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When Roo came back to the table to check in a few moments later, our eyes met and he whistled.

"You don't look too good, Adonis! What happened while I was ordering up your food?"

"Daley overheard some things that were… ah, cause for concern. We should be heading back, so we'll need the food to go." Dorian spoke casually as I leaned forward in my seat, nausea clawing its way through my abdomen. This had been the worst idea I'd ever had, that much was obvious. And if I didn't get Jamie out of there before Daley the Destroyer came calling in the morning, she was the one who would pay the price.

"Pity! I'd just gotten the go-ahead from Dad to take my break so I could sit and pester my favorite guest. I also told him I was fairly sure I knew our guest somewhere and it was driving me bananas. Oh well. There's always next time. You never stay away long, do you, Dor?"

"How could I? I'll take the check now so we can leave as soon as the food is prepared. I'm not sure Adonis will make it much longer than that. I don't believe I've seen him go quite this pale since the night he arrived."

"Fuck you! This is your fault, just like it was then!" I lifted my head to snarl at him, and instantly regretted it. The room swam before my eyes, and I dropped my forehead back to the table, groaning as that added to my suffering.

"Christ, Danny! You'll give yourself a concussion. Here, sit up. Have some water." Jamie leaned in, dragging my torso back up until I was seated normally. She pushed my water glass into my hands and I drank from it, stomach still rolling. I had to figure out a plan, and fast.

"Why the long face, Adonis? I'm sure this won't be his first time dealing with the cops, and it's reasonable to assume the other times were just as warranted." Tempest was grinning as he leaned around Dorian to speak, and without thought, my water glass landed, teetering dangerously on the table as my fist met flesh. I didn't care that I'd painted this picture of 'James', that it was my own words that had led them to believe that my tiny friend was a terrible person. I was tipsy from the wine and pissed off at the entire situation. Someone or something was going to know my wrath, and it just so happened to be the jaw of the other boy.

He fell back into his seat as the watching assembly all spoke at once. I stood, dragging Jamie up with me, and ran for the elevator. None of the others stood to follow us, and once we were safely inside of it, heading for the ground floor, I sank against the wall, breath heaving. Jamie's eyes were wide as she paced back and forth in front of me.

"What the hell did you do that for? You do realize that we rode here with those people? And that we have to either go back with them or walk? And the longer it takes us to get back there, the longer it'll take for me to get the hell out of dodge! I love you, Danny, but I can't get in trouble for this! My dad would shit!"

"I know."

"What's that guy's problem anyway? He's evil! Pure evil! I realize that he didn't want you to have a boyfriend, but to get the cops involved? Jesus!"

"I know."

"Even if we admit that we lied, they'll still take me in and they'll call my parents! I told my dad that I was just coming to visit your school. I did not tell him I was going to be impersonating a guy to do so!"

"I know."

"For God's sake, stop saying you know and tell me what we're going to do! You've gotta get Dorian to call off that teacher, or the jig is up, Danny!"

Bingo. There it was: my answer on a silver platter. If I could get back to the dorm, get Dorian alone and make him see reason, maybe things didn't have to melt down quite so soon. And if I could say the right thing, I might even be able to win or eliminate this bet once and for all. It had been a bad idea from the very beginning. Moving away from the wall, I snagged her hand as she paced past me and pulled her into a hug.

"Don't worry. I'll figure something out. But if you still want to bail, I won't blame you. I didn't think this was going to get so far out of hand quite so quickly."

She sighed, cuddling in to my hold. "I won't bail. If you think you can get us out of this enough for this to still happen, I'm not going to jump ship. Besides, why waste an awesome hair cut by going home?"

I laughed, dropping a kiss to her head. We stood that way until the elevator reached the ground, and then went outside to wait for the others, still holding hands. I had my course of action, and now I just had to iron out the details. The bottom line was both simple and complicated, and I wasn't positive I'd be able to pull it off either way. But I had no other choice. When we returned to our room, I would either talk Dorian out of getting Jamie charged with assault, or I would seduce him out of it.

