Confabulation – formation of false memories, perceptions or beliefs about the self or the environment

"You know the shower curtain exists so you don't get the floor all wet." Corey yanked the curtain shut, concealing his dripping boyfriend.

"It's claustrophobic." Devon pulled the curtain back open. "Besides, I wanna watch you."

"Oh, yeah, because watching me brush my teeth is so thrilling."

Devon grinned. "You just don't want me to distract you from your boring personal hygiene. You want to watch me as bad as I wanna watch you."

Corey stuck out his tongue, but he couldn't resist peeking at his boyfriend's reflection in the cloudy mirror. Devon leaned into the water, letting it run freely over his face, down into his tangled hair. His hands traveled over his neck, rubbing the stress from the muscles; over his muscular chest, brushing away soap; down to touch his flaccid member. He fondled the flesh teasingly.

Corey's eyes flicked back up to Devon's face. His boyfriend winked. "Wanna help?"

Corey blushed – he hated how much he loved to watch Devon. And how much Devon loved to tease him about it. "You're such a horn dog."

He turned back to the mirror, resolved to ignore his boyfriend. He squirted toothpaste onto his toothbrush, carefully avoiding any glance toward the open shower.

When Devon's wet arms encircled him, Corey squeaked in surprise and flinched, dropping his toothbrush. For a second, he felt like a rabbit standing in the glare of someone's headlights – unable to think and unable to move. It had been two days since his rape nightmare, but the unexpected touch made his mind scream danger danger danger.

Devon dragged him under the shower's spray – soaking the boxers he had on. As his boyfriend leaned in and kissed him passionately, Corey fully registered his surroundings and felt his mind go still. His heart was still pounding in his ears, but he was able to react normally to Devon's kiss.

Corey wrapped his arms around Devon's neck as his boyfriend's fingers caressed him. He moaned into Devon's mouth when the larger man drew his fingernails over his back.

"Do you have work today?" Devon's voice was low, lusty.

Corey shook his head. "I know you do, though."

Devon's fingers dug into Corey's upper arms. "I don't go in until noon," he drew his tongue teasingly over Corey's jaw. "We've got plenty of time."

Corey looked at his boyfriend skeptically. "Really?"

"Would I lie to you about something like that?" Devon looked affronted and then he sighed. "Never mind, don't answer that."

Corey's retort was cut off as Devon pressed him against the cold shower tile. His boxers seemed to have disappeared. Devon's tongue brushed against his, flitted over the roof of his mouth, while his fingers stroked Corey's sides. He shivered, suppressing a groan of pleasure as Devon's fingertips traveled over the cleft of his hips; reached around him; pressed against his entrance.

"Dev . . ." Corey wrapped his legs around his boyfriend's waist.

A knock on the bathroom door made both of them jump. "Will you guys get out of the bathroom? I've got work!"

Devon grinned at Corey. Corey smirked and tossed his head back with a lascivious moan.

"What do you want, Chris? We're busy." Devon barked, extracting another moan from Corey as he pressed a wet finger inside him.

"I need a shower -"

"I'll say."

"Before I go to work and I know you two aren't doing anything important in there."

"On the contrary, sex is very important," Devon contradicted, smiling evilly.

"Yeah," Corey chimed in. "Almost as important as annoying one's straight roommates as often as possible."

"Devon, if you don't get out of that freaking shower right now I will kick your little boy toy out on his butt – don't think I won't!"

Corey and Devon shared a look. That was always Chris' threat, but they both knew he was too nice to ever kick Corey out no matter how many times they delayed his shower or scarred his eyes.

"All right, all right, we're getting out." Devon rolled his eyes. He carefully set Corey on the slippery floor of the shower, turning off the water. He leaned out of the shower to grab a towel and Corey flung his arms around his broad shoulders.

"Can I have a piggy back?"

Devon straightened, tugging at Corey's wet thighs until they wrapped securely around his waist.

Chris' eyes widened and he looked away quickly when they left the bathroom.

Devon's grin grew wider. "Move it, het-boy, the love train is rolling through."

Corey snorted. "The love train, Dev? Honestly."

As they rounded a corner in the hallway, Corey glanced back to see Chris watching them, open-mouthed. He winked and the straight boy's cheeks colored instantly. Chris slammed the bathroom door behind him.

Devon dropped Corey unceremoniously onto their bed. He moved to the dresser and began rifling through the drawers.

"What are you looking for, baby?"

Devon shot a mischievous smile in Corey's direction. "You'll see."

Corey reclined easily on the bed, absent-mindedly toying with his partially-erect flesh. His eyes flicked up to the ceiling in a motion that had become one of pure habit over the last two days – he had not seen the shadow-creature again, but he could not keep himself from checking.

Devon bounced back onto the bed. He was holding something behind his back. He peeled off his towel and settled between Corey's thighs. "Close your eyes and spread your legs."

