She said the same thing each time he asked, and each time he looked just as crestfallen as the first. As always he asked her why, usually she would respond with 'just because'. Today, instead she considered it. Really thought about why she did say no. It wasn't because her friends didn't approve. They loved him. It wasn't because he wasn't good looking. Because he was , he was gorgeous. And they did have fun together and liked a lot of the same things.

So why did she say no? Originally the when he asked, the first time, she thought he was joking and she supposed that was still the problem. He had been to persistent for it to be a joke she decided and so she was going to take a chance.

She tapped his shoulder as he started to walk away discouraged by her lack of response.

He turned and she couldn't miss the hopeful look that crossed his features.


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