A day entwined with
Guilt and laughter
Feeling free under your eyes
My intentions forbidden and in disguise

I feel the connection reinforcing
Gambling for your thoughts
Finally able to say
I've fallen in love with you today

I'm sure she didn't understand
When she directed your words elsewhere
I've felt this weight for half a year
Only finding relief when you are near

Your existence is paramount beauty
The world is too ignorant to see it
Even she who unknowingly tried
Watching your eyes flicker, I could have cried

We play with this fire of age
I dance and burn under that look
I've felt too much now to turn away
And there is so much more left to say

For all these hidden words encrypted into action
I won't back down and retreat into doubt
I realise now you mean enough to me
To stand up and fight to set this free.

Dedicated to Nokia 2, who I will fight for in silence.