Chapter One


"What are you wearing!?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as my twin brother descended down the wooden winding staircase. I thought we were identical physically, and inverted personality wise. My brother and I always wore different colour variations of the same outfits, his more bright, mine dapper and dull. "TJ, Dad's coming, you know. He might just see you in that abomination of an outfit."

"So?" TJ cocked one platinum blonde eyebrow over his aquamarine eye. He propped one slim arm up on his hip and smirked. Even though we were identical mirror twins, I didn't understand how he worked his body so well and attracted girls even though he was playing for the other team. "Dad doesn't understand what I told him when he last came."

As my impossibly gay brother walked down the rest of the stairs I stood there open mouthed. TJ was wearing a white v-neck shirt splattered with pink and purple hearts, black track pants that clung to him in all the right places for a girl (all wrong for boys), and he was holding our older sister's zebra print purse like it was his. "Nice outfit." He said, pursing his lips. Are my eyes deceiving me or was that lip gloss?

I looked down at my grey and black long sleeve t-shirt and baggy black jeans. "Thank you, Rupaul." I growled. TJ flipped me off while shifting his bangs from one side of his head to the other. Yup, it was lip gloss.

It's not like I have a problem with TJ being gay. In fact when Dad isn't around, no one would ever guess TJ was gay. He rocked the St. Vladimir of Kiev's letterman jacket knowing he belonged on the football team. He was as sporty, physical and toned as it got. He was all alpha male at school. As soon as Dad came knocking, the gayness started rocking. It went from not even mentioning his love life to making out with his boyfriend conveniently right at the moment Dad walked in.

Junie, my little sister waddled out of her room wearing a pink Hannah Montana t-shirt. She was the only one of us who had brown hair in the family, besides Dad. She got Mom's face features, Dad's slim and tall body and his curly brown hair. "Is Daddy here yet? I have to give him my Christmas list." When she saw the look I was giving her, she flicked the thick booklet with her pudgy fingers. "Newly revised."

"Ugh." I groaned as I scurried down the stairs. Junie was so selfish sometimes, but so were all of the kids who were favoured by Mom. When Mom and Dad divorced, I was the only he took with him. Dad raised me under his own rules, and I grew up to be the most mild mannered one in the house. I didn't stay separated for my twin brother for very long, I returned for the rest of my childhood.

Mom was scrunching her hair in the bathroom mirror. I know Mom is pretty, but I hate when my friends call her a MILF. I've heard my friends joking about wanting to have more then a little talk after being over for dinner at my house. It really gets on my nerves. Mom had just cut her blonde hair into a sleek bob and dyed it a chestnut brown. Her blue eyes sparkled under the shade of her bangs. Her eyes-lashes were long and almost cast shadows on her elegant cheek bones. She was wearing a white ruffled blouse and a black pencil skirt. I guess she was trying to show Dad that she was back and better then ever even if she didn't have a boyfriend. "Ryan-honey, can you spruce up the living room? Amelie littered it with those teen magazines."

I nodded and shuffled into the living room. TJ was sitting on the couch, loudly clapping his gum. He was running his fingers over the picture of Taylor Lautner, in one of the magazines. I didn't know if it was acting or him being sincere; and that was scary. "TJ, can you stop drooling for, like, five seconds and help me clean up?"

"Don't get your panties in a knot because I'm gay, I can get any boy or girl in the school, yet your straight and you have the same face as me and you STILL haven't had a girlfriend." TJ knew how to burn me in the worse ways.

"TJ I hate you so much sometimes." I snatched the magazine out of his hands and gathered the rest up. TJ came out to himself about being gay last December, but came out to us during the beginning of high school. Ever since he announced he was gay, Mom or Dad didn't believe him and excused his sexuality as confusion. Which is why he acts all super gay when Dad rolls around.

