I climbed out of my mum's car with a heavy sigh. "Good luck!" she called as I murmured a goodbye. And then she was gone, leaving me alone to face the dark life of a new high school. Why oh why had my mum suddenly decided to move city? In my senior year? It was bad enough that I had to leave the small town I had lived my whole life in but I had to say goodbye to all of my friends too.

And now here I am, outside the entrance of a big and completely foreign school. My school now. There were so many people, it was almost dizzying. There had only been sixty people in my grade at my last school. Apparently there were over two hundred in this one. But at least with so many people I had to fit in somewhere.

I didn't go in the front door where other students were milling around. A few girls were seated on the steps, gossiping away and a couple was making out by the fountain. This was all so new and bizarre to me. The number of students was overwhelming.

Instead of going in the entrance to the building I made my way over to another building which was so obviously the reception office. The small car park and large sign were big giveaways. I entered and was met by a blast of warm air. You wouldn't know it was late autumn in this room; it was too uncomfortably stuffy and warm.

The lady behind the desk didn't even notice my presence; she just kept going on with her paperwork. Even after I walked right up to the desk she didn't notice me. But then, just as I was about to cough or something, her head flicked up and she examined me with a bored expression. "Yes?"

"Um, I'm Imogen Cameron?" my uncertainty made it sound like a question.

Understanding dawned in her eyes which were suddenly a lot nicer. "Yes, off course, the new student. Wait here, please."

I did as I was asked as I leaned against the wall and drummed my fingers absently against the counter. I wondered how my mum was going with her new job as a university professor. At least she would be able to help me with my science homework now.

The lady came back with a few sheets of paper in her hand. "Here, fill out this form and this is your timetable and a map so you can find your rooms." I nodded, groaning internally. I couldn't read a map for my life. Hopefully it wouldn't be too confusing. One quick glance at it told me that I was completely stuck. I don't think anyone could read that thing.

I filled out the form quickly as the first bell rang, indicating that there was only five minutes until the first class. The lady wished me good luck as I hurriedly left. I found my locker fairly easily and hastily stashed my books in there but took my English and science books for my first two classes.

Now all I had to do was find my English classroom.

I took out the map warily, embarrassed to have to read it, and gave it a once over. There was no way I was going to be able to read this. I couldn't even figure out where I was. A girl walked up to me and I glanced up at her in shock as she approached.

"Hi, you must be new. I'm guessing that you don't know where to go seeing as you look totally confused."

I just nodded. "Yeah..." I murmured lamely.

She smiled. "Don't worry; it's a big school. I'm Anna, by the way. What is your first class?"

I was glad that someone was nice enough to help me. "Um, English, in room 16."

She nodded. "That is on the way to my class, I'll show you. And your second class?"

"Science in room 29." As if there were so many rooms at this school.

"Really? That's great. That's my second class too! I can meet you outside your English room and show you the way there."

"Thank you," I said warmly.

She started walking and I followed, my books tight in my arms. "It must be annoying starting at a new school half way through senior year," she mused.

"You have no idea," I deadpanned.

She laughed. "Don't worry, even though we are a big school, everyone is pretty nice. There are no stereotypical clichés or anything."

Well that was a huge relief. Not. I hadn't even thought about that. But I guess it was a good thing that there wasn't. That would only like this new lifestyle even more complicated. In my old town I had known everyone seeing as there were only 300 people at my school. Here, I knew no one. Big dilemma.

Well, that was a lie. I knew Anna... and she seemed nice.

"This is room 16. Class starts, like, now, so I need to run. I'll meet you here next period, okay?"

I nodded. "Sure. Thanks... again."

She laughed. "No problem," she called as she walked off.

Several people were staring at me by now as I walked into the class. The teacher called me up to the front and I gulped. This was sure to be interesting.

The teacher examined me in a nice kind of way. "Imogen Cameron?" he clarified. I nodded. He smiled and nodded as well. "Good, welcome to Roseville High. Sit at the spare table at the back."

I thanked him and walked to the empty table and sat down. No one sat beside me so I had the desk to myself. I allowed myself to relax more since most people didn't try and stare at me now since I was behind them. The last bell went and the teacher – Mr. Graham – shut the door and called the class to order.

"Good morning class, today we will be carrying on with the poetry we looked at yesterday. Did you all do your homework?" After a series of nods and 'yes's he continued. "Good. Can someone tell me their answer for question three? The analysis of the fifth stanza?"

A girl with some skin problems raised her hand and the teacher indicated for her to answer. "I found that there was an interesting use of anamorphic language instead of personification and-" but she was cut off as someone entered the class late.

And it wasn't just a someone, it was a he. A very attractive 'he' to be precise. He strode into the room with an almost effortless glide and absently ran his hand through his light brown hair with an orange tinge. I couldn't help but notice that he had a great profile and deep piercing hazel eyes. From what I could see, other girls couldn't help but notice this either.

I tore my eyes away from him and down to my English folder as I opened it, prepared to take notes. I think that girl had mentioned something about personification...

"Parker, late again I see."

I glanced up as the boy shrugged and just looked bored. In a low voice he murmured "I got side tracked."

Mr. Graham stood up to his full height and glowered at the boy – Parker? Yeah, that was his name. But it was a pretty pitiful effort on Mr. Graham's part seeing as Parker was still taller than him. Parker just stared him evenly in the eye and Mr. Graham sighed and relented. "Go and take your usual seat," he ordered.

I looked around and realised the only seat left was next to me. I hastily moved my books over to my side of the table and went back to paying attention to the teacher. I heard it when the chair next to me scraped across the floor but I ignored it, taking notes on the lecture.

"You're in my seat." My head flicked up, sending my hair across my shoulders, at the sound of the voice. I met a pair of hazel eyes staring down at me in an annoyed way.

"Oh..." I murmured, completely timid. I felt something very close to stage fright. "I'm sorry, I didn't know this was where you sat," I said in a rush.

He sighed and flicked some hair out of his eyes. "Just don't do it again." And he leaned back in his seat and stared at the bored, but didn't take notes. I guess he didn't care about school stuff. I could see that.

Which a quick motion of my hand I pushed my long hair back over my shoulder and went back to paying attention to Mr. Graham. I studiously ignored Parker beside me and he in return acted as if I didn't exist. I silently fumed for a while over his arrogant and indifferent attitude. What gave him the right to get annoyed at me? It was my first day.

The bell interrupted my silent brooding and I sighed as I gathered my books together. "Imogen, isn't it?" I heard Parker ask.

"Yes," I answered curtly, unwillingly turning to face him.

"Don't sit in my seat again," he warned as he went out the door without another word.

I glared at his back as he left as I picked up the rest of my books. I took a few deep breaths. It's ok, it's ok. English will probably be the only subject where I am subjected to sit next to him. Even if I have other classes with him I don't have to sit next to him. And besides, the chances of having another class with him isn't high seeing as there are over 200 people in this grade.

I brightened at the prospect and brightened even more as I met Anna at the door.

I was almost euphoric by the time I got to science and saw that he wasn't there. We also got to sit where ever we wanted in science so I was able to sit next to Anna who happily talked away. I was glad she was so charismatic; I didn't have to add much to the conversation which was good seeing as I was uncharismatic.

But then, guess who entered the class, late again, as Miss. Zarlam started the class. My happy mood darkened instantly.