Prelude: just another dream

Everything was sparkling and glamorous.

"Grey! Miss Grey, a moment please!" called enthusiastic voices from behind the crush barriers, flashing with camera's, accompanied by the frenzied calls of her name.

"Grey-darling, you were fan-tas-tic in your last shoot! Would you like to do a shoot sometime for Sinez? We need just your image for our new collection." Cooed a perfectly groomed woman, as she stopped briefly to give the girl an air kiss.

She was sparkling and glamorous.
Of course, she'd better be; her personal team had spent hours on her.

Especially her hair. She groaned (mentally only; she was busy smiling brightly at random people at the moment, so she couldn't really use real emotions at the moment) as she felt the weight of it swish behind her.
Her long, wavy hair sparkled with all the little gems weaved into it, and she was sure it looked great, but it was so heavy!

She was careful to keep perfectly balanced on her high (not too high, it wasn't as if she needed the extra inches) heels, which matched the shade of her semi-long dress.

People tried to push through the crush barriers, paparazzi shoving each other out of the way to get the best shot.
"Grey! Grey! Look this way! Grey!! Grey!" came from all sides, flashes almost blinding her.

"Let miss Grey through!" one of the muscled men around her shouted, "Damn vermin." He bit softly in their general direction.

The dazzling girl smiled up at him, "It's okay, Glove. I'll talk to them. Don't worry."

"But miss Grey!" he blushed at the radiance projected at him, "You shouldn't!"

"I'll be okay!" she grinned, then winked at him, "You'll be with me, right? Come on!"

Together with her bodyguards –Glove trying to hide his blush- she sashayed to the crowd, making them shout.
The girl smiled charmingly at all of them, making a few of the front row swoon.

"Grey! Grey! Carry! Hey!"

Wait.. that wasn't right.


And a sleepy, lanky girl fell out of bed, frantically feeling around for her glasses.

A/N; haha, 'Grey' feels like quite the dazzling, radiant creature, doesn't she? Personal bodyguards, anyone? Hm XD Don't worry, she's just dreaming, she's not like that ^^
Rewritten on 'gentle urging' by you-know-who (no, not that one.), so it's less painful to look at :D joy!

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