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Chapter 12

One month later...

Friday Evening 18th December

It was the day of the school's Christmas dance. It wasn't being held in the school because it wasn't safe on the estate.

Fifteen people were killed in the explosion at the school and forty or so were injured. The school was closed again for about a week so the hall could have some emergency repairs done to it.

Another memorial service was held for those that died in the explosion.

It had snowed all night and a thick blanket of ice cold snow lay on the ground, turning everything white.

Juliana was walking alongside Jennifer. They had just gotten off a bus and were walking towards the hall that had been hired for the dance.

They both had five inch heels on. Juliana had a red sparkly dress on. It fit her body down to her hips then plumed out a bit and ended just above her knees. Her light brown hair was down and straitened.

Jennifer had a dark red dress on with green leaves covering it and a green bow around her waist. It too ended just before her knees but hers was more fitting. Her lovely black hair was curled and held in place with hairspray. She was let out of hospital a couple of days after waking up.

"It's cold." Said Juliana while rubbing her bare arms.

"It snowed before Christmas for a change!" Jennifer said with glee.

Juliana listened to the click of her heels as they walked through the slush on the path.

Two posh silver cars drove past them and stopped up the road outside the community hall. It was located near the more barren part of Cobleston. Just a bit further up the road were some old warehouses and factories.

A boy got out of the car followed by Alaina. He helped her out by the hand. Her clones got out, followed by their dates. Alaina had a dark purple dress on.

"God," moaned Jennifer, "talk about global warming."

Juliana covered her mouth and stiffled a laugh as they walked up to the hall. Gina, Jake and Thomas were waiting outside fot them.

Thomas wore a black shirt under a jacket and jeans. Gina had a green dress on. Jake had a dark red shirt and jeans on.

Connie wasn't there. She still hadn't been found. Juliana had gotten a load of people at school to help put up missing person posters.

The two groups came together.

"What took you? It's freezing out here!" Complained Gina.

Alaina stopped outside the entrance.

"Go on in," she said to her date, "we will catch up." Obviously reffering to the girls.

The boys went in. Alaina stormed over to Juliana. The two groups glared at eachother.

"You know," Alaina sneered, "just because your friends were killed, doesn't mean you can parade around screaming at people like a banshee."

"Doesn't mean you can do it either." Jennifer retorted.

Jake sniggered.

"Think that's funny, do you?" Alaina fumed.

While laughing, Jake said, "Yeah, I do actually."

"Fuck the lot of you! I hope you all rot in hell with the rest of your dead friends!" Alaina turned around and stomped off but stopped in shock.

Her date was standing there. He heard everything.

"That was cold," he said, "your sick in the head Alaina. You can forget going in there with me." He turned and went back inside.

Alaina stood and stared at him with awe as he walked inside.

"Hey Alaina!" Jennifer called.

She turned around and a big dripping ball of slush smacked her in the chest. She gasped then screamed and ran off inside with her troope scuttling behind her.

"Talk about defeating a bully!" Cheered Thomas.

"That was good." Said Jennifer while whiping her hands and watching Alaina running away like a crazy person.

"Let's go inside, shall we?" Suggested Juliana.

Everyone linked arms and walked the small length between them and the entrance to the hall.

"Hey guys?" Juliana said. "Let's try and have fun tonight. I know a lot of stuff has happened over the last couple of months, but let's make tonight a good night. A night to remember."

"Here here!" Called Thomas.

Everyone cheered and laughed. They went inside without a care in the world.


The hall was decorated to the full. There was a stage at the far side with two large Christmas trees wrapped in colourful lights, gold and silver tinsel and lots of giant colourful bobbles. Lights were hung up on the walls and bunting zigzaged across the ceiling from wall to wall.

"Wow," gasped Thomas.

"Let's party!" Shouted Jake through the loud music while running onto the dance floor.

The whole group got straight into it. They danced for half and hour straight.

Gina slumped into a chair panting.

"That was fun." She said while looking into a small mirror she pulled out of her hand bag.

Juliana started to walk away, "I'll get some drinks." She called back to her.

Alaina spotted Gina and she and her group walked over. They were much taller in their stilettos, towering over her when they came to a stop.

