"Dibs on the new meat!"

"I want the blonde, he has a lovely mouth!"

"No, no, the short one. He looks good and sturdy."

It was a cruel God who caused me to hear those words. Someone in the cosmos was laughing at me, I knew. Because by some cosmic joke, it was no prison that yielded the teasing calls, but the entrance hall of a dormitory.

They say it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for. I guess I was the exception to that rule. I'd never been quiet, but I spent my entire school career as an honor roll student, and then wham! I got expelled my junior year when my counselor busted me with my pants around my ankles, and my ankles over my chem lab partner's shoulders. Of course, there wasn't much use denying anything when the poor counselor had the proof of my misdeeds all over his favorite slacks. He had, after all, opened the supply closet door at a very crucial moment, and Kyle had jumped away out of reflex. I knew of no male capable of stopping himself mid-orgasm, and I was no different. Perhaps if I were, I wouldn't have found myself being jeered at by a group of sickeningly eager upperclassmen.

In response to the scandal at school, I got 'house-bounced', as my brother jokingly called it. Mom sent me to Dad's. Dad, instead of throwing a fit about now having both my brother and I, simply made a call and shipped me off to his alma mater, the prestigious and private Winstead Academy. It was where my brother went, so I could hardly complain, could I? My objection was only to the all boys dorm. Now, don't get me wrong. It wasn't that I had anything against boys, or even a problem with my own sexuality. I just didn't want to spend the whole year locked away with a bunch of straight-boys-turned-gay-by-boredom, to hear Preston tell it.

He raised his hand as the group of new boys stopped, all of us eyeballing the rails above us with varying amounts of trepidation. They fell silent, some grinning, and some still trying to make a choice out of the group. My eyes were drawn when I noticed that one of them was staring rather intently at me.

"I want to be the first to welcome our new comers to dorm 4-A, the best dorm on campus." The upperclassmen cheered my brother's proclamation, and then quieted. "And as usual, the men who no longer have a roommate from a graduation during the summer who opted out of the first selection get to choose out of the newbies first."

"What the hell, Preston?" I demanded. They weren't seriously about to hand us out like door prizes, were they?

"It's mostly for you guys that we do room assignments this way. The staff doesn't care, and this way, when we graduate, you get your own room for as long as you want, or you can pick an easily bullied, gullible freshman to fetch and carry for you." The others cheered again, and my brother grinned. "By the way, men, this outspoken young gentleman is the kid I've told you so much about, my darling little brother, Danny."

Cat calls greeted the announcement, and I glared up at them. My eyes tracked back to the boy who'd been watching me. He smiled slowly, and I shivered. His eyes were the same blue-white of broken ice, and almost as cold. Oh, God, anyone but…

"I'll take him." I cursed as he spoke. My brother looked up at him.

"You haven't had a room mate since we moved in, Dorian. What makes you wanna take one now, especially this hellion?" Preston ruffled my hair and I shoved at him. The watching assembly tittered (yes, tittered like a gaggle of mindless fangirls) and I glared anew.

"Just because. What, I'm not allowed to decide who gets my room?"

"It's not like that. We just figured, since you never chose out of the other groups, that you didn't want—"

"Well, now I do. Send him up." He disappeared down the hallway and Preston chuckled.

"Guess that's that, then. Daniel, your room is upstairs, down the left hand hallway at the end on the right. If you wanna take up your carry-on bag, the staff will bring the big stuff up later."

"Don't we get some say in this?" I demanded. More laughter drifted down from above, and they spoke as one.

"Not at all."


I trudged upstairs, irritated at being treated like an item for auction. As I passed the upperclassmen murmured amongst themselves, sparing me covetous glances as my fellow newcomers were sold off to the dorm's older inhabitants. I stopped as I turned the corner towards my doom, because the two boys nearest me were talking about me openly.

"Hell, it's clear that boy Danny is the pick of the litter. He's damned fine, and he's go the same stubborn air that Preston had when he first got here."

"Dorian's a lucky fellow. I'd have expected him to pick a softy, though, someone nice and easy to train."