The ride back to the dorm was stone silent. I had hit Tempest harder than I would have if I'd been thinking, and he was slumped in his seat, Requiem half on top of him with ice held to the bruise already blooming where my fist had landed. I watched in the rearview mirror as he alternated between glaring at me and Jamie. Preston had wisely placed the twins in the farthest back seat and moved up to join Jamie and the packages of carry out, though he refused to meet her eyes or mine. Dorian's hands were clenched, knuckles white, around the wheel as he drove. He didn't speak, except to snarl at me not to touch the fucking radio half way back. Any other time, I'd have done as I pleased, but when he turned to look at me and I noticed that his eyes were pale blue, icy with his irritation, I turned away to stare out the window. It wouldn't do for me to piss him off any farther, not if I wanted to salvage the situation even slightly.

The car jerked to a stop in front of the dorm, and I waited with Jamie as Preston and the twins snagged the food and headed inside. Dorian spoke with one of the staff members, handed over the car keys and stood talking to the man for a minute as I pushed Jamie towards the door.

"Go to your room. If your stuff is unpacked, put it back in your suitcases just in case. I'll know long before we have to worry about him showing up if Dorian is going to call Daley off, and we can get you a cab to the airport if we need to." I whispered. She nodded, turning to kiss me before fleeing down one of the hallways on the first floor to whatever room they'd given her.

"Waiting around for me, Adonis? Don't tell me you've suddenly had a change of heart and are ready to let go of that scumbag boyfriend of yours. I'm not sure my heart could take the shock." Dorian spoke from behind me and I glanced at him. His eyes had melted to a brighter, hotter blue. He wasn't coldly furious any longer; he was calculating, and I was seething internally as I turned to face him.

"No. It's nothing like that. I just figured I should apologize. You were trying to do something nice and I… was a bit of an asshole."

Brow raised, he tilted his head to look at me. "If I hadn't spent the last week trying to figure you out, I might be suspicious that you were just saying that, but from what I gather, you're generally man enough to admit when you're wrong. So I'll accept your apology."

"Glad to hear it. If the brass is going to show up in the morning, we'd better eat and go to bed."

"Oh? I figured you would want to spend time with your boyfriend. He is leaving, isn't he? I know you're not stupid. If Daley shows up here in the morning, especially with the Dean, the next time you kiss him, it'll be to say goodbye until he gets out of jail."

"Jetlag. He wanted to go to bed. And I owe Tempest an apology too, so I thought I'd hang with you guys." I smiled tentatively at him, and he chuckled, shaking his head.

"Good luck with that. I'm not sure the twins are too keen on your company any longer this evening. They never stay mad about anything for long, so we'll see how they feel in the morning. But this is the second time in less than 12 hours that you've hurt Tempest, so they might not cool off even then."

"Not even if I apologize?"

"Short of going to their room, I doubt you'll get the chance. Speaking of, I'd imagine everyone's already headed to theirs, so maybe we should do the same. Preston seemed keen to part ways as well, so I'd imagine he's put the food in the fridge. It'll be there tomorrow. I don't know about you, but I've rather lost my appetite." I didn't argue. We walked in silence to our shared bedroom, and the silence continued as we both got ready for bed.

I kicked myself mentally. If he got into bed with those damned headphones of his before I got a conversation started, my chance would be lost and we would be screwed. I tied the draw string of my pajama pants and left the shirt where it lay, half hidden beneath my pillows. Dorian stood with his back to me, washing his hair in the sink on his side of the room. I sat on my bed, watching him, trying to shore up my courage. It was a difficult task when presented with beautiful, muscular eye candy.

"Ah… Dorian." I finally forced myself to speak as he stood, throwing his head back and sending a fine mist of water flying from the ends of his hair before covering his head in a towel and beginning to rub briskly. He peeked out of the folds of the material to look at me, question clear in his gaze. "Can we… talk? Just for a few minutes. I'm not quite ready to go to sleep yet."

