With my hands folded behind my back I lie in the dew wet grass and sigh. The breath unfurls in a dark curl as I watch its graceful pattern. Everything around me is so small and yet so large and full of life. I've never felt so content as when I'm here. Above the stars speckle the sky shimmering on the celestial back drop.

In the middle of this stormy silence is the moon, omniscient in her glory as she watches the world with gentle grace. Her chilling tug can rock the lulling waters into a frothy rage depending how close she feels.

Tonight we are very close, precariously daring the balance that keeps us apart.

I look over my shoulder.

No one is here but me. It's been a long time since I traveled out here, a long time since I've seen you. But in this clearing my heart is cleansed and I can almost believe as you did for the future.

So close, and yet so far a star moves forward daring to inspect my small plot of land. A soft smile plays on my lips as I see it prance towards me. Falling and falling with deadly grace the soft blue of the night becomes enriched in red tones.

I've seen your face in the stars so often, it's not hard even now to see you there shaking your head sadly.

The impact recreated the landscape with its own twisted sense of beauty as the truth hit me. The stars in my eyes fade away as I let your image go.

"Its okay," I whisper with my last breath, "we all fall down."