It was falling upon night in the warm summer sea
And the sun was slowly dying
It breathed its last breath in a prismatic plea
And then 'round the world it went flying

A fish, who had watched as the sun slowly went
Observed the swift rise of the moon
He mused that the moon seemed utterly bent
Upon cov'ring the day with dark gloom

It seemed to this fish that the moon was too proud
Its smile was just a façade
Its purpose seemed more to throw out a shroud
And the fish found this very odd

He swam to the crest of the waves with intent
To question the smug silver moon
He asked why it had, with a smile so content
Followed its sister so soon

He wanted to know why the moon's shifty eyes
Never quite met with his own
And if the glow was just a disguise
To hide a darkness unknown

The fish also queried about the moon's face
And why it was changed day to day
He thought it was fickle, and was this the case?
Why not just with one face stay?

With a cough and a smile, the moon looked down
And answered with questions instead
It asked why the fish had scales so brown
And why it had none on its head

The moon asked the fish why his fins were so short
And critiqued his wide, beady eyes
It said that his gills did appearance distort
And questioned his long oval size

With a sting in his heart, the fish went away
Appalled at the cold of the moon
He vowed that beneath the sea he would stay
While the white orb above him did loom

He watched o'er and o'er the sun's slow descent
The colors that ebbed in the sky
And when morning came and darkness went
Through the air he would fly

But when night came and the moon showed its face
He stayed far away from its bloom
He never forgot its lack of good grace
And ne'er again did he speak to the moon


This was inspired by a paragraph in Forgotten. (No, not her dream) I know, random.