"We both know I'm not the one you want to talk to. And I'm not really in the mood to play surrogate." He replied shortly, turning his back to continue with his hair. "You don't even like me. You've said it a hundred times, and tonight pretty much cemented it. I believe you now. So why not go downstairs and talk to him?"

"I can talk to James any time. I want to talk to you."

"You haven't honestly wanted to speak to me since you got here, Adonis. Trust me, I remember. I had to twist your arm practically out of the socket each and every time. Why break your record now?"

"What does it matter why? It's what you were after, right? So why not just go with it? I want to talk to you now. Besides, wasn't that part of the bet? We're supposed to spend time with each other when the other asks. You pulled that card on me earlier. It's only fair."

He turned, eyes blazing and threw the towel at me. It hit my chest and I jerked, startled. "Fuck you. I don't buy the sudden change of heart, so drop the bullshit. You couldn't run far or fast enough from me earlier, and now you want to be pals? Hot and cold games are for females, and last I checked, you weren't one. So unless you're a much better fake than I thought, I suggest you leave me the hell alone and let me get ready for bed."

Furious, I jumped off my bed and hurled the towel back at him. It landed around his shoulders and head, and he turned slowly to face me. Fists clenched, I glared at him. "You're one to fucking talk about hot and cold games. Yesterday morning, you were practically eating my face, and now you don't even want to talk to me? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it you that went out of his way to get me here so you could spend time with me? Don't be an asshole."

"That was before."

"Before what? Before you found out about James? What the hell do you care about James?" I stormed forward, shoved him and kept shoving, following each time my hands drove him back. "What the hell do you care if he's in my life or not? We were strangers until recently. You don't even know me! It's not your business!"

I went to shove him yet again, and his hands caught my wrists. He pushed my hands down, still in his grip, and he leaned in so that we were nose to nose. "Because someone should fucking care! Someone should care if you're in a bad situation and can't do anything to get out of it! Not everyone is lucky enough for that!" It was the first time I'd ever heard Dorian raise his voice, and I stared at him, wide eyed and speechless. With his words, the reasoning for Preston's rambling earlier began to form, and my eyes softened, sad for the boy in front of me.


"Don't. Just… don't." He moved slowly, as though it were a strain to keep himself in check as he pushed me back a step. I didn't move away as he'd clearly hoped. He pulled the towel off his head and turned so that I could only see his profile, head down. "You should go to bed. I'm sure tomorrow will be a long day for everyone, with Daley and the Dean visiting."

"Daley doesn't need to show up here."

"I disagree."

"Fine, I don't want him here. He's more stress than I care to deal with. Either way, I don't think having James around is conducive to my learning environment, so maybe it'd be best if he went back home."

"Sending him home isn't going to change the situation."

"Then I'll change the situation myself! Jesus Christ, I don't want to see him sent to jail."

"Men like that deserve to see the inside of a cell. It's the only way for them to learn. Trust me. I know that from experience."

"I'll send him away before I'll let you see him locked up."

"That's not going to stop me, Adonis. You don't love him and he doesn't deserve you. I won't let it continue." He started to turn away completely. I reached out to grab his wrist. He looked at me, and I saw something dark and wounded in his eyes, something I hadn't seen before. He wasn't doing this to torture me. He was doing it because someone had tortured him, and he didn't want to see it happen to me.

I parted my lips to speak, but lost the chance as his mouth met mine suddenly. I knew why he'd kissed me. He was hiding from whatever that something was that I'd seen in his gaze, but as he jerked his arm out of my hold and pulled me closer to deepen the kiss, I was simply incapable of caring.

Without missing a beat, Dorian turned us so that my back was to his bed, and he released my mouth just long enough to push me on to it. I coerced my useless limbs into leaning up on my elbows, and then he was straddling my waist. No matter how cold his eyes could be, his body was warm, and he pressed all that warmth against me, our bare chests pressing together as he cupped a hand around the back of my neck to kiss me again.

My eyes dropped closed as I tasted him, a hint of a whimper catching in my throat when he rolled his hips against me. God, he had a body made of sin, and he was killing me with it. My arms gave way and I was flat on my back, unable to think when he abandoned my mouth to kiss his way from my lips to throat. He nipped here, there, soft at first and then harder as a breathy moan insisted on making itself known.