At first, I couldn't believe TJ was gay, but as I continued to watch him, it became evident. Whenever he had a girlfriend everything was just so wierd and forced. The way he fawned over guys and kissed his boyfriend made me realize the truth soon enough. The eyeliner was the push to the other side as well.

The doorbell rang and I stuffed the magazines into the oak shelf next to the TV. "Daddy!" Junie and TJ screamed in unison. TJ ran so much faster then Junie, being a well seasoned soccer player. Junie was a chubby little ten year old. You can imagine how the scene played out.

TJ pulled the glossy white door open, his arms spread out wide. "Daddy!" Dad's green eyes went wider then dinner plates the moment he laid eyes on TJ's…er…..'creative outfit'.

I groaned. TJ had put on his gay accent, just for the occasion. Mom was shuffling out of the washroom now, she had that poised look on. As if she was trying to show Dad she was still kicking and the biological clock hadn't started ticking for her since the divorce. Knowing her, she'd have a new boyfriend before Christmas.

Amelie, our older sister, was still talking the night away to her boyfriend Greg. TJ had confided in me secretly that he knew Greg was bisexual. I asked him how and the look he gave me and the way he clenched his fingers will stay burned into my memory forever; "Hands on experience."

Jackson Edouard stepped into the living room, his green eyes going wide as he surveyed the room. The look he got when he crossed TJ was such an indescribable mix of confusion and shame I couldn't even bring myself to describe it. "Junie-Bug!" Even though he was a muscular man, he struggled as he lifted Junie in the air.

"What's up, Dad?" I raised my hand in a weak little wave. Though I didn't mean it, Dad grabbed my hand and gave me an intense handshake. He then wrapped me in a hug. "So how's high school, Ryan?"
"What about me Daddy?" TJ interjected himself as soon as we broke out of our hug. His hands were poised on his hips again. Can someone get me a blindfold before I gouge my eyes out with a fork? "Daddy, I realized something when I started high school." He didn't waste a moment before delivering the bomb of his speech. "I'm gay."

Dad ruffled Toshiro's white blonde hair. "Teej, I know you're confused. You told me last time I was over." He pushed TJ out of the way and gave Mom a kiss on the cheek. Dad looked the same as he did the last time I saw him. Intense, constantly smiling with his green eyes, (Thanks Tyra Banks) curly brown hair and that crooked smile TJ and I both had.

TJ's face turned red and his eyes flamed. He opened his mouth as if he was going to say something, but he shut his mouth. "I'm going to get Amelie."
Dad nodded, and his brown curls bobbed. "You should. That girl is so introverted. Always in her room and away from the crowd. The only person that can bring her out of her spell is that little boy Greg."

Greg Ivory was Amelie's boyfriend of three years. He was impossibly good looking and the Junior football team Quarter-back. Oddly enough, he had been experimenting with his sexuality and chose TJ to experiment with. It all started when he accidentally locked himself in the school's broom closet with TJ, and now he was cheating on Amelie. I would tell my older sister, but TJ is way stronger then me. He'd probably strangle me with his FCUK scarf.

"You missed didn't give me anything good last year for my birthday, so I'm expecting something really good this year. Right?" Junie that selfish little brat squealed. She clapped her meaty hands together. Her extensive 10 page Christmas list was tucked into Dad's coat pocket. She looked up at Dad. Her eyes had become glossy, pools of selfish hope.

Dad held hands with Junie as we walked over to the dinner table. Mom was setting out chicken Alfredo noodles, with a bittersweet smile on her face. Mom and Dad loved each other a lot four years ago, but their love wasn't enough for them stay together, Even for Amelie, TJ, Junie and I.

TJ's face was sour as he pushed his noodles around, he was having a hard time fighting his smile. It was obvious Amelie was texting under the dinner table. Her blonde bangs making a curtain in front of her face.

"Dad, seriously," TJ prompted. His knuckles were white as he held his fork. "I am gay." The table erupted in laughter.

It was one of the most normal dinners the Milton-Edouard family had in a long time.

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