So yeah, this is an idea that came to me this afternoon. It's basically the story of a large family, where there's a lot of problems and conflicts, but it mainly centres on Saskia and Katia.

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"Why does everything end up like this?" Katia looked at her twin, tears brimming over.

The other girl, Saskia, just looked at her disdainfully, "Get a grip, for God's sake, Katia! You get everything in this family, all the chances, all the attention!" Saskia stood up, "And you're still just an ungrateful bitch. You go to an Acting school, you get to board. You get away from this hell. I want to be a doctor, I want to go to University, study medicine, but I can't, so bloody stop it!"

Katia and Saskia were identical to look at, black hair, green eyes, slender. But they were so different. Katia's passion was drama, and she'd obtained a part scholarship to a prestigious acting school in Edinburgh. She boarded there during term time, escaping their chaotic family. Saskia was more down to earth, but still just as ambitious. She was desperate to go to Uni, but knew it would never happen, because her parents would never be able to afford it. But, although she'd accepted it, it didn't mean she wasn't bitter.

The twins were not the only children in their family, although, at fifteen, they were the eldest. There was also Kye, Naimph, Callie, Jakob, Frankie and Kaylen. Kye was fourteen, and a typical teenage boy. He was often in fights at school, and although he was smart, he didn't apply himself. Naimph, Callie and Jakob were the triplets, ten years old, loud and to the older ones, annoying. They were extremely close, but still fought like maniacs when they were angry at each other. Frankie was seven, he was disabled, with severe learning difficulties, and he was in a wheelchair. Kaylen, the youngest at five, was quieter than her siblings had ever been, but not spoilt. In fact, she often ended up in the background, forgotten.

Their parents, Ciaran and Sarah, had always wanted a big family, but now they had it, they found they were struggling. Ciaran had a well paid job, but after they had paid the various bills, and the mortgage, and bought essentials, they were often skint. The eldest three knew better than to ask for anything new mid-month. Slowly, the triplets were also learning the lesson.


It was the last week of the Summer holidays, and the house was packed. Katia and Saskia were in their room, arguing.

"I don't want things to be like this!" Katia shouted.

Saskia looked sarcastically at her, "Of course not. Being spoiled is so difficult. Being able to achieve your ambitions with nothing standing in your way, its hard, isn't it? You don't give a shit about this family anymore since you went to your fancy new school. It's poisoning you. Meanwhile, I'm stuck here trying my hardest, knowing it'll be for nothing. I have to look after the kids; instead of being able to do my homework, I have to help them with theirs; I have to put them to bed, I have to watch Frankie, change him, bath him, soothe him. I have to do half the bloody housework. You don't care about me!"

"Yes I do, but I got my chance and I took it! I'm not like you, I couldn't stay here any longer, I needed out!"

"No, Katia. You're right. I accept my family, and my responsibilities. You just run away from it all."

And with that, Saskia walked out of the room and out of the house. Katia could look after the kids for the afternoon. She could put up with all the crap.


Kye stopped kicking his football and turned as his big sister called his name. he sighed, what now?

"Kye," She repeated, " Saskia's done a bunk, and mum's away out soon. Please please please can you help me?" Katia almost begged.

But Kye shook his head, "I could hear the pair of you from out here, and Sas was right. So you can deal with this on your own. I'm going to Ben's."

He threw his ball in the house and headed out, leaving his sister to stare uselessly after him. Soon, blinking back tears, she headed back inside, looking for her siblings as her mum shouted instructions from the kitchen.

Eventually, she located them all. Naimph, Callie and Jakob were watching Monsters Inc. in Kye's room. The triplets were absorbed in the film, so she left them to it. Kaylen was playing with her dolls in her room. That left Frankie, who Katia knew she couldn't just leave. He was in the playroom, on the mat. He had toy cars and was playing some sort of game that she didn't understand. She didn't really know Frankie, she realised, didn't know what he liked, disliked. What he enjoyed at school, all of those things. When her and Saskia had had to look after him, she'd left Saskia to do all the work. And he was hard work, although he was settled for now. When he was in one of his crying moods, it could last for hours, with no stopping.

Kat's thoughts were interrupted when Callie sneaked in, tears in her eyes.

"What's the matter Callie?"

"Jake was mean to me. He pinched me." She sniffed.

She sighed, "Stay here and keep an eye on Frankie, I'll be two minutes." Standing up, she preceded to drag a protesting Jakob away from the TV. Back in the playroom, she looked at the two triplets, both glaring at each other.

"Right, the pair of you, stop it! Saskia's dumped you all on me, the least you can do is bloody behave," She warned, "Go and watch your movie, and stop fighting or else you'll be in trouble!"

The sudden outburst caused Callie and Jakob to run off, and a startled Frankie to start crying. This was when Kat began to panic. She didn't know what to do as cars began flying across the room.

"Frankie, stop it!" She grabbed his wrists, but the restraint just made him cry harder.

This sparked her tears, and they were locked like this until Saskia ran into the room.

She looked at her sister and immediately broke her grip on the boy's wrists.

"Katia, what the hell do you think you're doing?! He is seven years old! Get the hell out of here and do not come back for as long as you can manage, or I might just kill you!"

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