You assured me that lightning doesn't strike the same place twice
But here I am paralysed not for the second time but for a
Shameful third time because I was too stubborn to
Ask for help exterior to my pride that clung onto every
Deceptive word that tumbled out of your unsuspecting mouth

And you knew so well that I could never cope with the pressure of
Surviving in such an elegant place with the attitude of a tramp
No matter how much I pushed myself to believe otherwise,
Yet you had the inspiration from the devil to violate my good intentions and
Vulnerability so that I couldn't discover my true calling for your personal gain

But even though you've now abandoned me in fear of retaliation,
I cry into the breeze that I'll someday bite myself out of these ropes
Which bind me to this dying tree then follow the fallen crimson petals of
Your past character until I am looking through the binoculars that reveal yourself
To me once again and I swear I'll have the ability to forgive you at that moment

However, I'm currently only able to play the role of gardener and before
Planting the seeds of any new dreams within my heart, I must connect myself to
The promise that I will never get painted into the corner of anyone's darkroom again
As a source of revitalising this currently ensanguished and stunned existence
And I just grasp onto belief that this message in the wind will reach you soon...