I don't think anything could have prepared me for the horror that was waiting for me in the bathroom.

I've seen horror movies and shit, but when you're sitting safe and sound on your couch with a hot bowl of popcorn in your lap and an icy soda in your hand, there's a certain sense of security in knowing that it isn't real. All that blood was fake. The bad guy was just an actor. The dismembered arms and legs and the rusty knives were nothing more than props. Really convincing props, but still props. Still fake.

There was nothing fake about Jupiter hunched over Belinda's corpse, torn flesh between his lips and tatter cloth clenched in his fingers.

Why did I have to be the one to find him? Why did I have to decide run ahead check the bathroom instead of just following Justus as the creepy man slammed doors open and closed as he marched himself down the hall? I'm such an idiot. What made me even think that I would be able to control Jupiter if I found him? He was like a mischievous child. If he wasn't with us, then he was obviously doing something, and if he was doing something wrong, he would try everything he could to not be caught. Right? Of course. It hard already been established in the past that when it came to dominance, he had the upper hand. That's why I was sporting a buzz cut. There was no way in hell I could make him stop misbehaving, let alone stop him from eating the help.

I sincerely wish that there was a nicer way to put it. But there isn't. The little blonde monster had murdered poor, eerily beautiful Belinda and now he was eating her. Literally eating. He must have been at this for a few hours. Blood was everywhere. The poor girl must have fought hard, but the miniature devil overpowered here. The towel rack had been ripped off the wall, and one end was bloody. Jupiter probably used it to bludgeon the snake woman to death. Maybe. I don't know. He ripped her apart. Who knew what the cause of death was.

The only thing that I really knew as I stood frozen in the door way, my eyes locked with his, was that I was going to throw up all over my feet.

However, I have a habit of being wrong. Justus had caught up to me. While I was still in the gagging process, he shoved me out of the way, back into the hall where I fell flat on my ass. I ended up vomiting in my lap instead of on my feet.

In the bathroom, I could hear Justus fussing at Jupiter. No idea what he said. Blood was pounding in my head. My heart was stuck in my throat. I could feel myself shaking. Maybe I was in shock. I had never really seen anything like that before. Who could blame me for freaking out a little? Besides, I much rather Justus handle the situation. Jupiter actually listened to him. Usually. Would… would he listen now? Would he play sweet and innocent for his master like he always did? What if he didn't? What if he killed Justus, too? I'd be screwed.

A good, solid ten minutes passed as I sat on the floor, trembling and covered in my own barf. It was a really long ten minutes. Full of panic and numbness. To tell the truth, I probably would have sat there for hours if Justus hadn't returned. I could feel my eyes widen as I looked up at him. The pale man didn't appear hurt. He had blood on his hands and shirt, but nowhere else. When I glanced down, I realized that he had an unconscious Jupiter by the ankle.

"Get up." Justus growled. "I have a new plan for you."

Please accept this really bad and rushed update as an apology for my prolonged absence.
It was written completely on an iPod Touch, so there are mistakes.
The entire story will be (slowly) rewritten due to my being very unhappy with it right now.
This chapter is more of a teaser than anything, I guess.