Chapter Twenty-Three

TJ or Taylor Jude

I was dreaming, I knew I was, but I didn't want to wake up just yet. It was what most would call 'Lucid Dreaming'. I don't know when the dream went from being uncontrolled to my own creation but the dream started out exactly how I wanted it too. I was sitting on the white leather couch downstairs in the living room, sipping a cup of spiced hot chocolate. The front door opened and there walked in the boy with the amber eyes.

He glided toward me and kissed me on the cheek. He held my face in his hands and whispered softly, "TJ, I've loved you ever since I first laid eyes on you."

"Oh whatever your name is." I moaned. He sat down on the couch next to me, and I intertwined our fingers. "Kiss me!"He leaned toward me slowly but surely. His naturally red lips puckered and I thought I might just die. He was too beautiful.

"TJ! TJ! Check the chicken!" Someone was yelling. I would've known that hoarse voice anywhere! Ryan! Why did you have to ruin everything?!

I looked around the dream living room, but I couldn't see him. "Check the chicken! TJ, it's going to burn!" Ryan was screaming like a lunatic now.

"I guess I'll leave now. Check the chicken and call me later." The boy said. He got up, but not before he kissed me on my hand.

"Wait! There is no chicken! I don't even have your number! WAIT!" I screamed.

My eyes popped open, and I was back in my room. I groaned, What a horrible dream! I smacked my hand to my forehead and sighed.

"TJ! Check the chicke-" The voice was here in real life too. I whipped my head around to see Ryan all curled up and comfy, there with me in my bed. His eyes were closed and he had a soft smile on.

I could've shook him awake like a good brother would do, but I decided for a more humorous means. I grabbed the decorative throw-pillow next to me and snickered. I placed it over Ryan's face and waited.

"AH! HOLY CHICKEN! TJ, what the fuck man! I almost died!" Ryan shot up like a rocket the moment he couldn't breath. He was grabbing his heart and blinking his eyes like a fish out of water.

I was chuckling now, grinning at him happily. "You ruined my dream." I folded my arms over my chest and nestled my head further into the pillow.

Ryan laid back down next to me. "I was dreaming about delicious chicken, and you just had to wake me up?" His long white blonde hair was an absolute mess. It was sticking up in all kinds of directions. His eyes were still heavily lidded, like he didn't want to wake up just yet.

"Why are you in my bed?" I asked, but I already knew the answer. He must've been feeling lonely. The fact that Ryan and I slept together would remain a family secret. My friends took it hard enough already that I was gay, let alone the fact that I slept with my brother.

"I was cold." He said with a smile. He tossed a casual glance over his shoulder. "That Adam Lambert poster wasn't making my insomnia any better anyways."

"Don't hate appreciate!" I smacked Ryan on the arm. We both chuckled for a little, then when we calmed down, I spoke. "You came home pretty quickly from Daniel's house last night."

Ryan bit his lip. "It's kind of a long story." He pulled the sheets over his head, and peeked out at me from between the covers and the pillow.

"I'm not going anywhere." I persisted. I grabbed the sheets from Ryan to cover my uncovered feet. Ryan held fast to his share.

"I promised not to tell. I bet I'll be able to tell you one day, and when that day comes, you'll be the first to know." Ryan assured me. He ran his hand through his hair and sighed. Exhaling his morning breath all into my face. "Dude! You know that cute girl we saw in the hallway!?"Ryan always said dude or man, whenever he got overexcited.

"Yeah, continue." I nodded."Okay, so she let me give her a tour of the school! Dude, she even asked for my number. Even if that was for her to call me just in case she needed extra help, she has my number! She told me she just moved here to Canada and you'll never guess where she lives!"

I couldn't have been next door, because both of our neighbours hadn't had for sale signs up or anything. The Rogers family in front of us moved out last week, but I didn't pay it any mind.

"She lives across the road from us! Dude, across the road! I told Mom and Mom told me that she invited them over for dinner, as a way of saying welcome to the neighbourhood. She has an older brother you know. Maybe you might be interested?" Ryan told me, beaming widely.

Mom was rather nosy. I bet the only reason why she invited the family over was so that she could find out as much information as possible. Mom knew about everyone on the street. Last summer someone was moving out of their house and mom had to put on Grandma's red bob and pretended to be a different woman just to try and find out dirt about these people. It's beyond nosy; it's bordering stalker.

