Lock stood on the empty school stage, grumbling about having cleaning duty. She looked around for her supposed help that was nowhere in sight. Lock ran a hand through her short curiously orange hair and sighed quietly. Lock placed the broom she had against the wall and stepped onto the backstage area to find the trashcan.

Suddenly, hands covered her eyes and Lock jumped slightly as warm breath hit her neck. "Guess who," a sultry voice whispered and Lock pushed away from the person. "What the hell was that for, Kiki?" Lock snapped angrily but paused when she saw Kiki smiling while wearing a nurse's uniform.

"Just playing around. You like it? I found it with the other costumes. The top doesn't fit though." Kiki said and squeezed her large breasts to show her point. Lock tried not to, but couldn't help looking at Kiki's chest. It was bigger than Lock's and Kiki made sure to flaunt it to tease Lock. "Wanna see?" Kiki asked slyly and Lock's face burned slightly red.

"Like hell!"

"Like hell you do?" Kiki asked and Lock glared at the long brown haired girl. Lock turned her back to Kiki and was about to storm off but was pulled back when Kiki grabbed her arm roughly. Lock felt herself getting pushed against the wall while Kiki pressed herself against Lock. Lock tried to squirm out of Kiki's grasp but failed when Kiki started blowing on her neck softly.

"You must be hot from cleaning." Kiki said as she unbuttoned Lock's tight school top. Kiki let Lock's top hang open and she smiled when seeing that Lock wasn't wearing a bra. "Mmm, you're such a slut." Kiki whispered heatedly into Lock's ear. "Oh, like you're any better." Lock snapped back and Kiki smiled sweetly. Lock felt a sinking feeling every time Kiki smiled and this was no different. Lock's arms were roughly pinned above Lock's head as Kiki kissed Lock deeply.

Lock felt Kiki's tongue nearly go down her throat if she hadn't pushed it away with her own tongue. Kiki's tongue twirled around Lock's, making the orange haired girl moan softly. Kiki started sucking on Lock's tongue while letting her arms go to squeeze Lock's giant tits tightly. Lock's moans became slightly louder as Kiki rubbed her nipples roughly.

Lock loved the abuse she was getting and wanted more. Kiki answered Lock's wants by pulling her to a stage prop and shoving her onto it. Lock moaned as Kiki's hot mouth enveloped her right nipple, biting, sucking, and licking it furiously. Lock felt her body get hotter as she nearly tore Kiki's top off to expose her also braless giant tits to the air.

Kiki's hot mouth traveled north and claimed Lock's lips again while mashing their giant boobs together none to lightly. Moans escaped both of them as they kissed fervently and rubbed their now rock hard nipples together. Kiki then sat up and ran a hand down Lock's body to her skirt. "Yes…" Lock breathed and Kiki swiftly removed Lock's skirt and panties.

Kiki licked her lips slowly and ran a single finger over Lock's pussy. Lock shivered and stared at Kiki lustfully. Kiki lowered back down and slide her finger into Lock, making the girl under her moan louder. Their tongue clashed while their tits slammed together as Lock rode Kiki's finger. Kiki added a second finger, making Lock moan louder and buck her hips violently.

Kiki kissed down Lock's neck while fingering her and then bit down on Lock's neck. Lock's moans increased again as Kiki returned her mouth to Lock's nipple. Her fingers found Lock's g-spot and drove them against it, making Lock scream in pleasure and allowing some cum to spill out. Kiki swiftly covered Lock's mouth with her own and stopped fingering her.

Lock stared at Kiki in confusion until she heard a door being opened. Kiki silently got off of Lock and grabbed Lock by the arm. Lock quickly grabbed her clothes before being pulled away into the girl's locker room next to the stage room. Lock's clothes were slapped out of her hands and her chest was slammed against the cold steel locker while Kiki sucked on her neck and returned the two fingers into Lock's pussy.

Lock rolled her head back and moaned loudly as she felt Kiki's hard nipples on her back and Kiki's wet pussy against her ass. Kiki bit Lock's neck hard and then turned Lock over before repressing herself against Lock's sore body. Lock moaned louder as their hard nipples met again. A third finger had silently slipped into Lock's pussy and the three fingers steadily drove against Lock's g-spot.

Cum spilled onto Kiki's arm as she kept going, making Lock moan and sweat more. Lock screamed again when Kiki shoved a fourth finger into her pussy and Lock came all over Kiki's arm. Kiki drew a low breath and slid her fingers out of Lock's pussy. Kiki held her arm up to Lock who started to obediently licking her cum off of Kiki's fingers and arm.

Kiki smiled while watching and Lock smiled back after finishing. Kiki lowered her arm and licked around Lock's lips before going downwards. Lock moaned softly as Kiki's tongue flicked across her nipples and went further down. Lock's legs trembled as she felt Kiki's cool breath on her needy pussy. Kiki didn't wait to thrust her tongue deep into Lock, making the girl immediately buck her hips, and making Kiki's tongue go deeper.

Lock rode Kiki's tongue in pleasure while moaning louder and louder. Lock came again a few minutes later and panted as Kiki drank her cum. Kiki licked Lock's cum off her lips and grinded her body against Lock's as she slid up to kiss Lock deeply again. "Well, aren't you a good slut." Kiki whispered and Lock moaned softly.

"I'll be whatever you want me to be." Lock breathed weakly and Kiki smiled. Kiki moved away from Lock and told her to put her clothes back on. Lock did obediently and Kiki licked her lips while watching Lock's boobs jiggle as she put her skirt on before her top. Kiki walked behind Lock and squeezed Lock's tits tightly.

"You're making me fucking horny." Kiki whispered into Lock's ear and Lock moaned. Kiki pinched Lock's nipples roughly and licked up Lock's neck. "You're coming home with me." Kiki said, which was more of an order than a request. Lock nodded meekly and Kiki let her put her shirt on before getting her own on herself.

Before the two left the locker room, Kiki pulled Lock's arm and swiftly clamped a collar onto Lock's neck. Lock smiled softly and felt Kiki's tongue trace around the back of the collar. "You're mine now." Kiki said sexily and Lock didn't mind one bit as they left for Kiki's house.

I'll write more on this one if people like it.