The Blissful Art Of One Sided War

Now life is hard and cruel I know,
But mostly I feel used,
Too often do they come and go,
Leaving me abused.

A battered bloodly me will lie,
To shield my wounded heart,
Yet inside I'll always know,
The pain to play my part.

We love, we fight, yet always lose,
Our sad one-sided war,
This act where we have missed our cues,
Can't carry on much more.

So solemnly we part our ways,
And yet again I cry,
I hold on tight and count days,
Until my heart can die.

A bleeding mess I duly lay,
Silent on the floor,
An empty heart you let to stay,
Stilled forwever more.

The torture we have made our art,
It ends with blooded kiss,
As finally our paths do part,
And my soul can find bliss.

Another one of my poems instead of a chapter. Sorry.