"Dorian…" I trailed off as his hand slid from the back of my throat, across my chest and down the center of my torso, lower, lower still, until his fingertips traced the edge of my pants. I squirmed under his weight and he chuckled, shifting so that my legs were parted around his hips. His impressive length, which I'd now felt twice but yet to see, stroked against mine. "M-maybe we should have that talk I mentioned before—Oh god." The waistband gave way to his questing fingers and I jumped, shuddering as his cool fingertips slid boldly over the hottest part of me.

"I sincerely doubt conversation is what you want, given what I have a handful of." He leaned down to speak in my ear, still stroking me, before nipping lightly at my earlobe, tugging with his teeth and melting me in the process. What the hell had I been saying, anyway?

"Danny, I just wanted to make sure you were—Oh jeez." Dorian didn't jump when the door swung open and my brother spoke. He turned lazily, my ear still caught in his teeth as I wreathed under his assault. I would have leapt off the side of the bed to hide from his sudden laughter, but Dorian's hand was still as busy as it had been, and he didn't acquiesce to my obvious intention when I started to turn my body. "Ah… Yeah. I just wanted to check in and be certain Danny was all right after everything that happened… But I guess you're… on top of that, huh, Dorian?"

"Get out of my room, Chief. As you can clearly see, your brother is in excellent hands."

"So gone." The door closed softly behind me, and I lifted my hands to Dorian's chest, trying to push him back. He didn't let me, and I gasped as his grip tightened into a full, fisted stroke instead of just the teasing passes.

"Don't chicken out now, Adonis. There's no reason for you to run away. Not yet."

"I…You just sit there, calmly groping me… in front of my brother?" I gasped. I was trying my hardest to be outraged, but it was understandably difficult with a hand on my cock.

"Preston didn't see anything he shouldn't have. The angle of the door wouldn't have allowed it, so I saw no reason to stop what I was doing. Besides, why would I have moved when it was a distinct possibility that you'd make that beautiful sound again once the door was closed."

"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about but—" My words were caught off by a sharp moan when he moved without warning, pressing against me where I was quite literally dying to have him. He laughed, soft, delighted, as he ran his tongue along the shell of my ear and nibbled at my throat.

"That sound. It's a reason within itself to call you Adonis. Beloved of the goddesses indeed."


"I love the way you say my name." He kissed me again, and my arms lifted of their own accord around his neck. I knew he was using all this physical contact to hide whatever pain had been on his mind only a little while ago. I knew it, and I knew I had to address it, but with his hips moving against mine, subtly, teasingly, murmuring in my ear just what he had in mind for the next part of our evening, I just didn't have it within me to bring it up again. But before I let myself get carried away, there was one thing I had to say.

"If you call Daley off, I'll concede the bet."

At this, he lifted his head to look at me, eyes narrowing suddenly. "Is that why you're going along with this? The fucking bet?"

"No, no, of course not." I spoke quickly, but the suspicion didn't leave his gaze. I sighed. "I just… want to get this sorted out before this… goes any farther. I'm trying to think while there's still blood circulating to my brain."

"If there's blood flowing to your brain at all, then I'm not doing my job. We'll worry about the rest tomorrow. I clearly need to focus a bit better on what I'm doing."

"It'll be too late tomorrow and you know it. Just call him off, or at least buy me enough time to get Jamie on a plane."

"If you've been laying here with me, thinking about him, Adonis... I may have to break my promise not to hit you." I looked at him, wide eyed, and he sighed. "I'll call him first thing in the morning and tell him I want to talk to you a bit longer before he wastes his time showing up here over what could potentially be a non-issue."

"Thank you—"

"No need to thank me. It's not a favor. Here's the deal: I call Daley, and your friend can even stay the full week. But this is it. You break up with him before he goes, and once he leaves, I don't want to hear about him ever again. You backed down from the bet, and that means I win. You're mine until I say otherwise."

Fuck. "Deal."

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