Split Personality:Castle Of Delusion-The Gargoyle

"You have no idea how fucking good it is to finally talk face-to-face like this instead of having these conversations all inside my head."I remarked as we made our loud, rowdy way along the yellow brick road towards our next destination.

"Night, you do know that all of this is taking place inside your head, don't you?"Evil Twin rained all over my parade.

"Yeah, sure, whatever. It's just nice to actually be at home in my head when all these takes place, for once."

"Who goes there? Kindly state your name, business within, & appointment refrence number(if any)."A loud voice suddenly boomed out.

We were finally "there yet".

I rounded the corner & my castle loomed into sight, with my faithful Security Gargoyle keeping watch beside my imposing and impressive front doors.

MidNight(shrieks-yes, I'm ashamed to admit that I still shriek like an excited, hyperactive 5-year-old)

"Oh. My. Gods. Is that really my Security Gargoyle! You're beautiful! Umm... I mean, gruesome. Absolutely hedious. Perfect!"


"Thank you, my Queen. I assure you that the castle is safe & entirely free from Heroes."

Heroes. That reminds me. Visitors! Mesengers!


"Hey, Gargoyle. I was supposed to received some messengers a coupla months back. Did you, by chance, encounter them?"


"Messengers? None, Your Majesty. Though there were 2 odd salesmen claiming to be 'Royal Tea Party Messengers'. I ate them, just for good measure. Didn't want to take any chances, not with you on your adventure out in the world of reality."


"Oh gods. Those were the mesengers! Argh! How am aI gonna tell Queen Of The Shadylands that her mesengers got ingested by my Gargoyle?"


"Perhaps it's help if I break the news to her in the disguise of a story!

So there you have it!

P. S. Queen of the Shadylands, I'm really sorry about your missing(more like digested!) mesengers.