Deep in the Underworld, there stands a place that not many people talk about… largely because they don't know it exists. This is the headquarters of Supernatural Control, lead by the Hell Council. It's members have long since stopped the war between Heaven and Hell, and have come into some semblance of a decent working environment. Gone are the days of epic temptations and salvations, pious heroes and sinful villains… that is not to say that these things do not still exist, but it is now on the shoulders of Supernatural Control to guide the balance between darkness and light.

The following is one of the many exploits that the employees of this organization have embarked on...


June - 1998

High above the mortal realm, gods and goddesses ascended various rainbow bridges and ethereal pathways as they headed to the International Celestial Conference, held once every two thousand years.

"This sucks." Toshi grumbled as the dark haired, red dressed Demonhunter and Maigo, her elemental demoness apprentice made their way through the glittering throng of deities and demi-gods.

"I know, To-sama, but we have to attend." Maigo shrugged. The magenta-haired demoness waved to Anubis as he passed the girls, the jackal-headed god smiling for once.

"I'm not a god. You're not a god. Why the Hell do we have to be here?" Toshi pursed her lips.

"Because Yosei said. And you know that what Yosei says goes." Maigo half-smiled.

"She's right, you know." Yosei grinned, the goddess of light clad in purple and red silks, ushering the girls in past the gates. "Now hurry up, or you'll be sitting in the nosebleeds. Everyone is probably going to ask you something, and I don't want you to strain your voice."

"Yeah, whatever." Toshi rolled her eyes, running her hand through her short black hair.


Sussex, England – Magical Activity 155 Call (Male, Mutilation, Magical-based)

"Namida! Over here!" A large brown and grey wolf called to his elemental mage companion, as she picked her way through brambles and hedges to join him, trying not to catch anything on her thigh-high leather boots. The mage silently cursed the season change when her normal wardrobe of cotton and silk was forced into the leather corset-suit and boots she'd died in.

"Did you find the magician, Nicostratos?" Namida pushed a branch out of her way, letting it fall gently back into place.

"Well… what's left of him." Nico shrugged, motioning with his head to the torso and partial skull of a magician, the red robes denoting the use of fire and alchemy.

"Oh… my." Namida picked up part of the bloody rags, dropping them when she saw what was underneath. "I've never seen a ley line do this before."

"It probably doesn't help that he's not the first." Nico shrugged, an awkward looking motion for a ten-foot long wolf.

"I know… I just wish I knew what the Hell was going on. This is getting more and more exasperating by the day." Namida rose, brushing her hands off on the thighs of her boots.

"We'll find a break soon enough." Nico started to walk away. "Come on. You promised me that we'd go take readings at Stonehenge before it got dark."

"Okay." Namida nodded, tossing a coin onto the ravaged chest of the mage so if his soul could be pulled free of the ley energy, he could be given a proper escort to Hell.


Houston, Texas – Miracle Investigation 197 Call (Male, Transformation, Spiritual-based)

"Are you sure that it's really him?" Gabriel asked, concealing his angelic nature under a thick glamour. It did little to dull his hair and eyes, which made the night nurse a little more interested in him than she should have been. The archangel's suit of choice this particular evening was a navy pinstripe and light blue shirt. He preferred to avoid ties, and this night was no different.

"Absolutely!" The candystripe-clad nurse nodded, sweat beading over her brow. "This fellah walks in, right? An' he goes over to old Mr. Pearson's beside, says a few things t'him, and before we knew it, he was gone, and Mr. Pearson's cancer's cleared right on up. It's downright strange."

"May I see Mr. Pearson?" Gabriel asked, trying to look around the nurse.

"Certainly." The nurse motioned to a set of swinging doors. "He's right through there."

Gabriel passed through the doors, trying to look as professional as he could while deflecting glances from patients and doctors. The angel headed towards an open door, where an old black man sat, doing a crossword puzzle, peering through a thick set of lenses.

"Good evening, sir. My name is…" Gabriel started.

"I know who you are, angel." The man looked up at Gabriel. "I've seen Death, you know. It makes you privy to things."

"I see." Gabriel nodded slowly, taking out his notebook and starting to jot some things down. "Would you like to tell me then what it was you were visited by?"

"The Anti-Christ." Mr. Pearson shrugged, tapping his pen against his booklet.

Gabriel stopped writing. "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"The Anti-Christ came, laid hands on me, and took my cancer. Just like if he was Jesus himself." Mr. Pearson shrugged again, returning his gaze to the puzzle. "An' unless you have a five letter word for musical instrument, I don't think I have anything else to say to you."

"Hm. In that case, I might have some things to say to you." Gabriel shed his glamour, grabbing the old man by the collar. "For starters, you might want to start respecting your elders. You never know who's hand you'll be taking when death does finally take you."


