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New York City 2001

Today will be the last day I see him ever again. One young girl nine years old pulls out her black bag and started loading it with necessary things. Money,Underwear,Soap,wallet. The temptaion is too great just to sit by and ignore. She must get as furthest away as possible. She throw the bag over her shoulder and writes a note and leaves it on her bed. Today she ventures out alone. Sitting on the train she wonders if she'll ever regret this. She puts her head down and covers her face with her hair. Six more stops and im free..

New Jersey 2005

Its been four years since I left the city. Thirteen years old now. Within the first week of traveling she was busted. Sent to a forster care home. In 2005 she was adopted by a family who only had one child. Today she meets the boy. She walks into her new room and puts down everything she owns. Which isn't much. She has a toothbrush now. But she refuses anything else someone offers her. A little boy with grey eyes peaked into his step sisters room:

'She looks so strange' he thinks.

" Hello my name is Frankie! Im thirteen too! You look nothing like my sister! But we can still be friends if you dont have cooties!"

The girl stared at the boy. She should have felt insulted but it was true so she said nothing and continued to stare.

" A-r-e y-o-u d-u-m-b?" Frankie asked perplexed since the girl didn't seem to talk.

"No" she answered. Frankie brightened then said " well then, What is your name?"

The girl stared at him again not answering. Then finally whispered " I dont remember"

Frankie didn't seem bothered by the girl so he rambled on

" Oh I got to name my dog! So I'll name you too! How about.. Rainy!" The girl stared at him in confusion. " Rainy? Why?"

" because you look so sad you remind me of a gloomy rainy day." he laughed, thinking her question was silly. 'Rainy' lips turned up at the joke. " But what if I dont look sad? Then will I still be called rainy?" she asked.

The boy seemed to think for a moment. Then said " I guess not.. but well have to come up with something then!" Rainy nodded her head. This is going to be a long year she thought to herself.

New Jersey 2008

It turns out she was officially adopted and she stayed with them permanently. When to school even though it was rough Frankie and her bond never grew away. If so it grew stronger. Now at Sixteen Rainy was officially feeling happy after so many years.

"Rei!" Frankie yelled. That was her new nickname because she seemed to happy now and days. Rei got up and walked into his room. Frankie was sitting on his bed avoiding her gaze..

" Three years ago today you came to live with us.. How did you get here?Were you born here?" Rei froze.

" I was born in New York then ran away and ended up here." Rainy said discreetly. Frankie looked directly at her.

" But why did you run?" He asked curious. Rainy fidgeted.

" Well.. I was five.. my mom got pregnant with my baby brother. During birth she died and he was still born. All my dad's attention when to him. So I hated him and ran away when I turned nine.." she finished. She didn't think it was very serious she just need to leave.

Frankie sat there in a daze.. you havent seen him since?" Rainy shook her head no. " He must be eleven by now. Dont you want to see him?" Rainy stiffened

" I cant... I dont remember where I lived.. what if theres no one there.. I refuse to go back alone..." She whispered.

Frankie stood up and grabbed her hand. " I'll come with you! We'll go together and come back together" Frankie said so confidently.

Rainy new. Once she left this place she couldn't come back. She always had to keep moving. She lied to Frankie.. She killed her brother and then her father. For that breaking point she had a elapse in judgment and killed them. Blinded by rage. She knew exactly where the blood spilled. She pulled and big smile and nodded her head.

" Promise to death you wont leave?" she asked him sweetly. Frankie laughed then said:

" I promise to death" he wasn't aware of the glint in her eyes.

New York City 2009





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