My never ending love story

Chapter 1

The start with an astringent end

It's raining and I almost can't see the road in front of me. Who was the idea of going back to the university at 8:30 in the middle of November? It wasn't mine. I wanted to leave my parents house hours ago but Jena, who is sitting in the passenger seat talking to me.

Jena is my best friend and my only friends. She was the only one who understood me when I closed up after my break up with my boyfriend Ethan Fisherman. Although she was my cousin I knew I could always count on her.

She was different than me. She has brown slick hair, brown eyes and a warm smile. Me… I had curly light brown hair, weird gray eyes and nothing else.

"Ava, are you listening to me?" She asked. I was about to answer when a loud honk was heard from beside us after that I heard a crash. My vision became blurry but I felt the door crash my ribs, legs and arms and last I felt my head bump hard on the wheel and then everything was black.