Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Psychological

Rating: M

Warning(s): Possible Historical Flaws, Racial Slurs, Violence, Rape

Forbidden Slave

By: Lain Alastair

1. Her descent into darkness

Deshawn pierced me with his glare, "I'm tired of just kissing, and if you truly love me... you'd let me."

I anticipated those words, the perfect counter to my objection. He had a good point, if you love someone what's so horrible about having sex with them, isn't that the whole purpose? Yet in my entire fifteen years alive I never thought my first time would be in a parking lot, cramped inside a car that had a strange smell. His hand inched towards my leg; I tightly shut my eyes waiting for his cold fingers. He leaned over and pressed his lips against my neck, my heart raced, my body shook.

"Relax," He whispered but everything felt wrong, this is wrong.

I flinched as he pushed his body onto mine, his strong cologne engulfed me, and I quickly pulled away.

"I'm... I'm not ready," I muttered, the three words he hated most, "Can't we just... wait?" His glare intensified, he quickly pulled his hand back.

"You don't love me," He grumbled.

"Deshawn... I can't," I managed to say, the car filled with an eerie silence.

"Get out," He finally spoke.

"But, Deshawn," I murmur.

"Jordan, get the hell out," He repeated, "your house is only a block away."

"But... I-It's late," I quickly say my eyes glistened with tears, "Tell me this doesn't mean you're breaking up with me, please." He turned, his brown eyes felt like they were searching my soul.

"Maybe... it all depends on you," He told me, I tightly gripped the seatbelt, he's breaking off five months of a relationship because I won't have sex with him. I slowly opened the door feeling the cool air cover my legs then hurried to the sidewalk, I watched as he drove off, the green car rumbled. The moon lit up my path as I hurried home; I blinked away tears as the wind hit me.

It's just sex, you might as well, my thoughts told me.

"But... isn't it supposed to mean something..." I stopped beside an empty park, the wind pushed the swings, and my eyes suddenly flew to the street where a gold light sparkled.

"What's... that?" I looked both ways for any vehicles then ran towards the light. Expecting to see a broken cell phone I gasped at the sight of a gold ring with a large purple gem.

"So... pretty," I feel bad for whoever lost this, I cupped it in my hands before placing it in my pocket, "Maybe... Deshawn was going to give me this."


Maybe you should," Tanaka answered, "Deshawn is the cutest guy in school, any girl would love to be in your shoes," I gazed at the blue wall as Tanaka's words echoed in my head.

"Jordan... hello?" Tanaka called; I pulled the phone closer to my ear.

"Sorry... I just don't feel... ready," I reached into my pocket for the ring, "I love him though and I don't want to break up."

I heard Tanaka sigh, "It's just sex... right?" I got up from the bed and went to the tall mirror, it hung next to my dresser. I touched my brown face hints of make-up were still visible, my long hair messily hung from my ponytail.

"Tanaka, I'll call you tomorrow," I say before touching the END button.

"Why am I wearing this?" I tried to pull down the red mini-skirt that barely left anything to the imagination; if mom sees me in this she'll kill me. Before I begun to take off my clothes I peered at the small ring, I wonder if I can fit this?

"I should try it on," I gazed at my hand before slowly placing the ring on my index finger, "Wow... a perfect fit," I looked back at the mirror my reflection suddenly became blurry.

"Huh?" I touched my head as everything blackened.

"What's... happening?!" A cold wind rushed into my room as my surroundings twisted, I screamed feeling my body spiral into the darkness, until it ended with my face in a pile of... snow.

"Snow?" I struggled to push off the ground feeling the sun's blare, "But it's night... time." I slowly brought my hand to my mouth, where am I? The scenery reminded me of a picture out of a history book; carriages pulled by large horses, ranches nestled beside each other, and long rows of empty fields sprinkled with snow. A crowd of women wearing high waisted dresses gazed at me... in shock?

"Where am I?" I muttered, brushing the snow off my legs, what just happened?! I suddenly heard the sound of footsteps crushing the snow, my eyes led me to the image of a tall man coming towards me. His golden hair reflected the sunlight it neatly rested in a low ponytail, his face featured high cheekbones, a straight nose, and pink full lips it almost appeared feminine. His eyes sparkled like emeralds; a brilliant green, he wore a tight jacket with two rows of ornamental buttons that ascended over the shoulders, and ankle-length trousers that buttoned over the jacket. He's beautiful but what's he wearing... it's like something from the 1800s... is this a theme town? I quickly rose from the ground, he was only a few inches away from me.

"Excuse me sir, can you--" The man swung his hand impacting with my face, I tumbled on the ground.

"Speak when you're spoken to, girl," He hissed, "Where's your master?"

My heart nearly stopped.


Did he just say master?

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