipped through her blonde hair and touched her light skin. She shivered against her lover and decided that tonight was only a dream. There was no other way for her mind to accept it, especially since she's been through so much.

The vampire held the human even closer, as she took a deep dive towards a small cave on the ground. The structure would give them some more time, at least until the sun rose upward and into the sky. As she thought this, Riley landed on the soft ground, her brown boots hardly making any noise on the cool earth below their feet. "Come with me," she said softly into the girl's ear.

Sadie nodded and followed the brunette into the shelter of the dark stone cave. She found that the surroundings were surprisingly warm, compared to the cool air that kept blowing on the outside. However, adrenaline was still pumping through her veins, along with the desperate need to be kissed again. Yet, the blonde was not the one to normally take chances, so she walked quietly behind Riley as they went deeper into the cave.

Finally, they stopped and the vampire turned around to glance at Sadie. It wasn't fair. She wished once again that she was normal and that a simple kiss wouldn't create any damage. Although, as she looked into the girl's eyes before her, she knew that she wouldn't be able to hold out for the rest of the night. Riley needed that contact. The desire was getting stronger and stronger within her body and it was beginning to conquer her control.

After several seconds of making more eye contact with the human, she almost turned away, but couldn't do it. She grabbed Sadie's thin wrists and pulled her closer, into the shelter of her body. Riley kissed the blonde strongly on the mouth, loving the sweet smell that was coming from the girl and the way her warm lips moved against her own.

At first Sadie was shocked at the sudden contact again, but then she relaxed her body. She opened her mouth and allowed Riley entrance, feeling the vampire's muscled tongue work her way around her teeth and the cornered spaces of her lips. White heat flashed inside of her groin and travelled its way upward, making Sadie moan. She wanted more again, not only in her mind, but in her heart as well.

Riley needed to stop. She knew she was going to bite the girl, because she felt that she had gone far over the edge already. She closed her eyes and almost pulled away, wanting to hold herself back. However, it was instinct that was beginning to take over now and she trailed her kisses over the girl's throat, pausing at the throbbing vein that was just below her lips. One bite, that's all it took. The vampire closed her cold eyes and nibbled lightly at the skin. Sadie moaned again underneath her, edging her on. The small sound was so innocent though that it made Riley pause for a second time. She didn't need the blood even if she knew her body was going weak. There were other ways and in the back of her mind she realized this.

She forced herself to move on. Agony from the loss of appetite grew painfully within her, but she tried to ignore it. Instead, she put all of her energy and the rest of her animalistic instinct into kissing the human. Her kisses trailed lower and lower, until she reached her destination. Riley then stopped and put her two thin fingers inside of Sadie's small and tight entrance. The blonde let out a groan of pure pleasure, as the vampire drew her fingers in and out of Sadie.

The brunette went faster, her friction building up inside of the girl. The human tilted her head back, her bright blue eyes widening again in pure desire. The heat inside of her body was burning her up so much that she knew at any moment she was going to go over the edge. She pushed her hips forward, so Riley could be completely inside her. She then gripped onto the vampire's muscled shoulders as she exploded. Stars came in front of her eyes and her knees became weak at the release.

Riley once more licked the come that was dripping in hot waves from Sadie's entrance. She savored the taste in her mouth, wanting it to last forever. Yet at the same time, she was still hungry for blood. Ignoring the thought in her mind again, she trailed her kisses back up the human's small thin frame, landing her mouth on the girl's bare hard nipples.

"Take from me," she heard Sadie say. Riley lifted her head from sucking on one of the human's round soft breasts and locked eyes with the girl before her. "I know that you're not human and I don't want you grow weak." The blonde lifted one of her hands and pushed the long dark brown hair away from the vampire's forehead. If it was only a dream that she was in, then being bitten again wouldn't be that bad.

The brunette's eyes darkened. "No, I can never do what my partner did to you. I will get what I need another way. Don't worry about me." And with that, Riley kissed Sadie on the mouth again, letting the pleasure of having the girl that she loved within her arms take over her.