Part 9:


With adorations, fertile tears,

With groans that thunder love, with sighs of fire.




So warm.

A calm had taken over Fuji as he rested in bed. Slowly opening his eyes, the nightstand beside his bed came into view. A curved, blue shape rested on the stand.

The bottle.

Fuji jolted up fast enough to pain the muscles in his stomach. He reached for the bottle but hesitated instead of grasping it. Had it been there the whole time? No. Fuji had never set the bottle on the nightstand. But then who – ?


"Tsuki?" Fuji looked up and watched the man with amazement.

Fuji couldn't think straight. He couldn't even understand what was going on. Couldn't…

Fuji looked away from the possibly-illusion standing by his bed and looked to his own lap in search of any kind of certainly.

But there was only one certainty he could find at the moment, and his mind grasped fully onto it.

"Tsuki!" With a furrowed brow, Fuji spun his head up at the red head. "Why am I naked?"

Tsuki returned a matching glare. "That's all you can think to say right now?"

"Eh?" Fuji paused for a moment almost surprised that the illusion had spoken. Though covered by a blanket, Fuji was naked for sure, and he was pretty sure illusions didn't make sounds.

"Are you an idiot?" Tsuki said with a sigh.

"But… but you left." Fuji reached out towards Tsuki and grabbed hold of the front of his shirt. "Are you really here?"

"Of course I'm here."

"But," Fuji's heart panged in memory, "I wished you away. I didn't meant to I just…"

Tsuki smiled mischievously. "Do you think your wish could keep me way?"

"But I thought--"

Tsuki rested his hands on the bed and began to crawl closer to Fuji. He sat on the bed next to him, his hands straddled on both sides of Fuji. Fuji shut his eyes, bracing himself for what would come next.

It was a light kiss. Tsuki gently brushed his lips against Fuji, maintaining contact for a short moment. Fuji opened his eyes again. Tsuki's smile had changed to a small curve of his lips that lit up his eyes.

The kiss, though brief, made Fuji turn a bright crimson. Fuji's reaction caused Tsuki's smile to turn back into a grin. Tsuki began to lean closer still, but the flustered Fuji put his hands to Tsuki's chest keeping him from moving closer.

"I – I don't understand?" Fuji said turning his face away.

Tsuki's face turned serious and he pulled away from Fuji. "Understand what?"

"How can you be here? Aren't you supposed to leave me after my wishes?"

"Do you want me to leave?"

"No!" Fuji jerked his body forward almost reaching for Tsuki; he was scared Tsuki would leave him again. "That's not what I meant."

Tsuki reached out and held Fuji's chin to make sure Fuji didn't turn away while he was talking. "You cured me, Fuji."

Fuji gave him a blank stare. His confusion made Tsuki let out a small laugh.

"I told you that genies are people who do not desire anything. You changed that for me. I hadn't realized it till you wished me away."

"I still don't understand."

"I learned to desire you, Fuji."

"De-desire? What do – what do you mean?"

"Fuji." Tsuki leaned closer. "I love you."

Before Fuji could stop him, Tsuki kissed him again. This kiss longer than the last. Tsuki's lips pressed firmly against Fuji's before moving to nibble Fuji's lower lip. Tsuki started to kiss Fuji's neck and used his hand to push Fuji fully onto the bed. The kisses trailed down Fuji's bare chest.

"Ah! Wait!" Fuji demanded, putting his hands on Tsuki's shoulders as if trying to push him away but without any force. "I still don't – how long have you --?"

Fuji gasped when Tsuki licked his nipple. Lifting his head up, Tsuki flashed a smile. He began to run his hands along Fuji's side. "I don't know for how long I desired you. I only realized it when you wished me away."

One of Tsuki's hands slipped under the blanket and moved to caress the soft skin of Fuji's inner thigh. Tsuki continued as Fuji wriggled under him. "Even when you went out on your dates with Orihara I couldn't leave you alone. I didn't ever leave you, even when we had our fight, I still watched over you."

"But--" Fuji gasped. "Where were you for the past few days."

"It takes a few days to change from a genie back into a human." Tsuki chuckled. "Did you miss me?"

Tsuki wrapped his lips around Fuji's nipple, sucking lightly.

"Wait." Fuji whimpered. "Why am – why am I n—naked?"

"You were wet." Tsuki spoke, Fuji could feel the vibrations of Tsuki's voice against his skin. "I didn't want you to catch a cold."

Tsuki's hand slid further up Fuji's leg.

"The bottle! Did you put it on the night stand?"

"Now you're just trying to stall." Tsuki smirked. He brought his head back to Fuji's and kissed him. Tsuki's tongue slipped into Fuji's mouth. First his tongue moved slowly, then it became more intense thrusting deeper into Fuji. Fuji moaned and Tsuki pulled away. Sitting up, Tsuki pulled off his own clothes in seconds. Then he slipped the blanket away from Fuji's body. Fuji tried to curl up to hide his reaction to Tsuki's touch, but it was too late, Tsuki had already seen the boy's partial erection.