Corey clenched his eyes shut and grabbed his damp thighs, holding his legs open. He heard Devon rip open a package and was tempted to open his eyes, but he resisted. He felt Devon's lubricant-coated fingers trailing over his sac, applying gentle pressure on his perineum. Corey squirmed. He wanted Devon inside him. "Stop teasing, Dev."

"Hold your horses, baby."

Corey cracked his eyes open just in time to see Devon position himself and slowly press the head of his dick into Corey's body. "Nnuhh,"

He clenched his eyes shut.

The friction burned – Devon really hadn't prepped him at all – but Corey tried to keep his moans at a normal level, digging his fingernails into the flesh of his legs. Corey could feel the distinct texture of latex and he wondered why Devon had a condom on until he felt a slick warmth inside him.


"You can open your eyes now."

Corey gazed at his lover through lidded eyes as Devon leaned over him, into him. "These are like the ones you got me when I turned 21, yeah?"

Devon laughed. "They're the same condoms, baby, we haven't used all of them yet."

"Really?" Corey's voice was breathy.

Devon bent to brush his mouth over Corey's blushing lips. "It's only been two weeks."

"Oh." Corey felt confused. He was twenty four, what did Devon mean it'd only been two weeks? Then Devon was sliding out of him, the warming lubricant muddling his thoughts further.

He moaned piteously as Devon's flesh left him, but the sound changed to a lewd moan of pleasure as the heat of his boyfriend's dick filled him – pounded into him. His grip on his wet skin slipped, and he felt his thighs fall out of his grasp only to be lifted onto Devon's shoulders, pressing Devon into his body to the hilt. His back arched sharply against the bed as Devon slanted his body upward, using his muscled forearms to support Corey's weight.

He felt Devon's thrusts become erratic; watched Devon's eyes shut and his teeth worry the inside of his bottom lip. He felt the overwhelming heat inside his body intensify as Devon threw back his head, spilling his seed into the latex sheath.

Corey felt his own orgasm building from just watching Devon's throes; feeling the heat sweep over him. He felt a hand grasp his dick, tugging at his flesh. Corey blinked, feeling confused. Devon's hands were grasping his thighs – he could see his own hands, white-knuckled on Devon's. He blinked again and saw a gaping, laughing mouth and a shadowed hand, jerking him off, could feel the deathly-cold grip drawing him over the edge . . .

Corey cried out as he came. The sound was full of fear and carnal pleasure. He scrunched his eyes shut – riding out the wave of pleasure – and when he opened them again nothing was there.

Devon lowered him carefully, laying tender kisses on the bruises already forming on his thighs. "Best birthday present ever, huh?" He asked teasingly.

Corey was breathing heavily, his heart pounding in his ears, fighting the temptation to snatch Devon to him and cry like a child. What was that thing?

"Yeah . . ."

Devon lay beside him and drew him close, letting his chin rest on the top of Corey's head. Corey buried his face in the dampness of his lover's skin, relishing the musk of sex that tainted Devon's natural scent. His heart had calmed.

It was nothing – just a shadow.



"Why did you say it's only been two weeks since my birthday?"

"Because it has been."

Corey petted Devon's chest, still feeling muddled. "I mean, since I turned 21. That was, like, three years ago."

Devon scoffed. "Oh, ha ha."

"No, seriously, I just turned 24."

Devon's fingers brushed Corey's cheek, bringing their gazes together. "What are you playing at, babe? You're 21."

"Ha ha, yourself. I think I know how old I am."

Devon looked concerned. "Corey, are you playing around? Seriously, it's not funny."

"Am I playing around?" Corey felt angry. What was Devon's problem? Corey pushed himself off the bed. "I'm 24."

Devon sat up and grabbed Corey's wrist. "Come here."

The larger man dragged Corey down the hall to stand in front of the bathroom door. He pounded on the wood with his fist. "Het-boy!"

"Shove off, Dev, I'm still in the shower!"

"Keep your shower, wanker. How old is Corey?"

Corey tried to pull out of Devon's grip. He hated Devon's physical advantage when he used it like this.

Chris' voice echoed out of the bathroom. "You already forgot? What kind of boyfriend are you? His birthday was only two weeks ago!"

"I know! I'm just proving a point."

Chris sighed. "Corey is 21. Remember, we took him out and he got hosed legally for the first time?"

Devon turned to Corey. "See?"

Corey looked away. Was it possible that he actually had forgotten how old he was?

He heard a cackling laugh behind him, and turned to find nothing but the empty hall.

A/N: So, I had a hard time with this update because I'm reading a NaNo called "Tasting Shadows" that sounds so much like this story, it's scary. (Good story, BTW, check it out) But I swear it's not the same (Corey's torturer is not the Boogeyman) Anyway, as anyone reading has probably already guessed, this story will have a wait in between updates. Probably two chapters in Materials Needed for every chapter in this one, but it's an ok trade, no? After all, Materials Needed chapters are shorter . . .