A/N: Just wanted to say sorry about the lack of updates. Kinda trying to get inspired again, but I promise I will get there! For now, just wanted to write a little something for the holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to anyone who happens to read this! Btw, thought the names in this chapter were only appropriate considering the season…

Pulling her blanket closer around her, Mary smiled at the view outside her window. A fresh layer of snow covered the ground, and icicles were lining the gutters. The blow-up Santa and nativity scene in her yard were coated in snow, and there were even patches of mistletoe in the tree in her front yard. The tree was lit and shining, and there were presents stacked under it. Thankfully, they had started saving up money earlier in the year. Her house was toasty and warm. Only two things were missing…

"Mommy, wake up! Wake up, it's Christmas!" her son, James, yelled from the back of the house. Quickly scarfing down the last of Santa's milk, she turned and smiled at her three-year-old son. His spiky black hair was sticking up in five different directions, but his blue eyes were wide and excited. If possible, they got even brighter when he saw the almost empty plate of cookies. "Santa came!" he yelled, dashing over to her.

Grinning at the look on his face, she handed him the last cookie. "That he did. But it looks like he left you the last one!"

"Can I eat it now, or do I have to wait?" he asked, looking at the tree. Mary almost laughed. Her son had a serious sweet tooth.

"Well, since it's Christmas, you can have it now," she winked.

"Yay! Thanks, Mommy!" he yelled, before hugging her legs. "Pick me up," he asked, stretching out his arms.

"I'll take care of that," a rich baritone said before scooping James up. Squealing in delight, James started laughing when the man put him sideways under his arm. " Mommy can't pick you up until she has the baby," Joseph said, placing his hand on Mary's stomach. She placed her hand over his and let herself drown in his dark brown eyes. "Hi," he said, placing a light kiss on her lips. Mary's breath left her lungs.

"Hi," she gasped, blushing furiously. Joseph ran a hand over her cheek before swinging James over his shoulder and padding into the kitchen. Mary watched him go before pinching her arm to bring herself back to reality. This was ridiculous. They had been married for eleven months, but she was still reacting like the first day she had met him. Mary had met him about a year after the death of her first husband, Ben, from cancer. She missed Ben, but she knew that he would have wanted a good man to raise their son; and Joseph was one of the best she had ever met. He had been there in the difficult times, when she had almost sunk down into her own grief and pain. But he had helped her pull through it, both for her son and for herself. Their first kiss had been platonic, a celebration of sorts; but after a long night of thinking and soul-searching, she had known that she wanted more. He had too, it turned out. Each kiss had turned more passionate, and before she knew it he was down on one knee. They had been married the next month. And the year that followed had been the best of her life.

"Hey," he called across the room, bringing her out of her reverie, "are you hungry for eggs or bacon?"

Shaking her head, she placed a hand on her stomach and laughed. "I think he wants both."

Crossing the room in three strides, he placed his hand over hers and gazed into her eyes. "Are you feeling okay?" he asked. He had had the unfortunate job of holding her hair back during the early months of morning sickness. And he had been the one to witness the endless mood swings of the middle months. Lately he had been the only one to have the endless job of being James's horsie. Not to mention the only one to carry anything heavy, including James.

Sighing dramatically, she put a hand to her forehead. "No, I'm not ok. I can't fit into my little black dress, Joseph. I can't pick up my own socks. I can't tie my shoes. I can't even squish myself into my skinny jeans anymore. You did this to me!" she mock-lamented, pointing at her stomach.

Grinning lazily, Joseph started kissing his way up her neck. "Hmm, way I recall it, you weren't complaining when I put it there," he mumbled. Mary sighed when he kissed the spot behind her ear. "Charmer," she whispered before his mouth found hers in a passionate kiss.

"Thank you for this," he whispered when they finally came up for air. "I don't know where I would be without you."

"Thank you for this," she chuckled, placing his hand on her stomach. "Without you…I don't know where we would be. I love you."

"I love you too. Merry Christmas," he smiled before taking her hand and leading her into the kitchen.