Dear You,

My heart is glass

Your heart seems cold

Every time we meet you gaze into my soul

You are the great actor to be remembered throughout the ages

I am the worthless peasant that is beaten on many occasion

You are the famous angel

I am the evil demon

They say that opposites attract but that would be treason

Is it love at first sight or hate at first glance

That makes me wonder about our pasts

You intoxicate my slumbers and it tortures me so

Everything is so real but when I wake up I know

Is there a link between you and I

Where we dream the same dream from time to time

However this must seem odd and I've probably disgusted you

So I'll take my leave here

Good luck with your next show

From, Me


A/N: okay another poem done. This poem's inspiration and dedication goes to someone who i like in my school. And seriously people i want some reviews i wanna know if my poems are good. I'll be posting another 2 poems today so stay tuned =)