His bony-white fingers reached toward me, stretching and straining against resistance encountered by the remains of his own arm as it lodged itself solidly between two rusted iron bars.

This is impossible. He should be dead!

I guess somebody forgot to tell him that.

That isn't helping! What do I do?

I don't know!

Standing there with our hearts racing, our eyes frantically darting, and our breathing rapid, we couldn't move; our feet were paralyzed, our legs were locked. We were too scared to run.

His grasping, skeletal hand reached out, ever closer.

A scream.


It filled my ears, reverberated off the stony, gray walls, and violently shook my body even as I trembled with terror. Wide-eyed, I stared at him. His gruesome, bloodshot eyes stared back at me, and he grinned.

I ran.

A scream.


I looked back, but there was no life left in her. And now he was coming for me.

The door!

I ran to the heavy iron door and wrenched it violently in the wrong direction even as I heard his uneven footfalls close in from behind me. He was catching up! He was going to kill me! He would kill me like he killed her! I had to open the door!

The handle depressed, and I swung it toward me as fast as I could, racing forward, blindly running, running, running…


Bony-white fingers reached toward me, stretching and straining as I twisted desperately aside. There were more of them! There were more!

Heart pounding in terror, breathing labored, head frighteningly dizzy—I ran on. But, no! There was another one there to meet me!

Turning behind me…still another!

I couldn't move. They were all around me, enclosing, reaching, grasping, tearing, biting, slashing, killing.

Bony-white fingers reached for my throat.

And all was quiet.