Tsuki brought his mouth to Fuji's for another kiss. As his tongue distracted Fuji, his fingers moved along Fuji's body till it grasped his length. Fuji gasped into Tsuki's mouth but Tsuki didn't release him. Tsuki gripped both his and Fuji's erections in one hand and pumped.

Fuji's skin was burning. Heat pulsed at his crotch where Tsuki fondled him. Fuji's squirms soon evolved into his hips twisting into Tsuki's grip.

Getting used to the sensation, Fuji returned Tsuki's kiss reaching his tongue into Tsuki's mouth.

"Tsuki… I have…" Fuji gasped, pulling away from the kiss.

"Wait a little longer." Tsuki whispered. Tsuki's hand released Fuji and slid further between Fuji's legs. A finger slipped into Fuji, stretching his hole.

"Tsuki! What are you --?"

"I have to stretch it out now or it will hurt later."

"It hurts now." Fuji whimpered and wrapped his arms around Tsuki, pulling himself closer to Tsuki's body.

Tsuki inserted another finger.

"Just bare with it for a little."

Tsuki finally pulled his fingers away but Fuji felt something else press against the sensitive area, something hot.

"Relax." Tsuki soothed into Fuji's ear.

Fuji gripped onto Tsuki as Tsuki's length slid into him. Tears slid down his cheeks from the pain. When Tsuki was fully in him, Tsuki kissed the tears away. The pain slowly dulled as Fuji's body adjusted.

"Ready?" Tsuki asked with a deep voice.

Fuji nodded.

Tsuki started to thrust in and out of Fuji's body. Fuji let out gasps of pain and more tears fell, but the gasps soon turned into moans. Something inside Fuji was reacting violently to Tsuki's heat.

Tsuki thrust against Fuji's prostate. His body went crazy and his hips began to move.

"Tsuki!" He called out, reaching his limit.

Tsuki grunted in response thrusting once more into the boy's body.

Together they released. Fuji could feel Tsuki's heat spreading into his body causing him to shiver in pleasure.




Fuji was lying on his stomach with Tsuki resting next to him. Tsuki ran his hand along Fuji's back, soothing the pain.

"Tsuki?" Fuji murmured into the pillow. "Are you sure you're not still a genie?"

"Why do you say that?"

Fuji twisted his head out of the pillow to look at Tsuki. Tsuki was on his side, the hand that wasn't caressing Fuji was propping Tsuki's head up.

"Well… when you touch me, you send… energy… into me."


"Yeah like…" Fuji searched for a way to explain the feeling. "Like a tingling sensation that gets my heart beating faster. It happens whenever you touch me, even now, so you must still have magic in you."

Tsuki laughed.


"I only did that to you once."

"Only once?"

Tsuki leaned in closer and gave Fuji a light kiss. "When you were tired that one day, but the rest of the times, you're body reacted that way because you like me."

Fuji flushed. "O -- oh."

Tsuki smiled.

Fuji furrowed his brow in concentration. "So that means I love you…?"

"I guess so." Tsuki said happily.

"And the dreams I was having…"

"What dreams?"

Fuji twisted his body, turning away from Tsuki so he couldn't see Fuji's burning red face.

"Fuji, what dreams?"

"Well, ah, they… after we had our fight when we didn't talk to each other… I had dreams… about… you."

Tsuki shifted his body closer to Fuji's. "What kind of dreams."

Fuji buried his face in the pillow and mumbled something.

Tsuki leaned closer not hearing what he'd said. "What?"

"In the dreams you… you would come to my room while I was sleeping and – and k… kiss me."

Tsuki laughed again.

Fuji twisted back around to face Tsuki. "You don't have to laugh at it."

"No, that's not it." Tsuki said still grinning. "Those weren't entirely dreams."


Tsuki caressed Fuji's cheek as he spoke. "I wanted to see you and touch you but I was afraid you'd be mad at me. So I would come to you after you'd fallen asleep."

"And then you'd kiss me?"


Tsuki leaned in and kissed Fuji.

Fuji didn't resist. In response, he wrapped his arms around Tsuki and pulled himself closer. When Tsuki broke the kiss Fuji rested his head on Tsuki's chest. "I love you, Tsuki." He whispered.

"I know." Tsuki ran his hand gently along the boy's back. "I love you too."




It wasn't long before Fuji's parents came home. Fuji and Tsuki continued to go to school together but since Fuji couldn't explain the situation to his parents, Tsuki had to live somewhere else. Finding that his great uncle had some very valuable objects, they were able to sell some to pay for Tsuki's own apartment. Fuji visited frequently.

And they lived happily ever after =^-^=


The End

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