I wanted to tell Ryan that the only boy my heart yearned for was the boy with the amber eyes, but like I was ever going to see him again. Anyways, there were a lot of fish in the sea, and who was I to hold back? "Tonight?""Tomorrow night." Ryan finished. He ruffled my hair and bounced around on my bed on his knees. "TJ, I think I'm in love!" His aqua blue eyes were brightened with happiness. I don't remember the last time Ryan was so crazy about his crush, since the first time he had a crush. I wanted Ryan to be happy, and I was going to help him to the best of my ability to get him together with her.

I smiled.

"Do I look cute in this outfit?" I asked Junie as I glanced at myself in the mirror, a day later. The D'Epinay's were going to arrive in about half and hour. I was wearing a black v-neck t-shirt, a pair of white baggy skinny jeans and a grey high collared grey knit sweater.

"How am I supposed to know?" Junie was tying her curly brown hair into two ponytails. She was wearing a sparkly pink baby doll dress. "Do you think they have a girl my age?"

I shrugged. I walked into the hallway and spotted Amelie brushing her golden coloured hair in her full-length mirror. I saw her blue eyes flick over to me, but she pretended she never saw me. Her eyes were like pieces of ice.

"Hi Amelie." I strolled slowly into her room, trying to avoid her eyes. I was afraid I'd look into those eyes and see the pain I caused her. "I...I uh broke up with Greg. I know this isn't going to make things any better, but I did it for you and I just wanted to let you know." I stuffed my hands in my pockets and looked up at her, trying to fight back the tears I could feel coming on.

Amelie looked at me and inhaled deeply. "I forgave you a long time ago, TJ." She said, she continued to brush her hair. She combed her golden hair a little bit more, then she put the brush down. "If it wasn't for you, I guess I still would've been with that cheater. It's better you then some beautiful girl...."

I wanted to cry. She forgave me? How could she after all of the things I've put her through? There was a lump in my throat. The lump that came before crying. I would've cried, if I didn't have to be seen with my red newborn gerbil eyes. I grabbed her in a hug. I could already feel the sobs coming on. Amelie hugged me tighter and I allowed a tear to slip on my cheek.

The doorbell sounded and Ryan and I raced to the door. Mom was setting the table and fluffing her hair at the same time. She was prancing around the kitchen like a little doe.

Ryan and I grabbed the doorknob at the same time and we both gave each other a knowing smile. We pulled open the door at the same time, and I almost fainted.

There he was, the boy with the amber eyes. He was holding a large brown fruit-cake in his hands. His tall mother and his stocky father behind him. Suzan, Ryan's crush was buttoned up to her neck in a red tweed coat.

The boy's amber eyes glittered under his chocolate brown bangs. I felt my face reddening. The boy's eyes widened as he began to recognize me. "You're the boy I bumped into!" He cried with a wide smile. It felt like a fairy-tale, his beautiful features illuminated by the white softly falling snow. I was so sure I was never going to see him again, but there he was shining in all of his brunet glory. A smile graced my lips and I even felt the tips of my fingers tingling. I wanted to see more of Lucien. I wasn't just going to be satisfied with an occasional hi every now and again. I wanted to know his favourite colour, birthday and even his favourite food. I wanted him.

"Welcome to our street." I said, not even knowing what I was saying. At that moment, nothing existed except me and the boy with amber eyes. I felt like warm-maple syrup was filling up my heart. What were the odds that I would ever see him again? I looked at the boy, gazing straight into his amber eyes. I gave him a small smile, and he smiled back that naughty grin.

"Oh! Hello! TJ, sweet-heart, take the fruit cake from him." Mom put a loving hand on my shoulder and looked down at me. Things hadn't been quite the same with me and her ever since I got caught with Greg, but she couldn't stay mad at me forever. She squeezed my shoulder, looked at the boy then looked at me. "That's their son Lucien, he's just one year older then you."

Lucien lifted his hand in a wave as soon as I took the massive cake away from him. I moved out of the way to let the D'Epinay family in. Mrs. D'Epinay was chatting with Mom about what a pain moving was at the end of a recession. Mr. D'Epinay was holding onto Mrs. D'Epinay as if mom was about to pull a lesbian move any moment now. Ryan was telling Suzan about how hard it was to move through the hallway, while Junie was showing Suzan one of her many dolls.

"So I'm guessing you move go to St. Vladimir of Kiev's too?" I said to Lucien. For once in a while, things felt like they might be alright. It was that blissful feeling I got when I was little. Spongebob Square pants was on, my homework was done and my room was clean. For that moment, I didn't have anything to worry about right now. Could things be finally going perfect?

I looked over at Ryan and gave him a coy wink.

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