"Not Dorian. He's the 'I must break you' type. This is gonna get good, I'm telling you."

"I'd put money on the kid breaking Dorian. He's adorable, and Dorian'll end up going nuts for him. They'll be screwing within a week."

I swung back around the corner to give them a piece of my mind, and they were both grinning. They'd known I was there. I noticed then that they were twins. Dammit! I'd never met a pair that didn't spell out trouble.

"I'm not fucking anyone here."

"That's what everyone says." They chimed.

"I'm not everyone else."

"If you say so. It's not like we're not into girls too, for the most part. But this place is like prison. Even the teachers are male. It's best to just give it up from the beginning and find a lover for the duration, because the more you protest now, the more humble pie you'll have to eat when you do it anyway later on. Besides, we have classes during a small part of the day, and most boys only go home for holidays. What else would we do with all that free time?"

"Study? Play video games? Work on becoming productive members of society? Something other than indulging your bi-curious nature out of sheer damned boredom?" They shrugged, still grinning, and I wanted to sock them right in their identical noses.

"Where would be the fun in that?" Again, they spoke in unison, and I could have torn my hair out. They weren't taking me at all seriously.

"Who the hell are you two, anyway?"



"Bullshit." I scoffed.

"Nick names. We all have one. Well, except for Dorian, but we call him Senpai because we're geeks that way. You can just call us RT. We both answer to it since no one can tell us apart anyway."

"Requiem. Tempest." We all jumped when a voice spoke from behind me. Dorian, my new roommate, stood in the hallway, and he looked none too pleased.

"Yes, Senpai?" They chorused, innocent smiles pasted on.

"I told you both to stop calling me that. I also told Preston to send him up to our room. I did not, however, ask that Preston force him to suffer the irritating antics of Thing One and Thing Two. So would you mind explaining why my little prince hasn't made his way to our room yet?"

I glared at him, too. Who did this kid think he was? "Look, pal, I'm no one's little prince. And I'll talk to whoever I want!" I stopped my tirade when he came closer, and backed into the wall when he stepped in farther. I was boxed in by his arms before I could move, so I tried to muster what I hoped was a brave front. The guy had several inches on me, and I've never been very athletic. "Go on, then. Hit me." I challenged. He looked surprised.

"Hit you? There are better ways of gentling a skittish animal then force, Adonis."

Before I could protest, he kissed me. I was so startled by it that I didn't pull away. The twins squealed in delight, drawing the attention of those nearby. I shoved him away, blushing, as they cooed and cat called. He chuckled and his humor, though at my expense, turned his face into something easier, softer. He pressed back in close, spoke in my ear.

"Don't lip off to me, little one. I've got much better uses for that pretty mouth of yours." I felt the blood drain out of my face as he drew back, still smiling cheerfully. "Now, I'll expect you in that room within five minutes. Don't make me come looking for you again." So saying, he turned and walked away as if nothing had happened. The twins squealed again.

"I knew it! I knew Senpai was going to find a boy toy eventually!" Requiem said.

"Like hell! I'm not going into that room!" I snapped. They stopped, stared at me as if I were insane.

"Not going? What do you mean, not going?" There had to be a law against twins speaking in unison so often, but they continued to irritate me by doing so.

"I'm nobody's toy! I'm not going into that room! I'm not sleeping near a guy who thinks it's okay to just walk up and kiss me in front of a room full of people!"

They looked at each other, then back at me. "Senpai is going to be pissed. Besides, new boys don't get a choice in their room assignment."

"We'll see about that. Preston!" I yelled my brother's name, and a moment later, he came up the stairs.

"Daniel? Dorian is expecting you, and all the other boys have already gone to their new rooms. Why are you still out here?"

"I want a different room." I demanded.

"What? You've only been here 15 minutes, and already you complain about your room?"

"He fucking kissed me! I want a different room, Preston. Right goddamn now!"

He laughed. "Damn, and I missed it! RT, was it good?"

They laughed, and Requiem spoke. "You bet! He blushed, even pushed him."

"Enough! I'm not kidding, Preston. I want a different room."