"What do you want?" Gina spat.

"Hi Gina!" Alaina had the most ridiculous grin on her face, bearing her teeth.

Gina stood up but one the girls shoved her down by her shoulders.

"Hey!" Gina shoved the girls arm away and stood up again.

She was shoved down again. The smile from Alaina's face was gone. She looked disgusted.

"You'd do well to stay where you are." hissed Alaina.

"Get the hell out of the way!" Gina shouted.

She stood up and tried to shove her way through but was shoved violently into the wall. She screamed in pain. People nearby stopped dancing to watch.

Alaina slapped Gina across the face hard. She screamed again and held her now burning red cheek.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Shouted Juliana while putting the drinks in a chair.

Alaina's group parted to let her through. Now that the attention was diverted, Gina stood up and ran straight out of the hall, crying her eyes out.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Alaina?" Juliana pushed through the group, almost knocking Alaina to the ground, to go after Gina. She grabbed her hand bag on the way out.

Jennifer stormed over in a rage.

"You just can't help yourself, can you?" She yelled at Alaina.

Alaina laughed, "So? You couldn't help yourself when you were slaughtering your so called friends at that crap excuse for a party."

That pushed Jennifer over the edge. She clenched her hand into a fist and smacked Aliana in the face.

Alaina was thrown backwards and hit the ground. Jennifer's knuckles cracked.

Alaina's goons went for Jennifer.

"Get off me!" She screamed as they grabbed her and pulled her hair.

She elbowed one of them in the face and punched another in the stomach. One of them scratched her cheek. The pain stung and the cut began to bleed.

"Hey! Get off her!" Bellowed Jake as he and Thomas ran over to help.

Jake pulled a girl off her and pushed her away. She stumbled across the floor and fell. Thomas grabbed another by the arm. She turned and hissed something at him then scuttled away.

One of the teachers there to supervise things came over.

"Stop this now!" He shouted. "Right, you lot," he said to Alaina and her lot, "over there and you," to Jennifer and co, "over there."

They were now separated. They were on opposite sides of the hall. Everyone had stopped dancing to watch the confrontation.

"I'm gonna kill her!" Sneered Jennifer.


Juliana walked outside and looked around. She spotted Gina attempting to run through the slush in her heels.

"Gina! Gina wait!" Juliana made an attempt to run too and the memory of Gina calling after her that night came rushing back and made her heart race.

Gina ran into an old warehouse. It took Juliana a couple of minutes to get to the warehouse. The large metal door was left ajar by Gina. Juliana went inside.

The place was dark, but after a few minutes of looking into nothingness, her eyes ajusted and she could see a bit better.

"Gina Where are you?" She called into the darkness.

The warehouse was large and had a tall ceiling. There were big square cubicles, about the size of a small bathroom. Some of them had machines in them while others were empty. It was like some sort of sweat shop.

Juliana was about to call out again when a noise tore through the air.

A terrified shiek came from further down the aisle of cubicles. It was Gina. Juliana jumped in fright. She fumbled around in her hand bag and whipped out her mobile and dialed 999.

It rang for a couple of moments then a woman answered.

"Hello? Emergency services. Which service would you like?"

"Police please. My friend Gina Collins has gone missing," her hands were shaking and her breathing was rapid, "and I think it has something to do with the mass m-mur..." she found it difficult to say the word, "murder at Summerville Lane."

"Okay. The police will be on their way. Sit tight." The woman hung up.

Juliana took a step forward. Something metal rattled up a head and someone stepped out of a cubicle. It was very dark, but Juliana knew exactly who it was.

She could hear sobbing coming from the cubicle he stepped out of.

"W-what..." Juliana couldn't form a sentence.

He began to walk slowly towards her. Gina screamed something but it was muffled and unintelligible like something was covering her mouth.

"What do you want?" Fear strangled Juliana's voice.


Juliana forgot how to breath. Then she sucked in air.

"How do you know my name?!" She blurted out.

He walked forward into the moonlight that shined in from one of the large old windows.

He took off his black mask. No. It can't be. The light brown hair. The hazel eyes.

"Juliana," he said again, "I'm your brother."

To be continued...