Sighing, Kara wadded up her assignment and threw it at the trash. Unfortunately for Kara, she wasn't a good shot. Therefore, it really didn't surprise her when the paper wad hit Cody in the forehead. It didn't really surprise him, either.

"Something wrong, Kara?" he asked, picking the paper up from the floor and throwing it over his shoulder without looking. Kara snorted in amusement when the paper wad flew into the basket. Only Cody could do that without looking, she thought, surveying her best friend, who also just happened to be the captain of the basketball team.

"Just trying to find the right things to say," Kara sighed again, pulling out another sheet of paper and drumming the end of her pen against the kitchen table. A few minutes passed in silence before she groaned loudly and dropped her head to the table dramatically. A few more minutes passed before she heard Cody's soft chuckling. Pulling her head off the table, she gave him her best death glare. "Just what's so funny?!"

Cody struggled to compose himself. "It's just…I guess….I find it hard to believe that you, who 'accidentally' bumped into the punchbowl at prom and spilled it all over Melissa Hartgrave and who just 'happened' to trip over Brady Johnson's science diorama and ruin it, are having trouble writing about your most memorable experience," he laughed. "Honestly, Kara, is there anything you've managed to not break?"

"Hey, you know that Melissa deserved that! And what happened with Brady, well, it was almost unintentional," Kara admitted, feeling a smile form on her face. Her smile widened when Cody grinned. I love how his eyes sparkle like that, she thought before she rolled her eyes. As if. Cody was clever, but he wasn't that clever…she hoped.

"Do you need some help?" he asked, pushing his finished English assignment aside. "I'm already done."

"Show-off," Kara mocked. But looking down at her blank paper, she knew that she could use all the help she could get. She sighed. "Fine…I could use the help," she admitted.

Smirking and shaking his head at her stubbornness, Cody dragged his chair over and sat beside her. "You've got nothing?" he asked, looking at her in shock.

"I can't think of anything really memorable to me! I mean, obviously, I could write about Melissa or Brady; but I don't really want to have a price out on my head! Besides, everyone knows how clumsy I am. Even Mrs. Smithson would give me a low grade for writing about that!" she insisted.

"Fine, then. We won't write about the tripping and falling," Cody agreed. "But…what would be memorable to you? I mean, you've lived in the same town your whole life, your parents are both alive and well, and you don't have any brothers or sisters…you know, you're kinda boring," he teased.

Pouting, she nudged him with her shoulder. "You're mean," she complained, a light smile touching her lips. "What would be memorable to you?"

"Kara, I'm not gonna let you copy off my paper," he warned, raising an eyebrow at her.

"You know I'd never do that!" she protested, crossing her arms.

"Whatever," Cody rolled his eyes, leaning back in his chair and thinking. "Well, my first basketball game," he paused when Kara snorted again, "killing you, or…the first time I kissed someone," he admitted, turning slightly red.

"What?" Kara asked, wincing at the sharp sound of her voice. "Who did you kiss without telling me?" she asked, not quite so loudly this time.

"Well, she was actually pretty hot," he chuckled, ignoring the glare on Kara's face. "See, she had this really long, sandy blonde hair and these really wide, really dark blue eyes. But the best part was, whenever she caught my eye, she would trip and knock someone over," he laughed.

"Sounds like a head case," Kara said, trying to ignore her heart's rapid beating as he leaned closer to her. "Kinda like me."

"She is a head case, kinda like you," Cody smiled, his face only inches from Kara's. At this distance, she could see all three pigments in his bright green eyes.

"Wha- What's her name?" Kara asked, swallowing with difficulty. She couldn't breathe, but she was loving it.

"What's in a name?" Cody quoted, cupping her face in his hand. "That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet."

"Cody," Kara sighed, leaning into his hand. "What's her name?"

"Kara," Cody whispered before touching his lips to hers. "Kara," he repeated in between each feather-light kiss. Kara put a finger to his lips after five times of that and smiled at him.

"Shut up," she instructed before kissing him again, this time not letting him pull away. When they both came up for air, she leaned her forehead against his and smiled at him again. "Cody, you are…"

"Incredible? Amazing? The best thing in your life?" he teased, his smile lighting up his eyes.

"Full of it," Kara smiled. "Thank you for the help."

"More than happy to help," Cody said, handing her a pen. "Now, hurry up and write, cause I want to do that again."

"You are so full of it!" Kara laughed, wadding up her paper and hitting him smack on the forehead again.