He spread his hands in the universal stance of the peace maker. "I would, little brother. Honestly, I would if I could. But there aren't any more empty rooms. The last available room was already filled by two of the younger boys who weren't chosen. So, you see, you'll just have to make do with Dorian until someone gets expelled or switches school or graduates. And that could take a while."

"Then I'll trade with one of them."

"That's not allowed. Room assignment is permanent." Tempest pointed out. When I looked at him, he shrugged. "Just trying to be helpful."

"You'd better figure something out, because I'm not—" My brother rolled his eyes, and I slugged him in the chest. "Preston! I'm serious!"

"I'm sorry, Danny, but you'll have to take it up with Dorian. I can't do anything about it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a new friend to take care of." He grinned, and walked away as though I wasn't still there. I stood fuming for a few moments, much to the twins' delight. They followed me when I snatched up my bag and strode back down the stairs. I wasn't having this. As I stalked through the rooms, looking for a phone to call my father, or an adult, or something, I found a den. I sat down to fume, and the devilish duo seated themselves opposite me, obviously enjoying the hell out of my irritation.

I ignored them for a time, trying to figure out a way to get what I wanted, until I noticed their eyes were fixed on something behind my chair, and they were grinning like a pair of Cheshire Cats.

"Hello, Senpai." I stilled when they spoke, and then scrunched down carefully in my chair. "We figured you might have gone to bed already. What brings you down here?"

"Enough. Where is he?" My would-be room mate sounded pissed, and I started to feel a bit nervous. He'd warned me not to make him come looking for me again. What was he planning?

"Who? Preston and the others all went to help their room mates get settled, and the unlucky ones went to pout in their rooms." Requiem said lightly.

"Not Preston. The other one. I know you two were with him, so where is he now?"

Tempest faked a yawn, giving me a knowing look as he did so, and I shook my head just a little, praying they'd be kind souls and tell him I wasn't here. I didn't want to be found.

"I'd imagine he's out front, having a mild heart-attack." Requiem said. I closed my eyes, relieved beyond words.

"He did seem rather upset last time we saw him. Preston had to tell him there were no other rooms available. He doesn't seem to enjoy your company as much as we do, Senpai."

"Stop calling me that." He'd sounded heated before, but now he was clearly distracted. I wanted to do a victory dance. He was going to leave to look for me, so I could make a break for it! "He's out front, you say?"

"We would imagine so."

"Thanks. I'll see you two in the morning." I heard footsteps leave, and then the door opened and closed. I sat up properly, and gave the twins a grateful look.

"You two saved my ass. Thanks." I said.

"We did?" I was beginning to recognize that Tempest had the more teasing personality of the two of them, because he had a big, satisfied smile on his face as he stood, stretched. "I suppose you're right. Come on, little brother, let's go. I don't think Adonis will want us sticking around bothering him anymore."

"I'm only 3 minutes younger than you—!"

"Adonis? What'd you call me that for?" I asked.

"'Cause that's what Senpai named you, of course. Silly boy." They left, and I stood to move to the couch. I would sleep there before I'd go up those stairs again. I settled on it, ready to catch a nap, or at least to calm down a bit from all the trouble since my arrival. Finally, just a little bit of peace.

"You don't listen very well, Daniel."

I jack-knifed, my eyes flying to the door. Dorian stood with his back pressed to it. He was looking at me, and I felt heat flood my face. Dammit! I hadn't fooled him. And now I was trapped. Well, the only thing left to do was brazen it out.

"I'm not going into that room. I'm sleeping in here tonight, and I'm getting moved to a different dorm tomorrow. So you can leave now." I said. He smiled, if you could call that slow revealing of teeth a smile. He came farther into the room and I began moving slowly to the side, trying to judge my chances of making it to the door before he caught me if he continued on his path.

"You aren't sleeping in here tonight, and you aren't getting a different dorm, because that would embarrass Preston. He's spent so much time telling us all about you. We were dying to meet you, and I'm sure the other guys would be disappointed to see you go."

