101. Pop

Andraya thinks that it's the best game ever, and when Adrian runs out of balloons, the seven year old demands that he goes and finds more so that she can continue her game of popping them all over the lounge room floor.

102. Dim

Feurety heaves a dramatic sigh of long suffering annoyance as he turns and says to Adrian, "And not for the first time, the phrase 'dim-witted' comes to mind after hearing you speak."

103. Futile

When Imogen discovers Rian's bathroom in complete shambles, and the teenager himself playing Halo on the couch, it seems painfully clear that Rian has given up on ever passing his Feng Shui exam.

104. Erratic

"How the hell would you even notice if Adrian was acting more messed up than usual?" Luke asks, and when Harmony and Alisha attack him as one, he wishes that he had have kept his mouth shut.

105. Loved

Her last words are still ringing in his ears, even after her spirit has been sent on to its next life, and its like a painful mantra in Rian's mind being repeated over and over again – "I love you."

106. Soft

"So soft," Andraya coos, and then buries her face in the fuzzy belly of the giant teddy bear.

107. Hold

"Hold this for me," Andraya says as she thrusts a shopping bag at Tyler, before racing off into yet another electronics store, leaving the young man waiting outside once again.

108. Phobia

Luke's blue eyes are clenched shut, and nothing is going to convince him to open them until he and Jaid are away from the dizzyingly high observation deck of Centrepoint Tower, and back on solid ground once again.

109. Broken

"You blew up the TV!" Luke shrieks, staring at the smouldering ruins, and Adrian shrugs as he throws the PlayStation controller onto the floor and says, "I was losing the battle, so I decided to win the war."

110. Precious

Adrian looks down at his newborn daughter, asleep in his arms, and can't quite believe that something so beautiful and precious could have possibly come from him.

111. Odds And Ends

Harmony looks around the common room and sighs a contended sigh, taking in the random lost socks, figurines of anime characters, wooden training swords, books, dvds, and a lone garden gnome that Adrian has sat in a corner – all the little things that have been collected over the years to make their house a home.

112. Caffeine

It is a last ditch effort, but as Nuada returns from hiding the jar of coffee, and Alisha fires out a very fast, very incomprehensible string of accusatory words at him, he knows that he has done the right thing.

113. Hurt

Braiden can't believe the pain that has erupted from his stomach, and looking down at the bloodied sword, his yellow eyes begin to glaze over, and he wonders if Alisha will ever forgive him for getting himself killed.

114. Crown

On their first anniversary, Imogen gives Ruairi a plastic tiara that she has painstakingly painted bright red, and although he laughs, he knows that a scarlet crown is the symbol that brought them together, and loves her all the more for the gift.

115. Soothe

Tyler dishes out another dollop of Aloe Vera lotion onto Andraya's very red back, and the young woman sighs in relief, whilst Tyler simply rolls his eyes at her as he begins to rub more of the soothing substance into her abused skin.

116. Fight

Luke can't believe that Jaid kicked him out; all he did was say, "I don't know what you find so amazing about this Roxas guy", and suddenly he's standing on her doorstep whilst inside, Jaid continues to play Kingdom Heart II, pointedly ignoring him.

117. Fever

Luke and Jaid are having a sleepless night as, at the height of his flu-induced fever, six year old Tyler is convinced that there are shadow monsters in his room that are determined to eat him, and has crawled under the covers of his parent's bed, keeping them awake with his delirious chatter.

118. Hit

"Stop poking Fate with a stick, or she'll make you walk out and get hit by a bus."

119. Alive

Sitting atop his motorbike at the harbour, Rian's breath catches in his throat as his blue eyes catch sight of the blonde girl wandering across the rocks, her arms held away from her body for balance, and he knows without a doubt that she is his Ellie, alive once again.

120. New

Andraya is practically drooling over her laptop, and Tyler just doesn't seem to understand that it's new and shiny, and therefore must be excessively appreciated.

121. Born

The first time Luke laid eyes on his newborn son was perhaps the proudest moment of his life, and one that he will treasure for all of eternity, no matter how much trouble Tyler has caused him over the years.

122. Murmur

Ellie has fallen asleep against his shoulder on the beach, and as her breathing becomes deep and regular, Rian gently kisses her hair and whispers, "I love you."

123. Devious

The smirk that is on Imogen's face sends a shiver through Andraya, who shakes her head as she says, "Dammit girl, you're evil," to which Imogen replies, "Well, I did learn from the best."

124. Isolation

Braiden wonders just how long he can shut himself off from the two very persistent girls that are determined to keep him in their little group, despite his best efforts to become a hermit, and live in isolation from the immortal worlds.

125. Starve

When she touches him, it's like Adrian has suddenly come alive again after being starved for months, and with a desire so strong that it almost pains him, he crushes his lips to Harmony's, savouring every little moment, lest he be forced to go without once again.

126. Race

Liverpool to Scotland in two very fast cars, with two very crazy teenagers behind the wheels, one slightly apprehensive boyfriend riding shotgun, and it's just another day in the lives of Andraya, Tyler, and Kyle.

