A slight of hand may show your cards

True intentions may get ignored

Blame is placed on innocent heads

Lies and manipulation become adored

In the middle is where I lay

In the land of a thousand grays

I don't know how much longer I

Can take this place

But one thing is for sure

The surest thing I know

One day we all will just be

Tourists in Heaven

No I haven't changed my ways

I haven't seen the light

But in the end we all will meet

The things we did in life

I can't say that it will be fun

I can't say that it won't be frightening

But I'm so sick of all this shit

It's time to face my unbinding

Heaven may just be your Hell

I guess that it is just as well

There's nothing left to fight for

There's nothing left to die for

There's nothing left but nothing

Where's the end to all this suffering

So here I take my stand

No one holding on to my hand

I'm off to take a trip to be

One more tourist in Heaven.