Things to love

Are few and far between

However the distance that covers

Those few small things

Don't have to be so great

To name just a few

The transition of warm shining summers

To hug-necessitating winters

Filled with arms of those you love

Smells of wild dandelions drifting passed

And the crisp sent of Christmas trees

Jolly singing and candles in the air, dancing

Stars and firelight

Mixed with that of fireflies

Friends and family and those you don't expect

Satisfying holes that you didn't notice were even made

A funny cartoon and silly music

With the complete chaotic symphony of clashing personalities

Old paper and new books

Stacked high in your second home

Home itself needing a little break

A ringing cell phone with a number you recognize

Meeting new people (who just might stay)

And letting some go (who you knew wouldn't last anyway)

Fuzzy aged sweats and chipping nail polish

Waiting to be replaced

Smiles that fade and laughs that echo

That will return in time

And last (but never least)

Is the fact that you're always here with me