"Do you love me?"
Your mouth is such a beautiful shape,
like a bullet, soft and tender.
I could look at it forever and just whittle away.
Imagine, all the good|evil things you could touch, kiss, taste.
What an instant of a mess we didn't make.

"Do you love me?"
I like it when your hands strangle this body,
squeezing and squeezing until I can breathe.
The touch of an angel, that's what [she said].
Come, rest on my shoulder,
I wouldn't mind if you feel like going lower.

"Do you love me?"
It can be hard to wear the pants in this kind of a relationship,
when a skirt is so much easier to strip- I mean, work with
But hurry up and take it off, put that on,
I'm coming.
Time has proved to work against this kind of thing.

"Do you love me?"

"Yes." No,
but it doesn't matter.

I'll call you tomorrow, okay?