Kiki shoved her key into the lock on the large gate leading to her large house. She stomped up the walkway, greatly irritated that Lock's family had picked up Lock at school and she couldn't come over. Kiki opened and slammed the front door angrily before going up the nearby staircase to her room. Kiki slammed her door closed and threw her school bag down on the floor before flopping onto her own bed.

Kiki grumbled with her face pressed against her plush pillow. A soft knock was heard at her door and Kiki groaned loudly. The door softly opened and Kiki turned her head before smiling. "What do you want, Blueberry?" Kiki asked the busty blue haired maid standing in her doorway. "I wanted to see if Mistress needed anything before dinner," Blueberry stated calmly and closed the door behind her.

Kiki sat up and smiled to her maid before motioning Blueberry over. Blueberry walked over to Kiki and Kiki stood up before whispering something into Blueberry's ear while running her hands up and down Blueberry's luscious body. Blueberry smiled with a nod before Kiki let go of her and opened her bedroom door. Kiki headed downstairs to the dining room while Blueberry slipped out of Kiki's room and down the hallway.

Kiki sat at her family's wide golden table while her parents sat further down the table to let Kiki have her space. They had only started doing that after finding out Kiki's little secret about being a lesbian. Kiki rolled her eyes before the food was brought out. Kiki and her parents ate silently while Kiki glanced around.

After finishing dinner, Blueberry came out of the kitchen and told Kiki's parents that their desert had been taken to their room. Kiki's parents left the dining room and Kiki smiled while Blueberry walked over to her. Blueberry placed a small bowl of cream on the table in Kiki's reach before smiling. "Is there anything else you'd like, Mistress?" Blueberry asked, leaning forward so Kiki could see between Blueberry's jiggling breasts.

Kiki licked her lips and nodded before standing up. Blueberry paused in confusion as Kiki stepped behind her and shoved the poor maid onto the table chest first. Kiki smiled as she ran a hand down Blueberry's back and then roughly smacked Blueberry on the ass, making Blueberry moan softly. "You know damn well what I want." Kiki whispered into Blueberry's ear after pulling the maid up but didn't turn Blueberry around.

Blueberry moaned softly as Kiki kissed her bare neck and ran her hands down Blueberry's body. Blueberry suddenly gasped as one of Kiki's hands had slipped into her panties and started rubbing Blueberry's clit hard. Blueberry rolled her head back onto Kiki's shoulder and moaned into Kiki's ear. Kiki freed Blueberry's tits and hungrily grabbed at one with her free hand.

"Oh god, Mistress…! What if someone comes in?" Blueberry breathed and Kiki looked at Blueberry's face before smiling lustfully. "Says the one who's drooling for it." Kiki said sexily and plunged two fingers deep into Blueberry's pussy, making the maid buck her hips and groan loudly. Kiki suddenly removed her fingers and Blueberry blinked in confusion.

Before Blueberry could ask, Kiki kissed her deeply, making Blueberry's drool mix with Kiki's as the two kissed wetly. Kiki dipped all of her fingers on both hands into the bowl of cream before returning them to their place beforehand. Blueberry nearly screamed as four of Kiki's cream-covered fingers shoved deeper into her pussy while her thumb rubbed her clit.

Kiki sucked on Blueberry's tongue and smeared cream all over Blueberry's exposed chest before squeezing it so tightly that it hurt. Blueberry humped violently against Kiki's fingers while trying her best to keep her scream in. Kiki smiled against Blueberry's wet lips and briefly leaned her head back to breath. Though Blueberry was too busy moaning loudly to breath as Kiki tugged at Blueberry's tits and shoved her fingers deeper.

Kiki licked Blueberry's ear slowly and teasingly before whispering, "would you like me to…". Kiki didn't finish her sentence, but showed what she meant by driving all four of her fingers against where she knew Blueberry's g-spot was. Blueberry couldn't hold it in any longer and screamed. Kiki faintly heard a door slam open and she calmly gazed upwards to the balcony overlooking the dining room where her parents were staring down at her in surprise.

Kiki smiled darkly and used her arm to cover Blueberry's nipples from her parents, except that she rubbed her sleeve against the hard nipples, making Blueberry moan. Kiki watched her father sigh out of the corner of her eye. "That's the whole reason we agreed to let Kiki have that maid," Kiki heard him say to her mother who nodded in agreement.

Kiki watched her parents leave without a look back and Kiki kissed Blueberry's neck. "Wanna go to my room now?" she asked and Blueberry panted heavily while looking at Kiki. "Was the only reason we're still here to do that to your parents?" Blueberry asked and Kiki smiled, which ultimately meant a yes. Blueberry paused before smiling and picking the bowl of cream up, but frowned is disappointment after Kiki had to remove her fingers from Blueberry's pussy to head upstairs.

On the way up, Kiki rubbed Blueberry's cum all over Blueberry's exposed body along with the cream still in the bowl Blueberry held. When they reached Kiki's room, Kiki kicked the door open and shoved Blueberry onto the bed. Kiki closed and locked her door behind her before dimming her lights and straddling Blueberry's waist. Kiki licked her lips slowly while removing her shirt and Blueberry obviously loved watching Kiki's free breasts jiggle happily.

Blueberry leaned up and started to suck on Kiki's nipple hard while Kiki, to Blueberry's utter joy, shoved her fingers back into Blueberry's pussy. Kiki rolled them over on Kiki's queen sized bed so Blueberry was on top. Blueberry heatedly rode Kiki's fingers while biting and sucking on Kiki's breasts. Kiki moaned and arced her back, giving Blueberry more access and only moving her fingers harder against Blueberry's g-spot.

Blueberry's cries of pleasure echoed in the room after the maid left Kiki's nipples and started grinding herself against Kiki. Kiki trapped Blueberry's lips in a wet, saliva-filled kiss while their nipples rubbed together and Blueberry's hips bucked madly against Kiki's fingers. Blueberry let out another pleasure scream and came all over Kiki's fingers, arm, and thighs.

Blueberry collapsed panting heavily onto Kiki while Kiki slid her fingers out of Blueberry's pussy. Kiki held her arm up to Blueberry's mouth. "Clean me." Kiki ordered and Blueberry eagerly started licking her cum off Kiki's fingers and arm. She then went down and licked her cum off Kiki's thighs. Kiki moaned as Blueberry did so, and after Blueberry was done, Kiki pulled her up for another deep kiss. Amidst the smell of Blueberry's cum and sweat, Kiki brought the blanket over their bodies and the two fell asleep with their bodies pressed together.

So, which girl should I do more with? Lock or Blueberry?