I'm dying.

My heart beat slams into the windshield of my chest,
as my body rocks into a morsel of eternity
I would ask you for more(more) but your lips tell me
you've already heard it once before
Or twice before
Or thrice before, I forget, again
It's hard to keep count of all the nights we'd sneak off
and kill each other with whispers of the star cross'd
Life gurgling in your throat while I kiss
and make it better (or for worse)

Oh, ba-by -
It's alright, I know
You've never failed to have the worst of intentions
up and down your sleeve

Right about now I can hear a mother's words
as you circle that sweet poison 'round the fingers of my tongue
They only want one thing.

Yes, I'm pretty sure
But can it be so bad that I happen to want it too?