127. Breakable

Andraya is about to cry; she can feel the tears building in her eyes as she stands on the roadside, staring at her beloved Porsche 911, hardly believing that such a beautiful car could be marred by a disgusting flat tyre.

128. Fools

"There's only one word that can aptly describe all three of you right now, and that word is fools," Drifter says before he shakes and his head and walks away from the three members of the Trinity, before he mutters, "Congratulations, you idiots," under his breath.

129. A Snowball's Chance

"Do you think we can pull this off?" Andraya asks, and Tyler raises an eyebrow at her as he says, "The words 'snowball' and 'hell' come to mind," which causes Andraya to laugh as she grabs his hand and says, "Let's do it!"

130. Honey

"Say it again, I dare you," Imogen says sweetly to the poor guy that she is currently leaning over at the bar, and the young man – who did nothing more than call her a cute pet name – splutters uselessly before he quickly slips away from the rather intimidating young woman.

131. Coffee

It's 6am, and Paul and Alisha are sitting at the kitchen bench, not saying a word, and yet in the silence they are enjoying the special bond that coffee has formed between father and daughter.

132. Zombie

"What's wrong with Tyler?" Imogen asks, and Andraya rolls her eyes as she prods the catatonic young man with a smile, saying, "He's up before 7am, and the zombie hasn't worn off yet."

133. Capybara

"What the hell is it?" Bryant asks as he pokes the critter that his sister is holding, and she smiles as she says, "It's a baby capybara, and it's adorable."

134. Killer Queen

Rian is standing out in a field and trying to be one with nature when the terrified scream of, "Help me, I don't want to die!" breaks his calm, and he opens his eyes to see Bryant running away from a rather large, rather pissed off queen bee, and Rian smirks in amusement before he remembers that his cousin is deathly allergic, and goes tearing after him.

135. Winter

The snowman had taken all morning to perfect, yet only minutes to demolish, and an exhausted Adrian and Harmony are lying in the snow, thoroughly enjoying their winter break.

136. Opportunistic

"Steal my chips again and you're going to get slapped," Adrian says as his daughter makes off with another handful of his hot chips, and the young woman smirks as she says, "If you don't pay attention, it's your own fault if they keep ending up in my mouth," and then pops a chip into her mouth to prove her point.

137. Quack

"All hail the mighty Space Duck," Tyler says as he grabs Andraya's laptop, and the young woman rolls her eyes at him as the familiar sounds of Dragonball Z Abridged starts up once again.

138. Twilight

Imogen hurls the paperback across her room and reaches for a book in which the vampire is French, and certainly doesn't sparkle, because that is just ridiculous.

139. 1795

"And we've come here because?" Imogen asks as they tramp through a field in Chester, England, and Rian turns to her with a smile as he says, "1795 was the year an 8.3kg potato was dug up here, and come on, that's got to be worth seeing."

140. Conscience

"She's like the voice of reason in my head, like," Rian starts, and Imogen interrupts with, "Like Jiminy Cricket to your Pinocchio?" and Rian glares at her before he replies with, "Yes, and you need to stop watching so many Disney films."

141. Blind Faith

He is holding his hand out to her, and even though Ellie has no idea what accepting that hand will entail, she knows that wherever Rian is, she wants to be too.

142. Precipice Of Darkness

The shadows are closing in on him, and Adrian doesn't have the strength of will to fight them anymore, and after hurting Harmony in such a violent manner, he would rather fall into the darkness forever than to face the fear that he saw in her eyes.

143. Procrastinate

"Andy, how is it that you haven't cleaned the kitchen like I asked you to, but instead you've spent all day alphabetising the dvds and arranging the books in size order?" Harmony asks in exasperation, and her daughter shrugs from her spot on the carpet before she says, "I guess I'm just a productive procrastinator."

144. Recluse

Jaid had had visions of Braiden becoming an unshaven recluse living in a hut in the middle of the wilderness, so it's quite a surprise when she finds him living in the heart of Dublin city, working in a bar, and flirting with girls like he hadn't abandoned his friends a year ago.

145. Basket Case

"Can't sleep, bees are going to get me," Bryant mumbles as he rocks back and forth, and although his sister is worried, Imogen can't help but snigger under her breath.

146. Ex

There's an elephant in the room whenever Nuada tries to get close to Alisha; an Irish elephant with yellow eyes and a demonic heritage, and a part of him knows that, even if he does eventually win her heart, Alisha's never going to forgot about Braiden.

147. Parade

He knew it was a bad idea, but Harmony said that he needed to spend some quality time with his daughter, and now Adrian is wandering the parade route, desperately hoping that his eight year old bratling hasn't jumped a float and caused a traffic accident.

148. Ignore

"I'm exercising my divine right to ignore you now," Rian says as he closes his eyes and focuses on his breathing, wishing that he could sink into the earth; anything to get him away from Imogen's endless prattling.

149. Canvas

Tyler is frowning with a paintbrush hanging out of his mouth as he contemplates his blank canvas, and Andraya watches from his bed, waiting to see what masterpiece he creates this time.

150. 42

"I don't understand how 42 could be the meaning of life," Adrian says in exasperation, and Harmony pats him on the head as she says, "Go and read the book, and then we'll talk."