Running with coffee is rarely a good idea, and drinking said coffee while running is definitely not the smartest action one could undertake. However when you are running to meet a deadline, these things must be done.

Food and drink are not allowed in the car, and so an alternative for the coffee must be found. It would not be prudent to waste it, considering it was only purchased a minute ago and is now being subjected to an uncomfortable and lumpy trip back to the car. Sipping as fast as possible seems the only safe and waste-free alternative, even though it is scalding hot. Small doses won't burn as badly.

Arriving, that driver shrugs at you when you assume you cannot enter with the coffee; suggesting instead that you skull it. You know he is not serious, however you try your best regardless to avoid the wet downpour that threatens to turn your shirt see-through.

In minutes the coffee is gone, and so is the sensation on the end of your tongue. You inform the driver upon entering that you burnt your tounge; he suggests you should have drank slower; again in that 'I love making fun of you' tone. You pass him a look that clearly says "make up your mind", which he responds to with nothing but continued eye contact; until you break.

The age-old question that is usually quite familiar to the age gap; the true intention of every word and tone. Patronising v.s. eighth grade boy crush tactics; paternalistic v.s. romantic? He has ten years on you. He has twenty years on you. He has thirty years on you. Does body language change with age?

Holding the now empty coffee cup between your hands, you sit by him and talk for a while. You complain jokingly that he is always making fun of you. For fun, he says. Vague again, are you being lead through a romantic process or are you being mislead to think it so? The stares and smiles and hints and flickers and fidgeting and coincidences couldn't possibly be nothing, right? Is he closing the gap through humour or is he building a wall on his side?

All forms of professionalism aside, is he parenting you or is he romancing you; does your age send him back to his young adulthood where he lacked the experience to act otherwise? Surely if he were parenting you he wouldn't continue to stare, to smile faintly after catching you in the eye contact that he drags on a just a little too long.

You wish now you had drank a little slower, so to avoid that throbbing sensation at the end of your tongue. But like anything else, skin heals and grows back. Just remember for next time, the slower you drink the less you will feel the burn.

Nokia 2, I really want to believe the best. Please don't prove me wrong.