"Tough. They'll get over it. It's not like they won't see me in classes. You can't make me stay here."

"Why would I do something like that? It's not my place to make you do much of anything." He'd reached the center of the room, near where I'd been sitting, and I'd retreated to the edge of the room. He was between me and the door, but if I dodged far enough to the side… "What're you so scared of, Daniel? Is it me, or is it yourself? Your brother told me exactly why you're here, so what's the problem? I never said I wanted anything from you. I just offered to let you share my room until I graduate."

"Bull shit. You kissed me. You're just as bad as those twins, thinking I'm going to start screwing guys here just because there are no girls."

"There were girls at your old school, and you screwed guys anyway. I don't buy that for a minute, so stop dicking around." He took another step towards me, and I dashed for the door. My fingers were mere inches from the doorknob when he pounced. He landed on top of me, knocking all the air out of my lungs, and was straddling me before I could do anything to stop him. I threw a punch, which he leaned out of with insulting ease, before pinning my wrists beside my head.

"Fuck you! Get off of me!" I snapped. He was grinning, damn him, grinning as I struggled to get loose.

"Stop it before you hurt yourself." He chided. "I'm not letting you go until we have a conversation, so you're just wasting your time and mine."

"What the hell is your problem? I don't want to share a room with you! What's so wrong with that?" I replied.

"Nothing wrong with it. You don't know me very well, so you wouldn't know, but I'm not like a lot of the other men in the dorm."

"Whatever. You're a horny pervert just like they are, trapping new kids into room assignments so you can molest us—"

"Shut up." He gave me such a heated look that I actually obeyed. Obviously, I'd pushed a button. "We're nothing compared to the class above us when it comes to trapping newbies into things, so you should be grateful. As for molesting you… I would never do anything of the sort. In fact, by the time the term is over, you'll be so infatuated that you won't know what to do without me. In fact, I'd bet on it."

"Oh, yeah?" I couldn't keep the speculation out of my voice. I'd never been able to say no to a good bet. This whole conversation was starting to feel like a trap, but he'd all but thrown a gauntlet down. What kind of Conner male would I be if I let that go unanswered? "What would the stakes of that bet be?"

"You have to stay in our room until midterms. That means spending normal amounts of time there, if I'm there or not, and if I want time with you, you can't say no. You don't run away. And I won't touch you if you don't want me to."

"Fine." All that sounded easy enough. I didn't like him anyway, so the no touching would be easy enough. I didn't get romantic with boys, so not having that physical connection would make this even better. I had books, I had my laptop, and I had music. I could spend time in our room and ignore him completely. This was going to be the easiest bet I'd ever taken. "What do I get if I win?"

"My room. If you aren't dying for me to stay by the end of this term, I'll switch dorms. Or you can, depending on how you get along with the other guys."

"And if you win?"

A fatal question, that. I wasn't sure why he was so adamant that I stay. He was even willing to give up his bedroom for the sake of getting me to stick around. A shiver was chased down my spine at the smile that touched his lips after I asked. He leaned in closer and I turned my head. I wasn't going to have him kissing me again. His breath caressed my ear, and I wiggled. My ears were an unfortunate turn on spot. He chuckled before he spoke, and what he said was all but a war declaration.

"What do I win? That's simple, Adonis… The only thing I'll get out of it is satisfaction."

Over my dead body.

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Preston "Chief" Conner: Senior. Age 18. Peace Maker. Gay as blazes XD. Affable. (Blonde/Hazel)

Dorian "Senpai" Blake: Senior. Age 18. Serious. No one is really sure about Dorian's sexual preferences, because he doesn't talk about having a girl back home, but he's yet to take a lover at the Academy. Quiet, but intense. (Brown/ Light Blue)

Edwin "Tempest" Howell: Junior. Age 17. Trickster Twin. Straight, but because they are at the Academy and choose not to go without sex, they both have a lover. Joker. (Black/Blue)

Phillip "Requiem" Howell: Junior. Age 17. Guardian Twin. Straight, but because they are at the Academy and choose not to go without sex, they both have a lover. Gentle. (Black/Blue)

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