Rangers of Eternity

A decade in the future, the superhero is an endangered species. Many superheroes have died in the thick of battle, but most others have retired. By the year 2020, there was only one left: Mr. America. A former Olympic wrestler named Ward Walton, America began his career in 1966 when he received his powers voluntarily via a hero search conducted by the World Justice Society (WJS), the organization responsible for procuring, training, and assigning superheroes.

One night, America severely injured his knee while flushing out a team of illegal drug smugglers. Doctors told him that given his advanced age and long history of injuries, the best thing to do would be to walk away. Soon afterward, Mr. America announced his retirement from the superhero world, meaning that for the first time since 1937, there were no officially recognized superheroes on Earth. As a result, the WJS folded quietly, and life on Earth went on as usual. But it was soon apparent that superheroes were something very much needed on the planet. Crime skyrocketed almost 500% within Earth's first five months without heroes.

However, there was hope. Six months to the day after Mr. America announced his retirement, his son Danny developed his microorganism-like body as well as his shapeshifting powers. Several days later, the Walton family received a mysterious phone call, asking the entire family to meet on the lone O'Neill Space Station orbiting the Earth. There, it was discovered that Teknos had clandestinely restarted the WJS. An ecstatic Danny was sworn in as the first official member-in-training of the new WJS, and was given an honorary uniform, a mask, and a superhero name: Amoeba.

Soon after Amoeba's acceptance into the new WJS, numerous other teenage children began exhibiting superhuman tendencies. While they were scattered around the globe, they all had one thing in common: they were all offspring of former superheroes and/or superheroines. These transformations proved what science had wondered for many years: superhuman abilities were indeed hereditary. A grand total of eleven other adolescents were sworn in as official WJS heroes-in-training, and they and Amoeba formed a superhero team in veil of the X-Men from so many years before. They named their team the Rangers of Eternity, and have been successfully and efficiently defending Earth from wrongdoing ever since. Two of the Rangers—Amoeba and Jessica Tilton, AKA Replika—soon fell in love and began dating.

Unbeknownst to the Rangers, thousands of light years away in the Andromeda Galaxy, a war was waging between two species yet unknown to mankind. Xyndas, the home planet of the narvanils, was involved in a bloody military occupation by the evil Nrekk of the planet Aia-Uhrr. As the Nrekk enslaved the tiny planet's inhabitants, the king and queen of Xyndas knew something had to be done. Behind the Nrekk's backs, they successfully evacuated the vast majority of their race and secretly settled in an abandoned area of the eastern United States. However, the small spacecraft carrying the royal children veered off course and landed in the backyard of the Waltons' home in Buffalo, New York. In addition, by veering off-course, a strange field of ultraviolet energy had given the royal children superhuman abilities. Danny contacted Teknos, and Princess Medulla and Prince Ax'on joined the Rangers.

The Rangers not only helped Medulla and her brother reunite with their parents, but they also helped them hone their powers and get accustomed to Earth, which they settled into quite nicely despite not having concepts of numerous Earth customs, such as abortions, sex changes, homosexuality, and divorce. Several months later, the narvanils revealed their existence to humanity, and the Earth made contact with sentient beings from another planet for the first time in history. Princess Medulla and Sandstream of the Rangers also fell in love, and began going steady.

Eventually, the Nrekk found the narvanils' hideout on Earth, and attacked the planet. Known as the War of the Worlds, this was the first major interplanetary war in Earth's history. Under the leadership of King Oruvien, and with help from the Rangers and Earth, the narvanils successfully defeated the Nrekk, and banished the surviving members of the species, including the evil dictator, to a deserted asteroid in the Sextans A Galaxy, depriving them of any and all contact with the outside world. Using alien technology, humans and narvanils built a wormhole-like superhighway between Earth and Xyndas to allow for easy commute between the two planets.

Now, the Rangers work round-the-clock to defend the galaxy from injustice. Unbeknownst to them, a new threat even more dangerous than the Nrekk is about to make its presence known. This is the story of…The Rangers of Eternity.


