In the ways

Of the world.

Hope is an anchor.

Needs hold me here,

And this is one voyage

I am afraid to make alone.

Not 'til I know I won't perish

And lose who I am in the sea mist.

That is, if I knew who I was before.

Stand for something or fall for anything?

Surely to stand for the wrong thing is worse.

If the bite of an icy wind makes my heart freeze

And sophomoric I grow with each treasure we seize

And I quietly backstab the best of my kind

I'll forget I cast off with true love on my mind

With my eye to the north and my face to the sun

And though 'here there be dragons', of dreams there are none.

I don't

Want to


Every rule I ever set for myself with ethical development in mind.

But if I profess disbelief in moral absolutes, why this anxiety?

Hedonism, then, would be the order of the angry day.

But the tastiest pleasure of all is moral smugness.

And so I set sail in search of the impossible.

I must cut loose the laws of my birth

And dive for more time-tested

Shiny pearls of wisdom.