My name is Anasha M'kel, I'm over 42 millennia old
I've hid behind blue-giant stars and black dwarfs dead and cold
I fought against the Masters, turned their weapons against them
But I'll never see my family, or walk my home world proud again

My name is Anasha M'Kel, my voice is gone, torn away
I can no longer say a word, that is the way it will stay
The Masters have changed my body, they have even changed my mind
I don't know if they have changed my soul, for it I cannot find

My name is Anasha M'kel, I was ripped away from kith and kin
and bound into slavery to fight in wars I couldn't hope to win
My mind was broke and shattered, my soul burned down to dust
I would have been a monster, but for two women's faith and trust

My Name is Anasha M'Kel, I'm a killer dark and cold
the greatest general in a war already growing old
I've killed so many families, so many women and men
so many children and even priests, how can I be a man again?

My name is Anasha M'Kel, I am the leader of this war
I fight to protect the others, and the woman I adore
She isn't of my species, she can never be my wife
but she saved me from hell, and gave me back my life

My name is Anasha M'Kel, I'm the victor so they say
but how can this be victory if I want it to go away
How can I be a hero, when a murderer is all I see
Why are they trying to make some demigod out of me?

My name is Anasha M'Kel, And now I can walk free
Except for the memories, and the adoration they give me
The refuse to see the killer than lurks still behind my eyes
And every time they praise me, something more within me dies

My name is Anasha M'Kel, and Ashem said to me
"it is time for you to go, Your not happy when your not free"
and so I packed my things, and tried to go back to where I was born
oh how could I know I would be so lonely and forlorn

My Name is Anasha M'kel, I forever walk alone
It is better this way, or so my past has show
No one remembers my name no more, no one recalls my face
I am simply another vetran now, a soldier-slave of that mysterious race.

My name is Anasha M'Kel, though now they all forget
They call me M'Kay'el now, I'm just another vet
Another ancient warrior, except I can no longer speak
Ashem and my friends are gone, only to the Sysians am I no freak

They call me M'Kay'el now, they do not know my deeds
they only know I'm a warrior strong, and that I live by different creeds
Each night I morn my dead, each day I hate my life
She promised me once I would understand the reason for this strife

They call me M'Kay'el now, they don't remember what it means
No longer do they care about honor, nothing is at it seems
I am a relic of ancient days, and all I can do is pray
That someday my punishment will end, how I long for that day

They Call me M'Kay'el now, My past life is forgot
they treat me with honor though, and that is all I got
I guard my homeworld and our allies with all that is within me
I am still the soldier-slave, will I ever be set free

"You are Anasha M'Kel," This girl child said to me
"I want you to meet my eyes, WILL YOU LOOK AT ME."
Her face is filled with desire, her body filled with grace
her hands they burn my skin as they touch my face

"I know they call you M'Kay'el, but that is not your name
I know you are a hero who never wanted fame
But I think you are a coward, You want no female at your side?
Well I have come to challenge you, or is that to much for your pride."

My name is Anasha M'Kel, though Only she may call me so
I ran her down in the fields, and claimed her even so
She has healed my heart, and she has cured my pain
My punishment is over, and now I live again

My Name is Anasha M'Kel, I'm a hero without fame
I have all I need, in this precious female that I tame
My life is full and happy, now I understand the strife
For without I would not have her, my mate and my wife.

My name is Anasha M'Kel, the Last M'Kay'el strong and true
And I still follow you my god, and make this promise to you
I know the enemy is upon us and seeks to take my mate
so when you ask me to, I will finally seal my fate

My name is Anasha M'Kel, and I am soon to die
The sickness is upon both my wife and I
We have only days to live, and only days to fight
we have to end this war so, to restore what is right

My name is Anasha M'Kel, and Now I speak to you
What the Masters took from me, I now can give to you
I can give you faith, and I can give you hope
And you don't know the power there is on that slippery slope

My name is Anasha M'Kel, and finally do I speak
The path that we must follow, well it isn't for the weak
If you don't think you can stand it, I understand, Go home
Because even if we succeed, I'll be beneath the loam

My name is Anasha M'Kel, and this is K'Rana my wife
You have seen us both in battle, have known is in the stife
The moment is upon us, it is time now to Strike
to break the shadows power like you would break a dike
I don't know what will happen, my life is running out
but We will win this battle of this I have no doubt

My name is Anasha M'Kel, and now I lay beside my wife
I hear the call of my god, calling me home from strife
I close my eyes, and breath my last breath in this ungodly place
but I breath my last knowing that now I am the hero of space

We call him Anasha M'Kel, now that we know his name
He truly was a hero, most deserving of his fame
He did the dirty deeds that are needed to win a war
but never once forgot what it was that he was fighting for.

He was Anasha M'Kel, it means Faith is the strength of a man
And though his faith was often shattered, it always grew strong again
He fought against the darkness, he battled for the right
So now we lay him beneath the loam. May he rest well this night.