In a darkened world, covered in the thick smog of man made chemicals, there once lived a civilized population of human beings. They survived off the once great Earth until they accidentally invented clouds of toxic fumes known as pollution. As the years went on, their problem worsened. It engulfed their once vibrant society in thick, poisonous gasses. But, of course, the problem did become worse than it was. The people began living underground, in the sewers mostly, a dank and horrible labyrinth. Luckily, no other creatures inhabited this place, although what had formed above ground would have been much worse than what lay down below. Anyone left above, or those who dare venture out from their murky home became mutated. Their bodies morphed and manipulated by the chemicals that hung foully in the air. It was a grim demise for the human race. Eventually, those living underground, borrowing their way through the Earth like hungry wombats, ran out of resources. No food, no water. They refused to resort to cannibalism, as it is frowned upon in even their society. Their system was failing. A vast amount of the population starved to death. The youngest died first and the rest died off slowly. Some even committed suicide. The tunnels of the sewers were clogged with the bodies of the dearly departed. Some fled to the surface, preferring to be a despicable monster than a rotting corpse. And to think, man brought this upon himself. So, with man out of the way, what comes next for this planet we call Earth?