Cherry on Top

November 7, 2009

Peachy keen razor blade

You will never disobey

Command after command after command

You submit to my demands

Happy stories to control

Happy endings withered and old

Smiling monsters smear my thighs

Giving in to fleshless lies

Tears won't fall for fear of heights

My arms weep faster than my insides

Quiet gashes that gasp for air

I prepare them like I comb my hair

Time is not the enemy of my day

But the empty face smiling up from the blade

My heart of stone beats on the love

It's blind and doles out endless shoves

You can't understand, you never will

The power, the agony, the shameful thrill

I want help, but not with your backhand

I want coddling like a baby trying to stand

I want this to end, my addiction or my life?

It depends on who will take away my knife