Chapter One: Chosen

"Get up, Angel," commanded Abel, nudging his little sister, "we're going to be late for school." Angel grumbled sleepily before snuggling back into bed and turning away from him. Abel groaned, hating when Angel decided to be difficult, and picked up his little sister from her spot on her bed. "Off to the shower we go."

I don't want to go to school," whined Angel, kicking him in the side. Abel grunted, but continued walking to the bathroom, rolling his eyes at Angel's tantrum. "I though you were a big girl? You're in second grade now. Big girls in second grade are too old to throw fits."

Angel frowned, tears gathering in her hazel eyes, and said, "I am a big girl!"

"Then get in the shower," ordered Abel, setting Angel down in front of the bathroom door.

"But I don't have my clothes," argued Angel, resting her hands on her little hips. Abel smiled warmly and chuckled. Angel looked adorable with sleep-tangled blonde hair and freckles dotted over sunkissed skin. Add that to the defiant look on her face; and she was the cutest little sister a brother could ask for.

"I'll get them for you while you take a shower. Hury up. We're already running late," urged Abel, hustling Angel into the bathroom before heading to Angel's room.

Angel's room was every little girl's dream. Cotton candy pink walls, plush white carpet, and mtching lace curtains; and a canopy bed made the room fit for a princess. Add all the Barbies and baby dolls and Angel wanted for nothing. Well, maybe for a pair of loving parents instead of ones that worked all the time, Abel thought with an indifferent shrug.

Abel opened the closet and wondered what to pick. It was suppose to snow today so pants and a sweater it was. Abel quickly grabbed a pair of blue jeans, a white sweater, some underwear, and a pair of socks; and headed back to the bathroom.

Abel gave a warning knock before opening the bathoom door and sighed in relief when he saw a towel-covered Angel brushing her teeth.

"Clothes," announced Abel, setting aforementioned items on the sink before grabbing a brush. Abel gently brushed Angel's hair, careful not to pull on any tangles, and put Angel's hair up in her favorite pigtail.

Once Abel was finished he gave Angel a quick peck on the top of her head and said, "get dressed while I start the car." Angel nodded, still brushing her teeth, and Abel left her to finish while he headed outside.

Abel cussed himself as he ran outside without a coat and hurried into his car, turning on the heat before going back outside to scrap off the frost from his windshield.

After Abel was satisfied that he would be able to see when he drove he hussled back inside.

Angel was waiting patiently for him, coat on and bookbag in hand. "I'm ready."

"Awesome," praised Abel, slipping into his coat before grabbing his own bookbag and they headed out.

The rodes were icy and Abel was forced to inch along the road or end up in a ditch somewhere and with Angel in the car that just wasn't an option. They'd be late, but they'd make in to school at least.

They were thirty minutes late when Abel finally managed to pull into the elementary parking lot and gave a mental sigh. This was going to be hell to explain.

"Come on Angel. I'm going to walk you in," voiced Abel, getting out of the car. He watched as Angel scrambled out of the car, taking her hand once she was outside and leading her to the school's enterance.

"Are we going to be in trouble?" questioned Angel, her forehead crinkling with worry. Abel snorted at how serious she looked, but shook his head and smiled. "Of course not. We just overslept. Just make sure to behave yourself today." Angel looked indignate and said, "I always behave!" Abel nodded and grinned. "I know you do."

Abel pressed the buzzer to have the elementary school allow them in and headed inside. "Can you handle it from here?"

Angel nodded, looking determined and sticking her little chin in the air.

"Good," voiced Abel, quickly scribbling a note on a stray piece of paper in his bag, "give this to Mrs. Janson and you'll be fine." Abel gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and headed back outside.

By time Abel made it to the high school he was almost an hour late and cursed his luck. Coach was going to freak. Abel really didn't want to be running laps for the rest of his life, but it couldn't really be helped.

He went up to the enterance, frustrated that he had to waste time pressing the buzzer to get in and sprinted down to the gym. Not thinking anything of it he quickly ran into the gym, an apology to coach on the tip of his tongue, when he stopped his tracks.

"Oh shit," Abel breathed, staring at the bleachers full of seniors and the floor that held maybe thirty ylikrt.

"My bad," apologized Abel and went to rush right back out of the gym.

"Stop," commanded a deep voice that sent shivers of pleasure down Abel's back. Abel winced and slowly turned around.

It was a ylikrt that had called to him. The ylikrt was well muscled with deep venetian red skin, about seven foot tall, and had choppy black hair. He also had intelligant silver eyes that were currently focused solely on Abel. Shit! He was a prince. Only the kings and princes had silver eyes. The rest had gold, red, or black.

"Come here," commanded the ylikrt. Abel tensed, but did as he was told. It was a great honor to be called upon by a prince--or so he was told. Once he had reached the ylikrt he stopped and looked at the prince expectantly. The ylikrt ran his fingers over Abel's jaw and smiled. "You're not a senior are you?"

"No. I'm only twenty," answered Abel, beginning to get nervous. This was the annual soul choosing for the school and Abel wasn't old enough to be here yet.

"Ah. Those pesky kings who changed the graduation age from eighteen. They've caused me a dilemna," murmured the ylikrt, looking Abel over apperciatively, "come here Ignacio!" Another ylikrt, Ignacio, came sashaying out of the group of other ylikrt and stood beside the prince. He was slender with coral red skin, about 6' 5", and had flowing silver hair. His golden eyes showing his noble birth and he too was looking at Abel in a very particular way.

"Does he suit you?" questioned the ylikrt prince, pulling Ignacio to his side.

"Prince Massimo," voiced Principal Walworth, scurrying over to us, "Abel isn't yet of age. Perhaps you could consider another." Prince Massimo's silver eyes narrowed before getting a dangerous glint in them. "Do not tell me what to do. Seniors are the ones we meeting with because that's the time their body will be mature and we will know if they are potentional souls, but Abel here. Well, he's a little special." With that Prince Massimo stuck his hands down my pants and fingered me. Abel gave a surprised moan, finding the ylikrt's touch surprisingly pleasurable. Prince Massimo wrapped an arm around Abel's waist and removed his hand from Abel's pants.

"You see. For some reason he's already ready for one of my kind," stated Prince Massimo, holding his bloody finger out for Principal Walworth to see. Abel wrinkled his forehead in disgusted before he realized what that meant. Fuck! He was someone's soul.