The Lights

She was a good student

Mostly As

Everyone said,

You're going to be somebody

Somebody important

Somebody special

He was a drop out

A failure

A stain, a bruise

On the family tree

Everyone said,

You're hopeless

You're going no where

She was a lawyer



He was a druggie



She was famous, well known

But she didn't like it

Didn't like the demands

The begs for money

And favors

And publicity

He had no job

Had to scrap for a living

Life was rough

He was tired

So tired

She lived in an apartment


Overlooking a set

Of broken streetlights

He lived beneath the lights



He was the red light

She was the green

They both stare at the yellow

Waiting for it to change

Everything (c) by (ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Hoi Polloi

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