Northern Ireland – Fae/Magical Creatures 925 Call (Monsters, Attack, Magical-based)

"Tha' bastard killed my trees!" A small fairy soldier in green and silver brandished his tiny sword as he faced off against another one in red in front of Moriko, the Queen of the Fae. The queen had on her usual robes of teal and purple, cut low down the front and held together with ribbons. Her intricately patterned wings caught the moonlight, glittering as she fluttered them in mild frustration at the scene before her.

"That doesn't mean that you should be carving your name in the headstones of Elven kings." Moriko chided the fairy.

"This is technically OUR territory!" The red elf screeched, ripping his own sword out of it's scabbard. "You tell him to go home!"

"Both of you should go home." Moriko put a hand between the pair. "I don't want to hear brothers calling for each other's blood anymore."

"Then you make him plant new trees!" The green elf cried.

"Why don't you plant them together?" The Queen of the Fae offered.

"We weren't the ones tha' cut them down!" The red one sneered at his brother.

"The Hell you weren't!" The green one spat.

"Moriko, would you like us to dispense justice on these fairies? It is only fair." The fair-haired leader of the green and silver clad elves that had been standing off to the side stepped forward.

"No, Mornenion, I've got this under control." The magenta-haired elder goddess waved off the elf. Turning to the tiny fairies, she continued. "You two need to come with me and we'll get this all sorted out."

"I'm not leaving wi' you!" The green elf hollered. "If I leave, this scum sucker will force his troops forward, an' we'll lose all our land!"

"I'll do no such thing, you cowardly bastard!" The red elf crossed his arms.

Moriko grabbed the wings of both fairies. "NOW."


Fairfield, California - A.S.C.E.N.D. (Assistant Supernatural Control: Elite Nightmares Division) 322 Call (Children, Attack, Monster-based)

Screams emanated from several rooms in an apartment complex in the downtown sector, making more work for the ASCEND commissioner, Baltazar.

The grey-streaked dire werewolf chased after the nightmaren as best he could, trying not to disturb the occupants in his wake. Baltazar rolled his red and black crossed-emblazoned gloves all the way up, activating the shield they afforded him as he used his psychic surgeon abilities to put his hand through a door to grab one of the nightmaren. As he crushed the skull of one, another jumped on his back. The broad-shouldered dire heaved the light nightmaren over his shoulder, stomping on it's chest as it hit the floor, making it explode into a sticky, ashy mess. The dire werewolf silently thanked the fact that he was wearing mostly black, aside from his token bright red suspenders.

"Come on, you little brats! If that's all you've got, I'll be done before the sun even thinks about coming up!" Baltazar hissed, chasing one down a flight of stairs and body checking it into the wall, making it disintegrate. As it slid down to the floor, another creature reformed out of it's puddle.

"…The Hell?"


Paris, France – Consanguine (Vampiric Activity) 921 Call (Monsters, Attack, Vampire-based)

Sebastian drove his gladius into the head of a vampire, making it crumple to the floor, leaving the vampire it was terrorizing shaking.

"What… what was that?" The survivor stepped to hide behind Sebastian as the larger vampire wiped his sword off on his jeans.

"That, is what a feral vampire looks like, my friend." Sebastian tucked the short sword back into the back of his belt.

"Oh, god… is it contagious?" The smaller neophyte vampire peered at the mess the fallen vamp was quickly becoming.

"I should hope not." Tamashii, the commissioner of the Consanguine shuddered as she joined her right-hand man, her red brocade overcoat rustling in the breeze. "That would cause an epidemic."

"I see…" the vampire trailed off, losing the colour in his eyes.

Tamashii sensed the change in the vampire's constitution, and drew her katana quickly, taking the vampire's head off in one quick sweep.

"…Damn." Sebastian shook his head as the vampire hit the ground, the head bouncing off the pavement moments later.


Unnamed Major Urban Centre – Soul Reaper Corps 150 Call (Men, Mutilation, Unknown reason)

"Oleander! On your left!" Jakob, the dark haired reaper hollered, as an undead bus driver lurched towards a smaller female reaper, a piece of rusty pipe sticking out of his head.

"Thank you, Jakob~!" The brown-haired reaper swung up with her guan dao, catching the man in the face, and dropping him to the ground. "I really wish we could cut their souls out."

"I'm still trying to figure that anomaly out!" Emily, the African lead reaper grabbed a woman that was trying to chew on her boyfriend's face, sinking her kama into the mortal's back to pull her aside. "This shouldn't be happening!"

"I'm just glad that this is the only centre that's displaying this kind of activity!" Nathaniel, a light hared reaper in a loud red shirt hollered from across the street, where he was trying to defend a still living girl from an elderly barber who was missing half his head.

"DON'T JINX IT!" The eight other reapers hollered at the same time, slightly distracted from their work.

"Sorry…" Nathaniel sheepishly grinned, kicking the barber hard in the chest. Turning to the girl, he continued. "Go straight home. Lock your doors. Stay away from the windows. Can you do that?"

The girl nodded, darting off to a nearby brownstone.