Ugly Face

I always thought that face was unbecoming of you.
I mean how your lips would raise up to reveal your terrifying smile,
How jagged, sharp, crusted and yellow your teeth were,
The rotted food smell that was your breath,
That horrible gurgling noise that came from your throat,
The weird unnatural way your nose used to twist to the side,
And the spark of hate in your eyes.
That was your ugly face and it was unbecoming of a lady.

That is not who you are.
You were my sweetest Desiree.
Even at your last moments you was Desiree.
You would give sweet kisses under my lips,
And you always made this weird gurgling noise when you did.
You had a special way of calling my name when I came in.
Even when you were sick,
You casted your spell, and I couldn't resist
But every now and then you would show your ugly face.
When someone you didn't like would walk by; there it was.
You even would jump out of a deep sleep to show your ugly face.
I remember I used to say, "Stop showing your ugly face."
And then you would just look at me,
Like you used to do.

It's funny what we remember about somethings.
For Desiree I remember her charm, energy, love,
how her tail curls when she was petted,
and her ugly face.