a/n: hey everybody, here's a new poem i just wrote. hope you like it, comments are appreciated :D

The Darkness of the Night

Like an exotic rose, I'll blossom,

Beneath you're shining moon light,

Anything is possible,

In the darkness of the night,

When dawn glistens and glows,

Then leaves with a trace of colorful clouds,

The darkness of the night grows and swells,

Within my heart as full as the round moon,

Now my blossoms shall bloom,

Underneath the twinkling starlight of your eyes,

If you clip my stem,

I will wilt,

But if you let me thrive,

You'll see in time,

That waiting was worth while,

Forever and always will I be,

You're perfect match,

You're harmony,

You're rising symphony,

In the darkness of the night,

Love will be our right,

Through the wrong,

(That resides within the breakthrough of dawn),

In the light,

Shared glances will be subtle,

But in twilight,

Our laughter will bubble,

Up our throats to the top,

Out our mouths to grace upon violet skies,

Yet no one will hear,

No one will see,

For in the night,

All is asleep but you and me,

I am the petals you caress with tender eyes,

My stem, punctured with thorns,

A pathetic shield,

Still, you cannot touch,

The velvety softness of my petal-tresses,

Pollen tears and dew encase me in frozen time,

But you can watch me from the garden side-lines,

Touch hurts, it bleeds,

And with desire you may shape-shift into a bumble bee,

Land on me and make your home,

Take my pollen and then roam,

The country side to your comb,

Make your honey sweet for me,

Don't ever forget to come back,

For the night is all we have,

In the darkness of the night,

Our lives shall intertwine,

Our hearts combined,

When winter comes,

We cannot survive completely,

But our passion keeps glowing on heatedly,

And in the spring,

We'll grow again,

Our love,

It'll bloom again,

Like constellations in the sky,

Our adoration will burn bright,

In the darkness of the night.