By Josh Rittenhouse

Oh, come along now children, the time to play is here.
Don't worry about shadows, they are nothing but your fear.
Worry not of dark men or the things they may do.
And worry not about friends, worry only for you.
Just jump and frolic and have so much fun
because everything changes with the setting of the sun.

When the lights they go low and the land has grown dark,
There are things from below, waiting for the sound of your heart.
In the dark there's a noise! A slosh and a thump.
You let out a moan and your whole body jumps!
The room is so dark.. What's that over there?
It looks like a demon with putrid green hair.
And you'll try to calm down and to keep closed your eyes.
Until you feel the tickle.. Are you really surprised?
The beast has come forward to claim it's next meal.
He swallows you so fast you can't even squeal.

The very next day when the parents awaken,
they'll find that you're gone and believe you'd been taken.
But only I will know the truth.
You ended up as monster poop.