The Team (by superhero name; real name is in the description that follows)

Amoeba: The team captain of the Rangers. Danny's body is made up of a semisolid, translucent aqua jelly containing purple protoplasm and cell organelles, including a large green nucleus. His unstable genetic structure allows him to take the shape of any type of animal as long as it's male.

Replika: The "co-captain". Jessica can voluntarily replicate her own DNA to create artificial clones of herself. She will also soon discover another power she did not know she had.

Tarot: Like all narvanils, Medulla has pale yellow skin, large eyes, six digits on each extremity, two navels, and two large antennae protruding from her head. Her kind possesses the ability to read minds and communicate telepathically. Her powers allow her to manipulate energy to create fields of charged ions that cause extreme damage and severe burns. In the same veil as Gambit, she carries around a deck of tarot cards that she charges up and launches like projectiles.

Sandstream: Brandon can create powerful sandstorms, dust devils, etc. mentally. He can also form solid objects out of sand and dirt.

Typhoon: Ax'on is Medulla's brother. He has aerokinesis—just by waving his arms, he can create powerful windstorms, gales, tornados, and hurricanes.

Inferna: Lilly can generate flames of over 2,000 degrees F spontaneously and elevate the temperature within a one-mile radius of her body.

Optix: Brad's abilities revolve around focusing his brainwaves into powerful pulses of energy that can move objects, damage opponents, and even hypnotize. He is blind, and wears a visor-like device called a spectacles in order to see. Despite this, he is very intelligent and is majoring in pre-medical studies in college. He is Replika's cousin.

Earthquake: Nathan's powers include super strength and the ability to create powerful earthquakes and other seismic activities just by stomping the ground. He is Brandon's cousin.

Hydrophilia: Courtney has the ability to create and/or manipulate existing water, ice and steam. She can swim faster than the fastest Olympic swimmer and hold her breath for an indefinite period of time. She is Lilly's cousin.

Omen: Jeff's powers consist of the ability to harness dark matter around him to create powerful pulses of energy.

Whisp: With abilities that include vaporization, manipulation of gases, and gaseous energy blasts, Whitney is perhaps the most mysterious Ranger of Eternity.

Plasma: The only African-American member of the Rangers, Rachel can liquefy or vaporize her body, and can also manipulate existing matter.

Zzap: Ray has the ability to create supercharged lightning bolts of well over 10,000 volts spontaneously, and also has super speed. He is the cousin of Nathan and Brandon.

The Mentors

Mr. America: Amoeba's father was the last superhero on Earth until the new WJS formed. He can lift fifty times his own weight, and also has heat vision.

Lady Liberty: Amoeba's mother is able to run at half the speed of sound.

Arctigirl: Optix's mother derives much of her ice-based power from cold weather and cannot perform well in warmer climates.

Impact: Zzap's father and Quake's & Sandstorm's uncle can cause electrical tremors that can cover an area of over 500 feet.

Mascara del Centurio: Inferna's father is a luchador-like superhero skilled in 77 different styles of martial arts and ninjitsu.

Warrior: Replika's father is well-known as a wild and rowdy superhero famous for his incredible strength.

Blaze: Replika's mother and Hydrophilia's aunt has the power to create and manipulate existing fire.

Red Giant: Plasma's father has the power to grow up to ten times his normal size.

Teknos: The head of the new WJS. His supersuit (which he invented) lets him control machinery, become invisible, and many other tricks.


Amoeba is dating Replika.

Sandstream is dating Tarot.

Whisp likes Omen.

Optix likes Inferna.

Now for Chapter 1. Get ready to be perhaps amused, definitely shocked, and above all, entertained. This story may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I wrote it all on my own, and that has to count for something. I hope you enjoy what I worked so hard on!

DISCLAIMER: This story does not necessarily reflect my personal views. For example, I am strongly opposed to premarital sex. This story is rated PG-13, for violence and mild language that I have tried to eliminate wherever possible.